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Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

The world-renowned Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp invites you to join this all-inclusive program. Nestled in the tropical backdrop of Phuket, Thailand, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp is a professionally-organized training led by Muay Thai champion, as well as MMA fighters and instructors, who will help you to challenge your limit based on your fitness level, size, and physical ability. The affordable classes offered with the positive and supportive atmosphere of a camp will make it possible for you to have a winning formula that cannot be replicated.


  • MMA and Muay Thai training
  • Cross training sessions, yoga classes
  • Training from Monday - Friday / Saturday
  • Professional MMA and Muay Thai trainers
  • Beginner to advanced level are welcome
  • Prepaid meal coupons everyday
  • 7 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


6 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Thai, English
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Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp has a wide selection of accommodations to suit any guests budget. At the training camp, they have Tropical, Standard Deluxe Bungalows, and Thai-style budget rooms or fighters rooms.

Located on the quiet road the camp is located is a wide variety of accommodations from guesthouses, budget rooms, Bungalow resorts from 9000-12,000 baht a month and 4-star resorts or a nice small hotel with nicely appointed rooms.

Tiger Muay Thai is a huge camp that provides everything you need for your stay here. Next to all the training areas, there is a variety of accommodations, the famous Tiger Grill Restaurant, and the Front Office. The facility offers everything you will need here in Phuket. Still only minutes away from the TMT Camp, you can find all sorts of restaurants, grocery shops, and massage places.

The focus at TMT is set on training. And TMT takes that serious! With an indoor gym, training areas for Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Western Boxing, Krabi Krabong, cross training / body fit, and an outdoor free weights lifting area, you will find everything you need to get in shape, lose weight, or train to be a fighter.

The training camp are clean, affordable, and convenient. Tiger Muay Thai has 15 standard gym bungalows available for booking by training camp guests. Each standard gym bungalow is located at the camp and comes with a large bed, air, Wi-Fi internet, TV, DVD, cable, hot water shower, wardrobe, and more. Maid service cleans the room 2 times per week and laundry service is available at extra cost for all camp guests.


TMT front office

If you want to rent a scooter, extend your visa, need a cab, or want to buy some equipment for your training, whatever you need, the front office is the first place you should head. From 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Monday - Saturday) and 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Sunday), the front office has a rental service where you can rent a car, scooter or super bike. If you want to explore Phuket on your own, it is definitely worth getting your own scooter for your time here.

The shop in the front office has all the training gear and equipment you need for Muay Thai, MMA, or fitness. Tiger camp is equipped with a full line of Musashi supplements, t-shirts, shorts, and a basic pharmacy. For everything else you might need, the office staff will gladly help you with any request or problem.

Tiger Grill and Restaurant

Now this is not camp food, the Tiger Gill is a straight restaurant with a large menu to choose from. Even people who not train at TMT come here to eat. At the Tiger Grill, the focus is set on healthy food. With a variety of protein shakes, bars, and fruits, Tiger Grill offers everything you need to build muscle, and help you lose fat. Guests at Tiger have the opportunity to get a weekly, or monthly healthy meal plan for the Tiger Grill, which also cuts down your food expenses.

Body Fit and cross-training area

This is where you get fit! Tiger's professional fitness trainers are ambitious to make you stronger, faster, and better, no matter in what condition you are right now. If you want to lose some kilos, get in shape, put on some muscle, or simply get fitter, with weights and body weight workouts, Body Fit and Cross Fit are the fastest way to see results. This facility is closed at 8 p.m. Only Tiger Muay Thai official staff is granted access after 8 p.m. Please plan your workouts accordingly. Please replace all equipment after use. Use of equipment outside normal class times is subject to staff discretion.

Indoor weights room

If you want to put on some muscle, you are right here! In Tiger's gym there is a variety of machines, and free weights at the disposal. Private body-building training is offered along with professional diet and exercise regimen design to ensure you get the best results from your efforts and dedication.

Indoor wrestling / BJJ / MMA area

There are three world class MMA and BJJ instructors located here to ensure you the highest quality training experience in wrestling, BJJ or MMA. Tiger features Dollamur Mats, the mat of choice for the USA Wrestling Program. This area has hosted a wide range of UFC veterans, all having put their trust in TMT time after time to develop their careers.

