Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy

Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts is an all inclusive training facility offering Shaolin basics and forms, acrobatics, Qigong and meditation, and Sanda kickboxing.

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Yu ZhiChao

Master Yu ZhiChao is the 34th generation Shaolin monk of the Shaolin Temple and the member of the temple's international performance group. He is the founder and headmaster of Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy. Headmaster Yu ZhiChao began full-time martial arts training at the age of eight. He then was accepted into the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province to begin his life-long journey as a Shaolin disciple. By 2014, he had achieved a sixth band rank within the Shaolin Temple, the level of master, and began to expand his teaching experience to foreign students.

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Lars Zimmermann

from Germany, October 2018

"Verry good Master "

Master YuZhiChao explains patienly all techniques and movements .

He makes the training varied and fun so that a good climate prevails.

Amarprit Kaur

from Denmark, July 2018

Amazing experience for both body and soul

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Brad Dunn

Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy Facebook page

Cracking food, warm showers, a Master who just gets it and knows what the body can do.

We'll go away, integrate, train and come back when we're ready for more tuning and advanced forms.

Thanks to all we met. A nice group of fellow students.

Andy McAuliffe New South Wales, Australia

Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy Facebook page

Initially, when I came to China, I only wanted to learn some cool flips, and get super fit. To which, I assumed any Shaolin school could do.

However, Shaolin schools are very popular with the Chinese population. And kids are sent to them at a young age. As a Westerner, telling the Master of a 20,000 student school, that your passion is doing only cool flips, proves a rather stupid endeavour.

When I initially emailed the team at Yu Kung Fu. We had a chat, and they had no issue helping me achieve my goals by tailoring classes to meet my requests, keeping me accountable and training with me 1 to 1.

To which, in a month, I have learnt some new flips. But also an appreciation for the Shaolin Tradition in its entirety.

I write this now, at the end of my training, travelling into the Chinese mountains. (Which the Yu Kung Fu team helped me book).

I am very impressed with the culture and the team.

If you were like me (on the verge of trying a martial arts school). Whether Yu Kung Fu is at the top of your list or the bottom. It is worth emailing them to determine your own study.


Adam Gray Sichuan, China

Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy Facebook page

Yu Kung Fu offers highly personalised and dedicated training, a brilliant atmosphere, and a very helpful team who will make your experience as smooth and stress free as possible, whether it’s your first time or you are an experienced traveller/martial artist.

The growth one can achieve here is exceptional, due to the attentiveness and effectiveness of Master Yu’s teaching methods. We train hard here, harder than anywhere I’ve trained before; but the results speak for themselves as we have all improved and been able to achieve our goals.

It’s been awesome to watch people arrive with different and varied goals and be able to achieve them during their time here.

I can highly recommend Yu Kung Fu for anyone from beginners to advanced martial artists!

Rachael Baker Australia

Yu Kung Fu Facebook page

Yu kung fu is an exciting place to train, always learning something different and being amazed by master Yu.

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