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9 Days Tao of Vitality Workshop and Qigong Chiang Mai

  • Waju Residence, 279/1 Moo 7, Luang Nua, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

9 Days Tao of Vitality Workshop and Qigong Chiang Mai

  • Waju Residence, 279/1 Moo 7, Luang Nua, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Winter Qi Gong Chiang Mai

Join Tevia Feng and Aisha Sieburth for the Tao of vitality and White Tiger Qigong winter workshop and retreat at Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Return to the source of ancestral energy medicine that harmonizes physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You will relax your body and strengthen the internal structure, awaken vital energy channels using Taoist yoga as well as Nei Gong energy meditations that reconnect the spirit, breath, and body from within.


  • Daily Qi Gong study
  • Taoist inner alchemy level I
  • Morning and evening Qi Gong exercises
  • Training with certified medical Qi Gong teachers
  • Dynamic five animal flow Qi Gong level I
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 8 days with instruction
  • French, English
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Waju Residence has three Thai-style old teakwood bungalows with balconies and nice views, rain shower with hot water and high pressure, daily service, free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, drinking water, tea, safety box, down duvet, an air conditioner and fan, and direct phone to Tao Garden.

There are available budget rooms also equipped with an air conditioner or fan, hot water rain shower with high pressure, daily service, drinking water, tea, free Wi-Fi, and direct telephone to Tao Garden. The receptionist is available six days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for any help.

In the heart of Tao Garden, “the three treasures” cultivate emotional balance in the center of the body where negative and positive emotions are recycled into vital energy. Here, you can gather the water of life, Jing Chi, begin internal alchemy, and transform original sexual essence into healing energy for health and spiritual consciousness.

A nine-day experiential voyage of inner transformation and exploring the dynamic movement of Yin and Yang in synergy with the five elements and animals is just for you. Dynamic five-animal flow, Wu Qin Xi complete medical Qi Gong system, is the most ancient moving Qi Gong system created by the famous Daoist Chinese medicine practitioner, Hua Tou (110 - 207 A.D.), known to have received this practice from Daoist hermits living in a cave on mount Gong Yi.

The five animals are the fierce and untamed tiger, the graceful deer, the steady and lumbering bear, the agile monkey, and the flying crane. Each set of Qi Gong exercises expresses not only the power and playfulness but also the attitude and spirit of each animal. The complete system develops grace and flexibility, strength and balance, and promotes the circulation of qi. These five animals correspond to the five elements of Chinese medicine, designed by Hua Tou as preventative and prescriptive exercises for the internal organs as follows:

Earth or bear spleen

Rooting the body, soul, and spirit by establishing earth and heaven relationship, strengthening the body with deep, spiraling movements, and restoring the inner rhythms of the body.

Fire or crane heart

Opening the heart and balancing the roots and the wings of the soul. Awakening the sacred fire of transformation.

Metal or lungs tiger

Opening the body, breath with deep qi gong stretches regenerating the internal fluids and cellular vibration.

Water or deer kidneys and bladder

Internal alchemy with sourcing primordial Jing energy aims to transform and cultivate nectar to nourish deep healing, regenerate your vital organs and glands.

Wood or monkey liver

Stretching the tendon meridians to rediscover grace, the fluidity of movement in the natural flow of your body.

Sample daily schedule

  • 08:00 Breakfast
  • 09:30 Qi Gong study and practice
  • 12:30 Lunch and personal time to enjoy the spa, massage, and detox treatments, pool, visits, personal practice
  • 15:30 Qi Gong study and practice
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • Tevia Feng

    Tevia is the founder of White Tiger Qigong. He is a certified medical Qigong teacher and is an author on Qigong. He has published feature articles on Qigong in the Qi Journal. He is authorized to teach Qigong of the Tian Ji Dao Sect of China. He has been training Qigong, martial arts, and meditation since he was seven years old and has trained in Taoist temples and directly with over 10 masters.

  • Aisha Sieburth

    Aisha is a senior instructor of the Universal Healing Tao System. She has been training Qigong for over 20 years. She lives and works in Avignon, France as the director of the School of the Tao of Vitality and Soulimet Association. Aisha has co-authored books on Qigong and massage. She brings a fresh and balancing perspective to this Qigong training. She will provide French translations for those who do not speak English.

This medical Qi Gong training will take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Balcony
  • In-room safe
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Room cleaning

Three wonderful five-element cooked and organic buffet style meals are available at Tao Garden guest rates.

Spa and massage treatments are available upon request.

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Dynamic five-animal flow Qi Gong level I
  • Morning and evening Qi Gong practices
  • Taoist inner alchemy level I
  • Training with certified medical Qi Gong teachers
  • Airfare
  • Daily meals
  • Personal expensea
  • Transfer to and from the airport

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flights to arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request.

  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 2 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


  • Review by Arpi Pergher from Switzerland

    "I was looking for a combination of Qi Gong training and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment. Due to my network search, I found Tao Chi flow and knew this was the perfect combination and yet in my beloved tropics, Bali. From the first moment Tevia and I first met, the chemistry fit. We reviewed my needs and goals and started with a two week daily Qi Gong training combined with Acu-Ssage massages. Tevia works with a clear and serious structure, he corrects, repeat always with a laugh and space for questions. His expertise is more than impressive. He remains permanently focused on the needs and learning objectives, and leads day by day deeper into their own energy work. That means: daily a progress. Tevia’s teaching work is far from pseudomonas school hours in Qi Gong. He goes much further and every person who is sensitive to such an energy work can be simply very happy with Tevia as a master. After two weeks training working with Tevia, we were able to significantly reduce my discomfort, which of course makes me very happy and motivated. I am aware that two weeks is a very short time, not enough. So we have an optimisation potential that is on me which is a regular Qi Gong exercise and the goal is, if I would have the opportunity, I would simply book the next flight to Bali and ask Master Tevia for another 60 to 90-day training in Qi Gong and Acu-Ssage massage. That would be great!"

