Wudang Sanfeng Academy

Hubei, China

Wudang Sanfeng Academy was established in 2010 by Master Zhong, a 14th generation lineage holder of the Wudang Sanfeng Sect of Taoism.

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  • Kristina A. Naldjan United States

    Wudang Sanfeng Academy website

    My goal in attending the Academy was to strengthen my Tai Chi foundation and learn Wudang Tai Chi and a sword form. My experience is excellent, I feel more grounded and solid in my forms already.The academy has a family feel with students from the USA, China, and Taiwan. Language has not been a barrier in communicating, most speak some English and a translator is available on site for more intricate Q & A.The instructors are all highly experienced and champions in their fields of Wushu and Tai Chi. Master Zhong, who is highly regarded in the internal martial arts community, is in charge of the curriculum and overseas all teaching with direct hands on instruction.The facilities provide for private and semi-private accommodations with bath. Three delicious meals are served family style by a resident cook. It is a pleasure to experience the variety of tastes that the Chinese culture provides. Soup is provided with lunch and dinner with staple rice and three dishes.

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