Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp

Phuket, Thailand

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp sees itself as a family by fostering positive change and helping you create the very best version of yourself.

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  • a traveler Thailand

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    Training Muay Thai and fitness at tiger Muay Thai has been the best experience. The grill has great low fat food and the monthly BBQ Beatdown is such a great way to socialize. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit and have fun :)

  • Mike United Kingdom

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    My first time traveling abroad alone and first time in Asia was an epic experience and 3 weeks that will live with me for a long time. Landed in PKT around 22:00, luggage and immigration was a lot easier than anticipated and I was on the other side in less than 30 mins. I had a taxi pre-booked from Tiger and the driver was waiting for me at the exit door. It took little under an hour to get to the camp as traffic was still pretty busy. So far so good.I had also pre-booked a bungalow on-site to make this more convenient to roll out of bed into the gym. If Im honest I also did this for security reasons as I was unsure on what to expect. After some flamboyant translation hand signals explaining I had pre-booked etc., I was in my room and crashed out for the next 10 hours. the room was everything I needed, a bed, wardrobe area, wet room and toilet. Nothing too classy but it was home and served the purpose.First Day; I strolled out of my bungalow on the Sunday morning, decided to find my bearings and have breakfast in the Tiger Grill. The food was good, staff were friendly/helpful, sufficient choice on the menu albeit a little pricey compared to the other restaurants but still good value. Took a walk down the strip to explore and stock up on supplies. I found there are quite a few restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and launderettes etc. on the same road as Tiger which was helpful.Not much happens in Tiger on a Sunday but was very happy to see the matted areas were being cleaned and disinfected most of the day, the humidity was very close so would imagine bacteria would thrive in this environment. I got kitted out with shin pads and gloves from the fighter store across the road ready for the Monday morning training. These were slightly cheaper than the UK prices but due to my kit at home being so worn in, I thought I would buy new gear on my trip.Muay Thai - Decided to take part in the group Thai classes on the first week to break myself in, instantly impressed with the structure of the classes and emphasis on technique. Everyone starts in the beginners class and you get 'promoted' to the next level once the trainers feel youre competent to do so. At this point, I had already been training in MMA & Muay Thai for over a year back home so felt I was a decent level already, the trainers recognized this and put me in the Intermediate class for the second day.The pace was faster, the sparring was slightly harder but still controlled and the techniques were more advanced. After the first week I was in the advanced group class training with Pro Muay Thai fighters and champions. On my second week I opted for some private lessons as opposed to the group classes, I trained with Chok Chai and Lam who were incredible on pads and real good at recognizing my bad technique. For about 10.00 per hour, this is well worth doing.BJJ - I also trained a lot of BJJ on my trip, Stuart Cooper was taking the evening classes and Fernando was taking the morning classes. Both were great classes and learnt so much in the classes I took part in. The classes were not very intense but were friendly and informative. It reminded me of a technique seminar every class so you can imagine the information overload! Lots of rolling at the end of the classes was very good.MMA - The MMA classes were intense but ran by my hero and ex UFC fighter Roger Huerta. Fantastic experience training with pro fighters who were clearly on a different level but getting to rub shoulders with famous fighters was worth being outclassed.Cross fit - The cross fit classes were very popular amongst the whole camp and everyone seemed to enjoy them. This was quite refreshing from combat sports but a great workout.The accommodation in Tiger suited my needs, I opted for a bungalow with air-con which was a good idea especially post-training when you needed a power-hour. I found hotels & bungalows on the road that were very nice indeed, maybe if I took my girlfriend I would have opted to stay in something with more class. Not needed on this occasion though so cannot complain.3 week's was not long enough but as I fell in love with Phuket. The lifestyle and culture was fantastic, I could easily re-locate in a heartbeat! The Thai people are extremely humble and friendly, I did not have any bad experience whilst staying in Tiger or whilst exploring its community. Everyone should do Thailand at least once, I have already planned my next trip for 2015 and cannot wait to come back! Any questions do not hesitate to contact me!

  • Peter

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    I had absolutely no experience at Muay Thai and if I'm honest was a little unfit and wildly underprepared for it. I rocked up at the camp without ever having contacted them before and asked if I could do Muay Thai for a month, they said yes and it cost me 12500B for the all-inclusive package.The training is super although very hard if youre not used to the heat or intensity. The way it works is they have various classes throughout the day and you just pick and choose which one works for you and which you would rather not do (or ache too much to do) you can buy private lessons separately at 500-600B each.The team is friendly and the atmosphere great. You will definitely meet new friends and have a good time. This is very worthwhile. They also have a monthly BBQ beat down party which is well worth a go even if youre not training.

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