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Jeromy Johnson from United States

    "Tevia is such a gifted Qi Gong teacher. He walks his talk and knows his art. Whether you are new to Qi Gong or have been practicing for years, Tevia will meet you where you are and help you to deepen your practice. My wife said I was glowing after every session and in a couple months, I was able to learn a few series of movements that will improve my health for a lifetime. This has been a life-changing practice and I am now in the best shape of my life!"

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by David Wilson from United Kingdom

    "My initial reasons for wanting to study and practice Qi Gong were to support my own rehabilitation post-knee surgery, whilst pursuing my desire to train in a dynamic mind-body-centered practice that had a respected and sound moral code, and which would also provide tools to center and quieten the mind. Having researched different styles of Qi Gong, I took a detour on my travels specifically to study - Medical Qi Gong - under the tutelage of Tevia Feng. The array of positive benefits and enjoyment I experienced on a personal level has led me to extend my stay and train to become an instructor. Tevia is, without a doubt, a gifted master, whose passion and dedication to his chosen path, including his commitment to constantly refine and deepen his practice, is infectious. His knowledge, patience, openness, and approach-ability, combined with his grounded and humbleness make him, in my opinion, an exceptional teacher who I hold with only the highest regard. I leave our time spent together a more well-rounded individual and I look forward to continuing and developing my studies with him in the future. "

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Thea Fruelund Nejsum from Finland

    "For years, I have known of the word Qi Gong but never really known what it was. So about six months ago, I discovered it via Youtube. I have just tried it few times but I must say I am amazed how direct I feel the effect and connection with both the movements and the energy. I have tried yoga and Tai Chi and I do meditation (which is real good), but this is the first time I feel connected to a style. I feel it is my thing. I am excited about it and I want to learn and understand more. Master Tevia was a fun, patient, and great teacher. I really enjoyed the Qi Gong training. I have a dream to become a fully certified White Tiger Qi gong instructor."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Jim Angell from United Kingdom

    "I attended Tevia's Qi Gong course at the Yoga Barn at the end of February this year. I'm happy to say that all your teaching stuck and I now practice the snake form regularly. It was a brilliant course, I really enjoyed it and learned absolutely loads. It's changed the way I practice and I can already see improvements so thank you very much."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Nadia Isaenko Moscow from Russia

    "Tevia is one of the best teachers I met. I had several classes a week with him during July to August 2013. He is very talented as a teacher (and I know what I'm talking about). And, he is an amazing openhearted person. Every time after his class, my body and soul were vibrating and pouring with unconditional love, health, and strength! I'm very grateful for his profound work with me. Even after I stopped my classes and went to Moscow and was sucked into day-to-day life and didn't practice Qi Gong for almost six moths - Everything he taught me came back to me as soon as I started. And check out his book."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Kamau Bakari Abayomi from United States

    "Just finished a five-day immersion in five-elements Qi Gong with the powerhouse of a brother, Tevia Feng. The man is a gold mine of knowledge and experience in the martial arts. Thanks for the sessions."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Ben Richards from Australia

    "I love the depth and the simplicity of Tevia's teaching. He really makes it accessible and fun."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Julie Francotte from Belgium

    "I have been to China to train Qi Gong and Kung Fu, but Tevia's training was so much more detailed and thorough explanations that I never got before. I learned more in one day with him than one month in China. It was exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely come back to train with Tevia again!"

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Alex Linsley from United Kingdom

    "I’m Alex. I am from the UK and I have studied with Tevia in Bali for the last three months that I have been here. What has struck me through that time is that I feel that I have acquired a gift that I can leave Bali with. I have been taught how to work with myself so that I can use Qi Gong. Qi Gong is something that really nourishes me on a day-to-day level. I feel Tevia’s day-to-day teaching has made that really possible. I have learned a lot in the time that I have been here. I have acquired a valuable practice and most importantly, I have acquired a practice that I actively enjoy getting up to do. When I do it, I pick the exercises that feel right for me, the forms that feel right for me. I really notice the benefit in a really visceral way."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Susanna Jakobsson from Sweden

    "I was a project manager in Sweden and I wanted a career change. After studying Qigong for two years, I decided I wanted to become a teacher. During this training, Tevia shared his immense knowledge of this Qigong. I really recommend this course for people who want to become a teacher and also for those who want to go deeper in Qigong and expand their knowledge."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Erica Eng from United States

    "This teacher training has been incredible for me. Wow! is the word to describe it. I have trained extensively in dance and yoga and this Qigong is like a beautiful synthesis of the two but on such a deeper level. Tevia is a true master from the Taoist tradition and we are getting that wisdom and knowledge. We are getting the correct postures, breathing, and movement of the Qi which makes a powerful combination."

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited

  • Review by Thomas Long from Australia

    "I have been doing Qigong with Tevia over the last three and a half months. I came to look for Qigong because of an illness that I have been leaking energy over the previous few years. I was looking for something where I could gain energy. I was thinking with Qigong I would be able to do that. I really turned my health around, my results are getting really good, and I feel great. With Tevia’s teaching, it has been remarkable. He is a very modest man, but a very confident teacher. I highly, highly recommend it!"

    White Tiger Qigong website, edited