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Titan Fitness

Phuket, Thailand

Titan Fitness, located in Chalong, Phuket, is a fitness camp with expertise in training, weight loss, nutrition, and fitness. The camp offers beautiful on site accommodation with pool.

Testimonials 2

  • Matt O'Brien

    Titan Fitness Facebook Page

    I came here for a month and stayed 7 weeks! Everyone stays longer than planned. It's so addictive and everyone is so nice and on the same page. The training is intense, highly varied, and most importantly fun. I made a great bunch of friends and can't wait to return. Special thanks to trainers Anthony, Marie, Eric, and Kiko for all the pain.

  • Kayley Smith UK

    Titan Fitness Facebook Page

    I spent 8 weeks in Phuket, training mainly at Titan. It's a great facility with plenty options for all fitness levels and I got some good results. I came to practice western boxing so opted for PT boxing sessions with Antony. In addition to weight training and attending cardio classes such as body 360 and cross training. The boxercise is very good also. It's not your usual frilly boxercise class that you get back home

    I think Titan needs to improve its fighting facilities to keep up with surrounding competition. I stupidly booked through Xtreme gap year (which charge far too much for their cut and it's no different to booking direct) so I was surprised to be sent to Titan when Tiger have more fighting facilities. A lot of people who visit Phuket come for fighting/boxing. So some bags and even boxing classes every day would improve things at Titan.

    It would be nice if the air con was on all the time in the gym. I don't think you should have to ask for this considering the climate. Also the main class area needs mopping or steam cleaning daily and those dirty mats throwing away. I've ruined some nice gym gear simply by lying on the floor for exercises. I also think Xtreme gap or Titan should offer an inclusive personal service on your induction day. Take your body fat and measurements (not just weight - because kg means nothing).

    Then partner you up with the right PT based on your goals and what exercise you prefer. And some good advice on nutrition. Some people were clueless on diet and didn't seem to be given the correct advice, which effects their results. All in all, I had a great time and would recommend and possibly return if the fighting facilities had developed further.

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