Vortex Control Defence Europe is a total control system incorporating scientific body weapons with unconditional work ability.

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Emy Igot

from United States, August 2021

"Highly Practical and Useful SelfDefense techniques"

I learned so much more than what I expected to learn in 5 days. Knud customized the techniques according to my size (I’m petite, 5’2” … ok fine 5’) and comfort level. I practice Muay Thai so it’s a bit of a challenge to change the forms and the natural movement I have become accustomed to. But he is able to work with what I know and developed it from there.

I left the training with a feeling of confidence and security.

Knud has such a wonderful personality and was like a mentor. I highly value the knowledge and skills that he so generously passed on. It was such a valuable trip, and Knud could very well one day save me or someone else I could help, from danger. Thank you again Knud for sharing your expertise and for your focus and attention on my development while I was there. I deeply appreciate it!

About the lake front property, it was beautiful and serene, and Elko from the restaurant was so friendly and accommodating! :)


from Switzerland, July 2021


I did this course not knowing what to expect. I gained alot of new skills & knowledge over the week long course. Knud is an excellent patient instructor with years of experience in martial arts who welcomes questions about all styles of martial arts. I came into this course with 4 years of amateaur boxing training and after the first day I realised I have so much more to learn. I highly recommend this course.

Toby James

from Great Britain, September 2020

"Pure class"

Absolutely brilliant experience. Knud is a legend. Takes you at whatever pace suits, whether that be complete beginner or very experienced. Everything from start to finish was perfect and the amount you learn in 5 days is phenomenal. If you’re interested in Martial Arts and learning something new, just do it, you won’t regret it.

Justin Rosenberg

from United States, August 2020

"Excellent experience!"

Knud organised and delivered a fantastic training course for our two sons, in challenging corona-circumstances. We were very impressed.

Emilie Jacobsen

from Denmark, September 2019

"Thank you!"

I liked everything. Knud is a very good teacher who made the classes fit my specific needs. I learned a lot in those 5 days and looking very much forward to keep practising. Thank you!

Jurij Owsjanikow

from Germany, April 2019

"Great set of tools"

The training provided me with a very effective set of tools to get out of "problematic" situations. I learned a lot things that I hope to never need to use to their full extent.

The overall experience was great and put me on another level. Thanks Knud!

David De Haas

from Australia, October 2018

"Martial arts that works"

I am from Australia and came to the training with a brown belt in defensive combat (Krav Maga). The training very quickly made me realise how much I still had to learn. I left the training with a new focus and more skills. Mr Knud was one of the best instructors I had the privilege to learn from. He is humble, knowledgeable, do not criticise any other forms of martial arts, builds your confidence, explains the risks and benefits of every move he teaches and certainly the real deal when it comes to practical experience. A must training for anybody that wants to excel in defensive combat. I can’t wait to go back every year for a refresher. But most importantly, I believed that I made a martial arts friend in Mr Knud. Thank you for an excellent week.

Joëlle Meier

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Kluge und wirkungsvolle Selbstverteidigung"

Die ruhige und kompetente Art des Unterrichts, die Erfahrungstiefe des Lehrers, die wunderschönen Orte auf Feld und am Elbstrand und nicht zuletzt das feine Essen.

Marl Van Der Toorn

from Netherlands, August 2018

"Dad plus two kids from The Netherlands"

We (56, 21 and 19 year old) wanted a special holyday together and had a wonderful, safe and relaxed stay at Knud's and his great wife Karin's place. Except of my son, my daughter and I had no martial experiences and all the three of us learned Knud's very effective self-defense method very easily. We had fun, had an excellent and patient teacher and (still) felt very "strong" after the training. If you want to experience something special, gain more confidence, or like to feel more secure and safe: don't hesitate any longer and book a week with Knud!

Fleur Morrish

from Australia, June 2018

"Middle aged princess ninja? Well, maybe"

I'm a 50+ woman who travels solo lots, whether in Australia or elsewhere. I had zero self defense skills (apart from running away in a hurry) and wanted to remedy this. Knud is brilliant: Easy- going, patient, a skilled trainer and communicator, and did I say patient? Like the techniques Knut uses, his training method is both efficient and effective. (For me, that's the sign of a good trainer.) If Knud can get me doing these moves, he can train anyone. I loved this stuff... and I'm keen to keep at it. Just shows, it's never too late to start MMA!

