Tiger Style Wrestling Camp

Columbia, United States

TigerStyle organizes wrestling training camps and is one of the best in the nation.

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  • Jason Moore United States

    Tiger Style Wrestling Camps Website

    TigerStyle Camps have provided my wrestlers the opportunity to improve fundamentally and get plenty of matches. The technique sessions are well thought out and fit into a plan of wrestling. The live sessions are great because a wrestler can get as many matches in as they desire.

  • Jeremy Smith United States

    Tiger Style Wrestling Camps Website

    Coach Smith, his staff, and his wrestlers do an amazing job making team camp an experience that helps us prepare for the season ahead of us. The structure, discipline, and organization are second to none with TigerStyle Camps. I have brought my team here 8 of the last 9 years. After taking a year to go somewhere else returned back to the system that I know works this last summer. You get what you pay for - plus! As a coach I like the individual attention my kids get and as a coach I love the opportunities to learn extras from Coach Smith and his staff in the coaches meetings that are held each afternoon.

  • Josh Factor United States

    Tiger Style Wrestling Camps Website

    Tigerstyle Wrestling Camps are camps that are structured around wrestlers and coaches that offer all the essentials needed to build a solid program. We will continue to bring our athletes to Tigerstyle Wrestling Camps for the simple reason it's about turning your wrestling into a lifestyle, and that's what our kids need.

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