MMA octagon training cage

The TMT MMA cage offers students the opportunity to experience real MMA sparring along with top-quality private lessons featuring real MMA wall-work and take-down instruction.


Daily training schedule

Muay Thay daily schedule Monday to Saturday

07:00 - 09:00 Beginner to intermediate training sessions

15:00 - 17:00 Intermediate to advanced training sessions

MMA and BJJ daily schedule Monday to Friday

09:00 - 10:00 MMA training

10:00 - 11:00 BJJ Gi all levels

11:00 - 12:00 BJJ Nogi

Yoga daily schedule Monday to Saturday

06:30 - 07:30 Daily morning yoga

19.30 - 20.30 Night yoga (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only)

Other classes daily schedule Monday to Friday

17:00 - 18:30 Western boxing (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

17:00 - 18:30 Krabi Krabong (Monday - Friday)

11:00 - 12:00 Muay Boran (Monday - Friday)

Beginners Muay Thai training program

The beginners Muay Thai program is designed to cater for guests who have little to no training experience in Muay Thai. Headed by the very experienced trainer of champions Ajarn Dang, this program focuses on teaching the basic fundamentals of Muay Thai, which includes stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows, and the defenses to these techniques. The sessions also build up the foundation of cardiovascular fitness and strength needed for Muay Thai.

Intermediate Muay Thai training program

The intermediate Muay Thai classes has a higher intensity then the beginners class and is for students who have previous experience training. Theprogram is for students who have some previous training experience and already know the basics of the art. The intensity of the training is increased and some more complex techniques and combinations are taught.

The head trainer of the intermediate program is Kru Nai, a former Lumpinee champion whos training style is hard but fun. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there is sparring focusing on boxing in the morning and Muay Thai sparring in the afternoon session. These sparring sessions are controlled and focus on correct technique, with each student wearing protective equipment and being supervised by the trainers. Every Saturday students are taught the Wai Kru Ram Muay by the trainers.

Advanced Muay Thai training program

The advanced class focuses on fight fitness and ring skills and is for people with a good amount of experience and those looking to prepare for a fight. The advanced Muay Thai program caters to students who already have a good amount of training experience and also to people with professional fight experience. The training is headed by Kru Robert The Terminator who has many years of fighting experience and is renowned for his toughness. The trainers will push you hard to make you stronger both physically and mentally.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there is sparring focusing on boxing in the morning and Muay Thai sparring in the afternoon session. The sparring sessions in the advanced ring are harder than in the intermediate program, but still the focus is on utilizing correct technique and not on hurting your training partner. Every Saturday, students are taught the Wai Kru Ram Muay by the trainers.

MMA training program

The Mixed Martial Arts program is headed by Instructors Brian Bad Boy Ebersole and Roger El Matador Huerta, both UFC standouts with big fight-resumes. With well over 100 fights between them, and with sporting histories in American Wrestling, these two have experienced the rigors of training, at every level. Once beginners, and now high-level professionals, Brian and Rogers insight into the journey of developing an MMA skill-set is valuable to students from any background.

MMA university and olympic wrestling class

Tigers wrestling classes focus on the fundamental elements of sport wrestling, being takedowns (from the standing position) and ground control. Once on the ground, top control and locks/holds are pitted against the bottom wrestlers efforts to reverse or escape. With a history dating back as far as any sport in the world, wrestling has proven techniques and training methods that translate well into Mixed Martial Arts. Beginners are encouraged to attend.

MMA technique class

The MMA technique class is placed mid-week, and for good reason. This class offers a break from the physical beating an athletes body may take over the course of the week. This class offers a chance to think about MMA techniques, and work on them in a less-than-intense fashion. Tiger covers all ranges of MMA combat, and address the different strategies that athletes may employ. Beginners are encouraged to attend.

MMA sparring class

Sparring classes are open to all students, but instructors may exercise discretion in advising against participation on a day. Note, we do not teach techniques during this class. Students go through a proper warm-up routine, before slowly working into medium and high-speed sparring (Striking, takedowns, and grappling). Students without a fair understanding of at least one range of combat (Striking, Wrestling, or Grappling) may be discouraged from participation.