Nicola Gaston

from New Zealand, June 2018

"Great experience. Highly recommended!"

I arrived from New Zealand the morning that the training started - and really didn't have to worry about anything once I got to the station in Itzehoe. I had a fantastic week - Knud just made everything work. We ended up training at the beach most days. As a complete beginner, I found his explanations clear, the teaching well-structured, and progress really satisfying. I highly recommend to others!

Shu Pun

from Germany, February 2018

"Perfect place to relax and learn "

Knud is a nice guy. He explained clearly the details of the movements he taught. He is patient and modest in teaching and sharing his views.

The training place is quiet and cosy in the green nature. A nice mind refreshing experience.

T.e J

from United States, December 2017

"Exceptional Trainer & Amazing Host "

I would like to start my review by thanking BookMartial Arts for this great experience, I have used their services in connecting me with two Camps so far. One in China Rizahoe and this is the second one in Itzahoe Germany. Both experiences were exceptional and very well organized. Knud, my trainer in Germany is an amazing trainer with huge excellent experience in fighting and mainly in teaching. I went there with Zero experience, I left feeling like a LION. If you are a beginner, he's your man, he took his time explaining to me each move and how to use it. If you are professional and looking for a REAL SERIOUS training, he's your man as well. He was generous, caring about little details and funny, which made the class more interesting. the training place was in a quiet area, where you can really cleanse your lungs from the city pollution. Clean and on point. I wish I can upload all the pictures and training videos ...


from Poland, September 2017

"Valuable training"

I am a woman in my early forties who attended the training to learn about self defense techniques in the event of bad encounters. Knowledge and skills that could be particular useful when you live in a big city or travel on your own to unfamiliar places. I did not have any experience in martial arts prior to joining the training but at the end of 4 days, not only was I surprised by how much I learned in a short period of time but also the confidence I built in handling difficult situations. The training is taught by an extremely knowledgeable and competent instructor, Knud (You can check out his resume). He has developed a methodology for instruction and progression that is tailored to the profile of the trainee . In my case, I had many drills to learn the fundamentals of proper techniques by building muscle memory. Knud provided me with clear explanations and real life scenarios for me to understand the reasoning behind various body movements. He is very patient with constructive feedback and provides you with resourceful tools to build on the knowledge gained during/after the training. To sum up: I developed knowledge and skills to defend myself during this training and can't recommend Knud highly enough!

Javier Gines

from Sweden, August 2017

"Fantastic learning experience!"

The training experience was like I never tried before. Knud focuses in teaching practical tools to defend yourself in just a few days. Not like other type of workshops where you get an introduction and then you need to keep learning. Knud has been travelling all over the world and has extracted the key learnings from the people he has been with. This came through with a lot of tips and details with can make the difference in winning or loosing. We trained even in the beach and enjoyed fantastic meals. Knud had perfect English and the communication was very smooth. For me who has never really tried self defense and fight techniques I can tell you I came out able to do basic moves which can help me if needed.

The location was also very good. Close to Hamburg in a small village I could focus totally in the training and enjoy some bike rides in a beautiful surrounding with no distractions. Knud was very kind and showed around the area

Oscar Pathuis

from Netherlands, August 2017

"One of my best holidays ever"

I liked the no nonsense approach, having noticed the almost religious dogmatic rules in some other martial arts. This training was a (kind of) mix of Wing Chun, boxing and some great new techniques. Knud's teaching qualities are great, breaking everything up in small pieces; by that I mean the exercises, not your limbs :-)

I also like the fact that I did not have any time to focus on personal or work related matters and the food was incredible as cooked by Karin, Knud's wife.

To practice the routines at home you get all the tools you need in this short intense period. I was even lucky enough to meet a Dutch friend, who is a beginner in martial arts too, with whom I'll practice when we are back in Holland.