Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi School

Yangshuo, China

The Wang Zhi Ping Taiji Quan Health Centre was opened in March 2004 and is the first, and largest, facility in Yangshuo, China.

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  • Polina Ireland

    Taichi School China website

    I never attended any Tai Chi classes before. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to travel to China for three weeks and I made a decision to take lessons in The Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi Centre for two weeks in Yangshuo. Now I feel sorry that I couldn't stay longer a study more, I had a life changing experience though. Master Wang Zhi Ping is a great and very attentive teacher.His technique is amazing to watch and makes me want to perfect my newly learnt Yang 24 form, which I am practicing every day at home with a great pleasure. I came back home very satisfied and became much calmer and relaxed. I would like to study more and hoping to go back to Yangshuo next year for longer. I would highly recommend The Wang Zhi Ping Health Centre. Thank you so much to the Master and the staff that was very helpful and kind and made my time in China so special!

  • Nina Latvia

    Taichi School China website

    I was looking for an activity that could bring me well-being and satisfaction. After practicing Tai Chi in a local group in Latvia for a year, I've decided to take my Tai Chi to a new level and after a long search and many e-mails between different schools in China I made my decision to travel to Yangshuo to The Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi Centre. And I wasn't disappointed. The welcome I got in the school exceeded my expectations.Amazing landscape around Yangshuo complemented the experience. That culture was corresponding to my needs. The energy, the calm and the inner peacefulness that I felt in that class had convinced me to follow Master Wang Zhi Ping, so I've visited Yangshuo 3 times for the past three years, in total spending 5 months here. Tai Chi training has helped me a lot. Now, I have more flexibility, less pain and I am more well-balanced energetically, physically and mentally.

  • Kerry United States

    Taichi School China website

    Learning Tai Chi from Master Wang Zhi Ping was the best decision ever. He is a brilliant teacher: insightful, patient and precise. I enjoyed every class. I knew basic 16 form Tai Chi, and after one week here, I now have a solid grasp of the Yang 24 form! Much gratitude and praise to Master Wang Zhi Ping for the life long gift of Tai Chi.

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