Krabi Krabong class

Krabi Krabong is a weapons-based martial art originating in Thailand which can easily be applied to self-defense situations, using everyday objects as weapons. Be sure to attend the Krabi Krabong classes at Tiger Muay Thai with Kru Oh. The class is open to all Tiger Muay Thai & MMA camp guests. With 20 years of experience in Thai martial arts and having trained with many masters of different muay boran and krabi krabong styles including Kru Pra, Ajarn Thong and Ajarn Preang, Kru Oh is one of the most respected teachers in Thailand.

Traditional boxing class

Tiger Muay Thai offers classes in western Marquess of Queensberry rules. All ability levels are welcomed in these classes. Every aspect of boxing technique is covered in these classes: footwork, head movement, punching mechanics, counters, combinations and more. Training methods used include shadow boxing, sparring, mitt work, bag work and combination drills. Many guests who compete in MMA or Muay Thai also choose to take part in the western boxing classes to focus on improving their punching ability, which is an important tool in both sports.

Yoga class

After hard workouts involving throwing punches and hauling tires, yoga will bring an element of quiet strength to Tiger Muay Thai and MMA. Focusing primarily on the Hatha, Vinyasa Power Flow and Power yoga, classes are suitable for all levels regardless of fitness or flexibility.

Martial arts

Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong is a weapons-based martial art originating in Thailand. It began with the Siamese military and was used by warriors on the battlefield, often alongside Muay Boran. Warriors fought for survival, thus combat techniques at the time were especially deadly, utilizing spears, swords, knives, and arrows. The main weapons in Krabi Krabong are actually in the name - the curved sword (krabi), and the staff (krabong).

When unarmed, Krabi Krabong employs a variety of strikes, locks, holds, kicks and throws as well. If weapons broke for example, battle would resume using these deadly unarmed techniques. Krabi Krabong is therefore not merely some weapons exhibition, but rather a complete battlefield art teaching principles of deadly combat. It can further be applied to everyday self-defense, using everyday objects as weapons.

Other traditional weapons used in Krabi Krabong include the Daab (single-edge sword), Loh (shield), Plawng (long staff), Ngaaw (glaive), and Daaab Song Mue (two-handed swords). Effective technique in Krabi Krabong is a combination of both weapons use and striking. Weapons each have their own attacking styles, while complemented with kick-based striking for further attack and defense.

Each weapon has its own dance, with 108 total dances in Krabi Krabong. The dance aspect teaches grace and elegance, with essential movements of combat. In modern times, matches of Krabi Krabong take place in marked circles, beginning with a traditional musical-based Wai Khru ceremony similar to that found in Muay Thai. Thai boxing techniques and throws are employed, with winners being decided on the basis of technical skill.

Muay Boran

Muay Boran (translated into English as ancient boxing) is the term used to encompass the various styles of Thai martial arts before they were modernized in the early 20th century with the introduction of rules, western boxing rings and equipment. Muay Boran utilizes all kinds of striking attacks as well as joint locks, throws and even ground grappling. Muay Boran does not have one uniform style.

Each area of Thailand developed their own unique fighting style. For example the fighting style of Korat province in north eastern Thailand is known as Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi is a style from central Thailand and another style from north Thailand is called Muay Thasao. Perhaps the most famous style is Muay Chaiya, a southern style still taught to the Thai army to this day. Muay Boran was originally developed for self-defense and also taught to the Thai military for use in warfare. Matches between exponents of the art then began to be held.

These soon became an integral part of Thai culture with fights being held at festivals and fighters from the different areas of Thailand testing their styles against each other. Fighters began to wrap their hands and forearms in hemp rope which not only protected their fists from injury but also made their strikes more likely to cut an opponent. Muay Boran fighters were highly respected and the best were enlisted into the Kings royal guard.

The most famous Muay Boran practitioner was Nai Khanomtom. In 1774 he fought the 10 best Burmese fighters one after the other, knocking them all out. During the 1920s-30s King Rama VII modernized the Thai martial arts competitions, introducing referees, boxing gloves, rounds and western boxing rings. Many of the traditional Muay Boran techniques were banned or were not practical with the addition of the new rules, and so Muay Boran went into decline.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon.

Muay Thai is referred to as The Art of Eight Limbs; and using eight points of contact the body mimics weapons of war. The hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as armor against blows, and the elbow to fell opponents like a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees became the axe and staff.

