White Tiger Qigong

White Tiger Qigong offers Qigong, internal martial arts, and Taoist warrior mind trainings, workshops, retreats, and more.

Training Camps (3)

Instructors (2)

Tevia Feng

Tevia is the founder of White Tiger Qigong. He is a certified medical Qigong teacher and is an author on Qigong. He has published feature articles on Qigong in the Qi Journal. He is authorized to teach Qigong of the Tian Ji Dao Sect of China. He has been training Qigong, martial arts, and meditation since he was seven years old and has trained in Taoist temples and directly with over 10 masters.

Than Van

Assisting this training will be White Tiger Qigong Graduate Instructor, Thanh Van from Vietnam who is a disciple of Tevia Feng. Thanh Van has completed all "5 Animal" Qigong instructor certifications, 8 Trigram organ Qigong instructor certification, and "5 Element" Qigong instructor certification. She is also a Hatha yoga teacher and lives in Saigon, Vietnam.

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