Tianmeng Shaolin Kungfu school teach traditional Chinese Kungfu to help you get self-defence skills, experience Chinese Culture, spread eastern wisdom.

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5-Year Shaolin Kungfu Academy Training in Linyi, Shandong

Available in October, November & December
    from US$23,367
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    2-Year Learn Authentic Kung Fu in China at Tianmeng Institute

    Available in October, November & December
      from US$10,257
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      Master Wang

      Master Hua

      Master Han

      David Zhou

      Reviews (19)

      Frank Le

      from Canada, March 2018

      "Great time with everyone."

      I found the time i was there i got valuable time with the Hua shifu. I had no issues at the academy. I maybe would like a little nore discipline but other than that i got much more than expected. And western toilets is very important!!

      Dan Tukush

      from Israel, January 2020

      "Amazing place and amazing people !"

      I’ve been there for only a month , but defenitly i learned a lot about Kung fu and the Chinese traditional , the best place to learn Kung fu in chine in my opinion , thanks to David the manager the Emily the assistant, they have been so nice to me , and I’m planing to get back to there a soon as possible !

      Pepina Miteva

      from Bulgaria, July 2019

      "Unique and unforgettable experience!"

      The Academy provides excellent training in Martial Arts,Tai Chi and Qigong. The Masters (Shifu) are very experienced and professional.They put a lot of efforts to transfer the knowledge and train the students in the best way. I liked very much that every Tuesday and Thursday the training was in the mountain, and every Friday we had a hiking experience. In the evening we had lectures in Mandarin, Caligraphy, Chinese massage and Chinese culture.

      I was practicing Tai Chi for more than 10 years at home, but I realized that the best way to learn it is to get the knowledge from experienced teachers and in China! In Tianmeng Academy I had this chance! For less than 3 weeks I could learn Tai Chi 24 forms and 9 forms, as well as 8 practices in Qigong. Thank you!

      Everyone in the Academy is caring a lot about the students and the education process.Thank you to the two Shifu for their patience and the great training, to David - the president of the Academy,who involved us in different activities and was also teaching us in Qigong, to Emily - who cared so much for us,organized everything which we needed and even cooked from time to time for us, to the kitchen lady who cooked so tasty for us three times a day fresh food, to the translator Kai for the whole day occupation with us and his care, and to the great people from all over the world, whom I had the chance to meet in the Academy.

      I will never forget this experience and I would be happy to have the chance to go there again!

      Thomas Donnelly

      from United States, June 2019

      "Good training, ok living facilities, bad food situation "

      The training was very good, the shifu's know what they are doing and will help you individually when needed. Disciplined schedule but you can skip a training for injury or rest. Most of the staff is friendly and helpful as well.

      Amie Jammeh

      from Germany, April 2019

      "Good times"

      I had a beautiful time at the academy! It's a wonderful place, with wonderful people (!!!!) and very good training. Everyone who's working there and all the students are all very helpful and very heartful and you feel at home very fast. Definitely an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If given the chance, I would without a doubt come back.

      Alex Avlonitis

      from Greece, February 2019

      "3 months are not enough.. "

      Over all it was an all in one vacation, training, break from life, see another world, finding yourself and live like a family with people around the world! The masters where very funny most of the time but when it was training they where mostly strict like they should be so we don't get lazy. The walks to the mountains where exhausting (I smoke to much) but it was worth the views at the end...

      Fabio Pizzingrilli

      from Switzerland, January 2019

      "A Place to Be"

      Great atmosphere, good People and useful masters. All together it was one of the best things I have done in my life. The single room gives you enough space for your own stuff.

      You should go there without any expectation, because maybe china isn't the same as your homecounrty. Go there with an empty cup and fill it with memories and emotions.

      The connection between master and student really impressed me, if my dad says go left, and my master says go right I would definitely go right.