The body operated as one unit. The knees and elbows constantly searching and testing for an opening while grappling and trying to spin an enemy to the ground for the kill. The King of Thailand is an avid fan of Muay Thai. Since being crowned its popularity has grown more than in any other era in history. Muay Thai has progressed significantly over the past 100 years. Due to the noticeable national popularity, it began to garner international recognition and exposure.

It was recently accepted as an Olympic sport, finally gaining its deserved recognition. Professional martial artists from all sides of the fighting spectrum agree, Muay Thai is essential to becoming an all-around multifaceted fighter. As new training camps and gyms open around the world, Muay Thai will continue to grow in popularity.



The Muay Thai training camp is located on a quiet road in Chalong that rests in the shadow of the Karon Buddha. The 60-meter high gold-leafed Buddha sits at the top of a local mountain that overlooks Phuket, Chalong, Kata, and Karon. Due to Chalong being a port town, it is home to a large boating community, pier, wonderful fresh seafood restaurants, scuba diving shops, markets, and other fantastic attractions.

Kata / Karon

Kata and Karon are two small towns located along the western side of Phuket, between Nai Harn to the south and Patong Beach to the north. Both towns have grown and expanded in the last 4-6 years, offering more attractions for tourists along with shops, cultural shows, Thai food along with a wide selection of specialized cuisine (Mexican, Italian, Indian, German, etc.) and so on.


Full of excitement and energy, Patong is the heart of the entertainment district in Phuket. While the atmosphere around Kata and Karon is laid back and relaxing, Patong is fast-paced, exhilarating and exciting, and the party goes on all night long. From the Junkceylon modern multilevel shopping mall to roadside vendors to markets and bazaars, Patong is great for shopping and you will find anything you may need on your trip.

Restaurants offer a variety of different cuisines; everything from fine dining at a 5 star gourmet cuisine to a sandwich at Subway or a spicy papaya salad from a roadside vendor, there are always a ton of choices available. Naturally, there are many Thai seafood restaurants that serve fresh seafood and Thai cuisine from dishes that are salty and sweet, such as Mango Chicken with cashew sauce; or something spicy and sour like the popular Tom Yum Goong soup.

Phuket City

Phuket City, located in the southern portion of the island, is a busy and thriving city with a population of more than 300,000. Large, upscale and modern multi-level shopping malls offer everything from fast food restaurants to Thai cuisine with dinner shows; groceries, clothing, and various accessories and souvenirs. Multiplex theatres and cinemas feature current movies and have standard, couch and VIP seating.

Phuket island

Phuket is a tropical island in southwestern Thailand. Surrounded by immaculate white sand and stunning blue water, it is a popular Southeast Asian tourist destination where people visit from all over the world. The Island of Phuket is approximately 50 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide. A four-lane bridge on the northern part of the island (near the airport) connects it to the mainland. Phuket is a 1-hour flight or 12-hour bus ride from Bangkok, and a short 2-hour flight from Singapore.

Soi Bangla

At night, Patong lives up to its reputation and transforms into the wild entertainment district it is known for being. The lights on Soi Bangla brighten and music beings to pump out of the bars, discos, and go-gos that line the streets. Thai bargirls arrive at the establishments dressed to kill, and the foreigners start to hit the streets for a wild night of adult entertainment. Patong and the surrounding areas turn into a huge party.



  • Fitness center
  • Golf course nearby
  • Golf driving range nearby
  • Gym
  • Massage nearby
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Swimming pool


  • Bar nearby
  • Multilingual staff
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Smoke-free property


  • ATM / banking nearby
  • Car rental nearby
  • Currency exchange nearby
  • Free! WiFi
  • Laundry
  • Room cleaning
  • Scooter rental
  • Shop
  • Tour assistance
  • Wireless internet


Meal plan

The standard meal plan package gives your body what it needs and fast. Right after training in the hot tropical heat, your body needs replenishment. On your first day, a Tiger water bottle (to use and to take home) will be given. The meal plan gives you two meals a day. Each meal comes with fresh water or Tiger Spa water and a plate of fresh tropical fruits filling your body with natural righteousness. Then you get to have anything on the menu. That is right, anything.

