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Basic Kung Fu Training

Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kungfu Academy is a paradise for health preserving. Our academy focuses on traditional Wudang Internal Songxi martial arts like Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi, weapons, Qi Gong, Taoist health preserving, Taoist medicines, and I-ching. Individual demands and personality are always taken into consideration in customizing your training schedule regardless of your age,region and religion. According to different demands, duration we tailor different short and long-term programs. Our teaching mode follows masters demonstration, theoretical explanations, hand in hand, and one to one teaching.


  • English speaking teachers
  • Six days trainings in a week
  • Trainings are available all year round
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Free use of recreation facilities
  • 29 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


24 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Chinese (mandarin), English
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The accommodation offered is standard double air conditioned room


  • Cushion with the diagram of Tai Chi connected
  • Coat hanger
  • Kettle, tea set
  • Notice to foreign students
  • Thermo bottle


You can choose the study contents and living standard by yourself. You can stay for few days, few months or even 1 month. For short-term training, we offer one to one teaching. You can choose the form you wish to learn. We guarantee orthodox training. You have the right to decide your training time. A trainee who has basic skills can learn a form in a shorter time period. In order to ensure you are satisfied with what you have achieved in your chosen time, we can offer extra classes.

Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kungfu Academy Training schedule

Daily schedule Monday to Saturday

  • 06:00 - 06:30 Wake up
  • 06:30 - 08:-00 Morning exercise
  • 08:00 - 08:30 Breakfast
  • 08:30 - 11:30 Morning lessons
  • 12:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:30 - 17:30 Afternoon classes
  • 18:00 - 20:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 - 06:00 Rest

Free time

There will be no training on Sunday. You may visit many interesting local places with your classmates in your free time. Since our school is on the mountain you can climb the mountain to the golden peak, visit some old Taoists, read Taoist scriptures, etc.

Kung Fu training styles


  • 7 kinds of stakes
  • 8 movements of Tai Chi
  • All kinds of steps and legs work
  • Basic exercises of weapons
  • Basic dual fighting with bare hands
  • Breathing
  • Enhancement of courage and wild survival.
  • Eyesight work
  • Fighting with weapons
  • Fundamental forms
  • Improvement of stamina and anneal of perseverance.
  • Internal attack and defend
  • Kicking and wrestling
  • Meditation
  • Push hands
  • Stretch muscles, thaw bones, relax bodies
  • Step feet
  • Songxi Qin Na
  • Tumbling techniques
  • Training of body posture
  • Upper, middle, and down parts of body
  • Unique ways of shunning the rivals

Traditional Wudang Internal form

  • Bagua Zhang - Eight diagram palm
  • Jiangshi Bagua - Jiang-style bagua
  • Longhu Da Lianhuan - Rings of dragon and tiger
  • Longxing Bagua - Dragon-style bagua
  • Tai Ji 64 style
  • Taiji 36 style
  • Taiji 18 style
  • Taiji 13 style
  • Taiji 108 style
  • Tai Yi Xiaoyao zhang - Tai Yi carefree palm
  • Tai Yi WuXing Quan - Tai Yi five elements boxing
  • Wudang Michuan Tai jiquan - Wudang esoteric Tai Chi Chuan
  • Wudang Xiaojia Tai Ji - Wudang taiji of low stake
  • Wudang Dajia Tai Ji - Wudang taiji of high stake
  • Wudang Mianzhang - Wudang cotton Palm
  • Xing Yi Quan - Form and willing boxing
  • Youshen Bagua - Bagua of flowing body


  • Bagua Dao - Eight diagram sword
  • Baxian Gun - Eight immortal club
  • Duan gun - short club
  • Fangbian Chan - Spade
  • Fuchen - Horsetail Whisk
  • Heihu Dao - Black tiger sword
  • Pan Long Dao - Winding dragon sword
  • Shanzi - fan
  • Shengbiao - Rope with dart in the end
  • Shuang Qiang - Double spear
  • Tai Ji Sword
  • Wudang Xing Jian - Wudang Xing Sword
  • Wudang Dan Sword
  • Wu Long Qiang - Black dragon spear
  • Xingyun shuanggou - Twin hooks
  • Xuanwu Gun
  • Ziwu Yuanyang Rong - Mandarin Duck Tomahawk

