The Union is an extremely clean gym with top-quality equipment and top knowledge! We reproduce perfectly the training of Thailand in the Caribbean paradise.

Testimonials (3)

Emilee Silverman

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I came in for a Muay Thai class at 6pm on a Monday night. When I first walked into The Union, I was greeted by Elaina who was prepared with a pamphlet to tell me what classes The Union has to offer and what times they are held. I was nervous because I had never done any form of martial arts before and I did not speak any Spanish. One of those worries quickly went away when Elaina's first question to me was "English or Espanol?" and then explained the pamphlet in fluent English. The other worry went away when I met the infamous Mike from all the reviews I had read before coming here. Everyone else was way above my level of training, but that did not matter. Mike was kind enough to help me on the side with the basics of Muay Thai and some combinations. This place is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone of any experience!!

Nicole Briceno United States

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I had never done any form of martial arts before joining The Union, so I was pretty intimidated to start. That feeling went away quickly as I realized that there are people of all levels in the gym and that there is no pressure to learn at anyone else's pace. The classes are really fun and rewarding. Mike is a great coach. He gives constructive criticism and is really good at explaining techniques. The staff is also really welcoming. I would highly recommend this gym.

Israel Johanán Placentti Delc

The Union Facebook page

5 Star all the away, amazing training and makes you feel part of the family. amazing and learnt so much from the Coach Mike and Guests there, the great thing about training here is the family like feeling you get from everyone around you. The camp is very clean and professional(fairtex) Coach Mike want to push you to your best. the staff are always there to help and want to make your stay the best. Thank you The Union for the amazing training and the experience!