Here is some food for thought. If you ordered Tigers highly popular grilled chicken (choice of balsamic-rosemary or citrus marinated) with steamed veggies and brown rice, you would have consumed ten different fruits and vegetables in one meal. Think of the outstanding health benefits you will enjoy consuming all of that delicious nutrition. Any order that does not already have vegetables, a side of luscious steamed veggies (kale-carrots-broccoli-Thai pumpkin-mushrooms) will be thrown in, just because Tiger wants you to get ultra-healthy.

Protein shakes, smoothies, and fresh organic juices

Tiger proudly uses Musashi products because of their superior ingredients and quality. They offer chocolate, vanilla and unflavored protein (for lower sugar intake and to create your own tropical flavor goodness).

Fresh fruit smoothies are also offered, perfect for refreshing after training or an afternoon island treats. Both protein shakes and smoothies are available with super food supplements. (meal plan members get any three for free.)

Tiger is also extremely proud to offer fresh organic juices with luscious combinations like Red Rescue: beets, passion fruit, Thai pumpkin and cucumber or cleansing coconut: coconut water, wheatgrass and flaxseed oil, and many more.

Scooby snacks and goodies

Snacking does not have to be an enemy, just have the right foods. Nothing beats fresh fruits and vegetables, but sometimes we want a little more. Tiger offers almonds, cashews, hard boiled eggs, granola bars, apples-pears-oranges-bananas-dragon fruit-watermelon-cantaloupe-pineapple, low-carb protein bars, and a fantastic variety of veggie and fruit chips.

Tiger Grill restaurant menu

Tiger provides you proper diet of delicious healthy good eats which is paramount to your success. The menu is a lip-smacking combination of fresh Thai and imported ingredients using global preparations and methods.

Just try not to be tempted by Tigers Citrus Marinated Grilled Chicken with Yellow Thai Mango Salsa and Wasabi. Do not let the Cajun Dry Rubbed Australian Wagyu Steak with Sweet Potatoes and Garlic Mushroom Sauted Spinach make you hungry either.

The Tiger Grill offers full nutritional information on all menu items with daily dietary guidelines and a helpful Tiger nutritional table/menu book. They only use extra virgin olive oil, no frying, and no MSG. The goal is to provide you with delicious nutrition and lessen the possibility of upset travel tummies.

Things to do (optional)

A day trip to Phi Phi Island: A day trip to Phi Phi is definitely something you should do on a nice day. No streets, no cars. Phi Phi is beautiful, and that is about everything you need to know about it. Definitely worth a visit!

Diving in a popular world-class dive spot with an abundance of exotic species of fish, wrecks, caves, and lagoons

Elephant safari and day trips: If you like animals you might like to try the Jungle safari for a day to see if you like it before booking an extended trip. There are so many to choose from ranging from a basic elephant trek for 45 minutes to a 4-5 day trek with accommodation.

Enjoying beaches: Phuket is an Island, basically you are surrounded by beaches. The two beaches that are best known are Kata Beach, and Naiharn Beach. Both are about 15 minutes away from Tiger. Naiharn is a quiet, beautiful beach that is usually not too crowded. Perfect for the gap between training classes!

Enjoying various types of massage ranging from facials, body wraps, aromatic salt scrubs, tamarind bath, to after sun treatments for those that may have overdone the sun bathing

Experiencing other sporting activities such as shooting, paitballing, and bowling

Learning how to surf on a huge artificial wave in beaches nearby

Learning scuba diving with Phuket Dive Tours who has everything you need to start to Learn to Scuba Dive and the Dive Shops just a short walk from Tiger Muay Thai Camp.

Playing golf with Blue Canyon, the Asian and Pacific Golf course of the year 1999, Phuket Country Club, one of the finest course in Phuket, Loch Palm Golf Club, or Laguna Phuket Golf Club, which is voted top 10 for Best Golf course in Asia

Renting a scooter and exploring local unique spots, including Wat Chalong - the biggest Temple in Phuket, Big Buddha mountain, Phi Phi Island

Shopping in Central Festival, the big Tesco Lotus and Big C which are located right out of Tiger, or Naka weekend market

Visiting Phuket Zoo: The zoo has a number of daily shows including Monkey, elephant and crocodile shows. They also have an aquarium, bird park and orchid garden and you can have photos taken with the animals ranging from a tiger cub, young tiger or fully grown male to sit with! You also have the pythons which are up to 2 meters long! The zoo is open from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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