      Christopher Engström

      from Sweden, November 2018

      "5 months: good surroundings but only business oriented owner"

      A place like a kung fu school is really good for those who want to come to a place away from the stresses at home to focus on personal development and improvement. But the only way it's possible is if you go there planning to push yourself and set up a plan to achieve whatever goals you have. .Good surroundings, not as polluted as in the cities. You don’t need to travel far to get to the mountain or the water park. .It is possible to do your own training. As long as you are pushing yourself the shifus will respect it. .One of the most important things is the schools food. Many times the students complained about the food not being nutritional enough, the response simply was ’’this is China..so adapt’’. But the problem is that you aren’t given even close to enough nutrients, or amount of food, to be training and progressing in a healthy way. So therefore students are forced to buy and pay a lot more to get supplements and more filling foods from town/home. And for those with special dietary needs it is especially problematic. Because the meals aren’t nutritional enough to begin with. And those with dietary needs won’t get more food to balance out any lack of micro/macro-nutrients. But if you are coming here to lose weight this will be a good thing for you..

      Bettina Feilhammer

      from South Korea, November 2018

      "Wonderful training, but only profit oriented owner"

      The Kungfu School is surrounded by some beautiful mountains which are nice to climb on sunny days during weekends or perfect if you just want to take a walk during lunch break. Training is also set on the mountain on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which was a very nice experience. I also liked that it was not directly next to a city, but still not to far to go there in the evening or lunch break by tuktuk for the next supermarket. That’s why you can really focus on your training without too much distractions by the outside world.

      I very much enjoyed training with Hua and Han Shifu who are both rich in knowledge and are open to teach you any new form you want to learn. If they see that you are really motivated to learn, they would support you and give you helpful instructions - also about the philosophy and history behind the different forms. Both of them are respectful teachers but also like to joke around a lot in between lessons, so I had a fun time training with them. Because of them I felt it was the right decision to choose this school for training!

      The weekly schedule contained a great variety of all the different techniques, which was one of the reasons I decided to visit the school. I could learn basics in Shaolin Kungfu, Sanda, Taiji, Qigong, Hard Qigong and even additional forms as well if I would have asked them to teach me. The 40 min training followed by 20 min break was reasonable and the amount of training per day really motivated me to work on my personal goals.

      Philip Reitmeier

      from Austria, October 2018

      "Nice experience "

      Sport and experience

      Audrey Dejong

      from Indonesia, July 2018

      "My fortnight in Tianmeng "

      Each morning the mountains greet me as I start my Taichi session. The natural beautiful surroundings makes it easier for one to get out of bed and train. Learning with like-minded people is an additional motivation and it was also most enjoyable getting to know them. The dedicated Hua shifu is patient and often sets the example on how one should train. Lastly, I found it interesting to learn about Chinese herbs and medicine.

      Léo Conésa

      from France, June 2018

      "Wonderful experience to do and redo"

      Sincerely, this month spent in The Tianmeng Academy has been a great experience. Firstly, I met very warm students and a very attentive team. The trainings are as we wish, if you want to train hard you can, the masters will encourage you, it is also possible to take rest which is a big plus in my opinion. The shifus have prepared training adapted to our affinities and our abilities.

      Deandre Williams

      from United States, February 2018

      "Tianmeng Academy was a great school"

      I loved how all shifus had their own styles. Master tong with his powerful and very quick technique. Master Wang with his elegance and smoothness. And Master Gu even though we just met I learned alot from you great explanations and your power and quickness was a great combination. Thank you for everything you guys are great. Great translators and management thanks Emily and David

      Lee-anna Mayers

      from Great Britain, January 2018

      "One of the best experiences of my life!"

      I loved the whole experience, it was certainly a humbling one. The simplicity of my life there was a welcomed change to facing the everyday stresses, which I now refer to first world problems, I had at home. I loved the training, I feel that I learnt a lot in the short time I had there. The food was really nice and there was way more variety than I had expected. My room was more than sufficient and the location of the academy I found to be quite quaint.