Traditional Wudang Songxi Forms

  • Songxi Taiji
  • Songxi Xiaohua(small flower) sword
  • Songxi Baihong (white rainbow) sword
  • Songxi pigeon Form
  • Songxi Guangming(bright) form
  • Songxi short club
  • Songxi Wenjin(ask for the way) form
  • Songxi Bagua sword
  • Songxi snake-style sword
  • Songxi Yexing (night walking) saber
  • Songxi Bagua palm
  • Songxi six-step form
  • Songxi Zhichi (one inch) form
  • Songxi long-braid sword
  • Songxi double hook and sword
  • Songxi tigertail whip
  • Songxi drunken sword
  • Songxi spade
  • Songxi rope dart
  • Songxi swallow form
  • Songxi fuchen
  • Songxi Yanchi (goose wing) form
  • Songxi Duan Da (short distance basics)
  • Songxi methods of Qinna, wrestling and tumbling
  • Traditional Baji form

Wudang internal Nei Gong

  • 5-animal Qi Gong
  • 18 kinds of Songxi wrestling and qinna
  • Ba Duan Jin
  • Internal alchemy
  • Internal power from Dan Tian
  • Kidney-strengthening Qi Gong
  • Qi circulation through Ren and Du meridian Channels
  • Songxi Bagua Iron Arm
  • Songxi Dapeng Qi Gong
  • Songxi Tongzi(bucket) Kung
  • Songxi Pushhands
  • Taoist Fasting
  • Wudang Songxi Nei Gong
  • Wudang healthpreserving Qigong

Wudang Taoist arts, Taoist medicines, and health preserving

  • Acupuncture
  • Dao De Jing
  • I ching
  • Huang Di Nei Jing
  • Meridians and channels
  • Taoist medicines
  • Taoist prediction methods
  • Taoist Tea Art
  • Taoist Etiquette
  • Taoist chanting Classics
  • Taoist Music
  • Zhuang zi

Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kung Fu Academy

Academy overview

Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kung Fu Academy, a 2-story traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard with green glazed tiles, is situated at the entrance to Xiaoyao Gu (Carefree valley or Monkey Valley), which is a pure natural picturesque landscape with sword river flowing through and monkeys everywhere.

Daoyuan Academy is close to Prince Temple, Dragon spring Temple, live venue of Karate kid 2012 and the deserted temple called Yuxu Crag rebuilt in Qing dynasty. Boasting tranquil environment, fresh air, convenient transportations ,clean rooms with TV, heater, air conditioner and necessities needed, traditional architectures, picturesque scenery and home-made farmer-style foods, Wudang Daoyuan Academy is a perfect dwelling for immortality!

Master teams

Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kung Fu Academy owns a team of masters who have clear linage dating back to 600 years ago and been training for over 20 years with rich teaching experiences. We have cultivated hundreds of people with martial art ability which enjoys a high reputation in the martial art circle both at home and abroad.


So it is truly an ideal place for enjoying the splendid scenery of the world cultural heritage as well as learning the Taoist culture and training for the authentic Wudang martial arts. As a holy land of Taoism and a cradle of Wudang martial arts, Wudang Mountains have a long history over 2000 years.

At the end of Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368) and the beginning of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Wudang Taoist Zhang Sanfeng integrated the main achievements of Wudang boxing and created the Wudang inner boxing, which made him the respectful founder of Wudang martial art. The martial art of Wudang has been once unknown to the outside for fairly a long time due to the tradition of Taoism of instructing privately.

In the main trend of globalization, each nation changed itself from autarky to interdependence. The material products have been circulated worldwide, and the spirit products will surely be the common possessions of mankind. So the Taoist culture is attracting more and more attention in the whole world. And the Taoist martial art, which is the embodiment of Taoist philosophy, is accepted by more and more people.


Our school is at the entrance to Xiaoyao Gu (Carefree Valley), Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, China.


Every meal includes a soup, two vegetable dishes and one meat dish. The flavours and style vary with every meal. We have special chef who can customize the meals for students with special food requirements. We think our food is the best among Wudang Kung Fu schools.

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