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Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy

Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy is an all inclusive training facility offering Shaolin basics and forms, acrobatics, Qigong and meditation and Sanda Kickboxing.

Training Camps 12

Instructors 1

Yu ZhiChao

Master Yu ZhiChao is the 34th generation Shaolin monk of the Shaolin Temple and the member of the Temple's International performance group. He is the founder and Headmaster of Yu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy. Headmaster YuZhiChao began full-time martial arts training at the age of 8. He then was accepted into the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province to begin his life long journey as a Shaolin disciple. By 2014, he had achieved a sixth band rank within the Shaolin Temple, the level of master, and began to expand his teaching experience to foreign students.

Testimonials 1

Rachael Baker Australia

Yu Kung Fu Facebook page

Yu kung fu is an exciting place to train, always learning something different and being amazed by master Yu.

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