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Top of the Clouds

Top of the Clouds is a retreat center located on the top of a hill overlooking the Li River. With sublime scenery and views, it offers wellness retreats.

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Troy Callinan Australia

Top of the Clouds website

Having spent almost 3 weeks at Top of the Clouds, in the beautiful mountains of Yangshou, it has been an amazing experience away from the fast past life back home. Having never learnt Tai Chi before, Mei and Dazhu have been amazing teachers helping me understand the fundamentals including the flow of energy (Qi).

My main purpose of the trip was unwind and relax. From the amazing and healthy food, to the mountainous view and quiet and calm atmosphere, I would definetely recommend this place to everyone!

Moran Israel

Top of the Clouds website

just want to say thank you for the professional Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons, the amazing meals, and the wonderful and lovely clean room. Coming was definitely an amazing experience. The panoramic view from here is absolutely gorgeous!

I will definitely be back!

Nathan Krahn Canada

Top of the Clouds website

My stay has been a very rewarding experience. The staff have been very accommodating with all my unusual requests, and my room is better than most in 5 star hotels. I’ve rented a mountain bike for touring into the groovy town of Yangshuo, which gives me the perfect balance of country and city life. I previously studied Qigong in Thailand, but the teaching here is at a whole different level!

John L. Payne

Top of the Clouds website

“Mei is the most wonderful Tai Chi teacher I have ever worked with. She radiates enthusiasm, passion and genuine concern for each of her students. It was a great pleasure to work with her. For Mei, Tai Chi is not a dance as many others would have you believe, but the enhancing and realisation of our inner authentic power in the form of Chi. Mei is truly a master!”

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