The Meditation Lodge Retreat offers yoga, meditation, spiritual development, and discussion to gain a deeper understanding of your own self.

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Susana Cantalejo

Yvonne Rollinson

James McArthur

Reviews (15)

Julie Doidge

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Fantastic meditation lodge"

I stayed at the meditation lodge it was my first retreat and I was on my own. Jim picked me up from the airport and I felt like a lost sole.when I got to the lodge I was taking back how beautiful it was . When I met yuonne she was so accommodating .I spent a lot of time with yuonne and bounded with her straight away a beautiful lady in side and out Yuonne cooking was amazing with plenty of choice. When I met Susanna the yoga teacher she was so lovely a fantastic yoga teacher and so friendly. This is the best thing that I have ever done.I have learnt a lot about myself I am so blessed that I have met them both and I have planned to go back in January next year.I can't wait to meet them both again for a second time and learn alot more about myself that money can't buy .I have never felt so good in myself after all there hard work .I would highly recommend this retreat . yuonne and Jim very gifted people it was a great pleasure to have met them both . Julie from Cornwall ..

Gary Slaney

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Peace and perfect Harmony "

The Casa Sonada is a perfect sanctuary, tucked away in the Mountains behind Alicante.

Jim and Yvonne have Curated the most supportive yet gently, challenging Holistic experience.

The Yoga and Tai Chi are very well delivered by qualified teachers and the mindfulness and meditation activities are ideal for completing the circle.

Every guest seems to leave with an inner calm and Joy radiating from them.

Make no mistake, this is “bespoke holistic therapy” delivered by experts in a beautiful setting at a bargain price.

Would recommend to anyone who wishes to deepen their practice, learn more about themselves or simply need a de-stress. I would return in a heartbeat.

Wendy Caron Gaisford

from Great Britain, February 2019

"An unexpected haven"

When I arrived, I was unsure of the location of this retreat and the fact that the accommodation was in the owners house, but I soon realised that once the gate was closed, this was an amazing place. You soon forgot that the retreat was in a small street with other houses as once the gate was closed, it felt like you were in a completely different space away from everything. The views of the mountains and surroundings from the top of the house were fab, and there was good scope for walking, running and even mountain biking as soon as you stepped out of the gate. Further afield, the mountains and local village was amazing. Thai Chi was great, and yoga, especially on the beach was also fab. So relaxing!

Yvonne and James were beautiful people, who went out of their way to make me feel as though I totally belonged there and payed attention to every detail and need, When I glibly mentioned that I was aware of the chiming of the grandfather clock on the first night, I soon realised that they had turned it off without comment ( so thoughtful). It felt as though I was in a totally safe place, it made me feel as though Iad come home! and I was sad to leave.

Selina Taylor

from Great Britain, April 2018

"So much more than I could ever have expected"

Jim and Yvonne are magnificent hosts, from the minute they pick you up from the airport to the time they take you back, they are totally connected with your journey and available for everything and I mean everything. There were only 3 of us this particular retreat but boy we were a handful. We all had so many needs and Yvonne and Jim just seemed to know exactly what to do to meet our needs. They totally changed the timetable for us and put on additional trips to cater for our desire to see a little more of Alicante. For me personally this was just the tonic that I needed at this time in my life. i have made friends for life and I am planning a return trip in October. PS I noticed that someone mentioned something slightly negative about the food in one review - I would just like to say that I am astonished by this as Yvonne went out of her way to check our dietary needs and to plan meals with us. In my opinion and I am a little fussy, the food was always to a very high standard.

Joanna Van Dijk

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Amazing experience "

Esther Huisert

from Spain, September 2020

"Very special and insightful retreat"

Spiritual and personal retreat //

Very insightful meditations //

Calming yoga and qi gong classes //

Interesting workshops and nice activities //

Hospitality, effort and energy of Yvonne and Jim //

Three extra members of the family (dogs and cat).

Susan Benn

from Portugal, March 2020

"At 68 years of age it was my first yoga retreat"

I could not have picked a better place to recharge myself both mentally and physically. Yvonne and Jim are very warm enthusiastic welcoming hosts. Susana is a delightful teacher. I loved their home and pets as well as the countryside which is very peaceful.


from Finland, March 2020

"Relaxing experience, individual guidance"

It was a nice combination of yoga, qi kong and meditation exercises in lovely surroundings, a good place for recovery and rest. And great for animal lovers!

Greet Gernaey

from Belgium, October 2019

It was a lovely week, Jim and Yvonne are so kind, I felt like home. I enjoyed it very much. I loved the yoga outside and on the beach, Susanna is a very good teacher. The tai chi on 'el campo' was also very nice.

Thank you for this great expereance.

Christopher Adams

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Amazing Place, Beautiful People"

Your hosts Yvonne and Jim are two of the most beautiful people I have ever met. The Casa Sonata is a beautiful villa with beautiful well kept grounds. I had the privilege of staying in their new Luna tent on the grounds and it was amazing I highly recommend it. Susana the yoga teacher is a fantastic and can teach people of all levels. Yvonne also taught us Qi Qong on the mountain tops just 15 minutes walk away with stunning views. The food was all home cooked by Yvonne who will cater for all dietary requirements and it was absolutely delicious. I also tried out the old school Japanese hot tub which was very relaxing. We took part in group meditation each day and I experienced chakra balancing also led by Yvonne which was fascinating. I can not recommend the meditation lodge enough, I met lots of beautiful people and hope to see them all again soon when I return.

Marianne Laursen

from Norway, April 2018

"Something everyone should experience!"

The whole retreat were absolutely lovely - it was a booster both physically, emotionally and spiritually 💙

The accommodation and place is wonderful and I like that the location is away from shops and all the buzz.

I'm really pleased with the activities as they were very variable and insightful.

Best of all is the hosts Yvonne and Jim with their heartwarming openness, and caring and loving spirits. They've a lot of wisdom and humour that they shared with us! 😍 Suzanna is a great yoga teacher and has a beautiful energy with her, and same have the 2 other retreaters I got to know there - we'll keep in touch for life! 💜

We all had many good laughs together and also got to know each other in a way that normally takes a long time to achieve.

The meals were great - and I realised how much good food I've missed out on during my life..! 😋

My best recommendations! 💚

Laetitia Balestriero

from United States, June 2018

"Exactly what I needed!!"


Susana is a great Yoga teacher.

Yvonne and Jim are fantastic, they are complementary and do everything to make you feel comfortable.

The places we go to for practice are spectacular.

And even the other guests were great!

Connie Acquaye

from France, June 2018

"Excellent séjour. Je recommande ! "

La qualité des prestations. L'engagement et l'accueil de l'équipe. les professeurs sont très pédagogues et prennent le temps pour chacun. Une vraie écoute et un accompagnement personnalisé. Bienveillance, empathie et cadre serein pour se reconnecter a soi-même et à la nature.

Ann Van Kets

from Belgium, March 2018


Het ontvangst door Yvonne en Jimmy én de mooie kamer was zo hartelijk dat ik mij onmiddellijk thuis voelde. En dan de zon! De zon was zo van de partij dat we s'morgens onze koffie op het terras konden nemen, Er was zelfs één dag zo warm dat we s'middags konden lunchen op het terras. (Ondertussen vrieskou in Vlaanderen) Ik had mij ingeschreven om een dagelijkse routine in tai Chi te leren, wat dan ook door Yvonne met véél geduld aan mij werd aangeleerd. Het programma hield ook yoga sessies in die ik schromelijk volgde maar wat een verrassing, professioneel gegeven door Susana, een balsem voor lichaam en geest!