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Hero Ritual Quest Online Training

This unique program takes you on a real adventure and teaches you real skills - a powerful hero's journey for your mind, your body and your spirit. You will come out of it with the skills you need to be the hero you are meant to be. Take 6 weeks, just reserve around 30 minutes per day, and turn them into your own hero's journey. Walkthrough the 5 ancient gates and train your body and mind like a Shaolin monk or a Jedi. Start the Hero Rituals Quest now!

Meet the instructors

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  • Daily hero training via online videos on the Hero Rituals platform plus little tasks and missions that will transform your daily life
  • The program requires less than 30 minutes each day to complete
  • Life Atlas's timezone: Central European Summer Time (GMT+2).
  • Train with Sacha, whose health, self-healing, and martial arts systems are used in over 10 different countries and has taught high-end clients like CEOs of the top 5 silicon valley internet giants.
  • Self-paced, the program can be accessed anywhere and anytime within 6 weeks
  • Suitable for any level of fitness
  • A gorgeous certificate will be provided upon completion
  • The program consists of mental coaching, body awareness, workout program, meditation training, personal growth, energetic training, and life mission and goal training
  • The physical training involves martial arts, yoga, Qi Gong, and natural workout.
  • Meditation and the 5 Gate program is dedicated to increasing your focus, resilience, and inner determination
  • Be rewarded with Qi Points for every exercise and every mission you do
  • Amazing benefits include better awareness, a feeling of purpose, fantastic body, better relationship, better understand your life path and an amazing energy level

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


42 days with instruction
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Tools required

Use the program on your iPad, smartphone, or any other portable device. You'll have your videos and training lessons with you all the time.

Pre-application requirements

This program is for those who find that their life could be much more than what society and their peers expect from them. That life should be an amazing ride, an adventure, an experience. A path that leads to the fullest potential of your being and constantly raises your skill levels and not decreases them from year to year.

This course helps you transcend the traditional way in which society things we have to live. You will be put in a new state of experiencing life, where everything feels like an adventure and a highly enjoyable challenge - you’ll actually undergo transformation through the tasks and daily training that Sascha Wagener guides you through. You will be an inspiration for yourself and others around you.

You can be at any level of fitness to start the program. The body sessions will start slow and progress from gate to gate. Nevertheless, you can always choose the intensity of training that is right for you. The physical training is just one part of the program; if you follow it through, you will get fitter, build stronger body awareness, and tremendously support your progress in all other areas. Keep in mind to consult your doctor, if you suffer any medical conditions before you start the program.


For your epic adventure through the Hero Rituals Program, you will also receive a gorgeous looking certificate of completion.

How the training works

Whenever and wherever you are

Every day you have two main training videos that will only take around 30 minutes. The first video is your movement session that trains your body on all levels. The second video is the gate training, where you learn the specific hero skill, and implement it in your life.

Physical training

Train your body in a holistic way. Raise your body awareness, strength, flexibility, and increase your immune system. You will experience a unique Hero Tribe Training combining the best principles from martial arts, yoga, Qi Gong, and natural workout.

Mental training

The physical training will support your mental practice during the program. You can increase your focus, resilience, and inner determination with meditation and the 5 gate program. Each gate awakes a specific power of your mind.

Daily schedule

The Hero Rituals Program is all you need for your life as a hero. Mentally, physically and spiritually. But it's intelligently divided into the unique 5 gate curriculum running over 6 weeks. In each gate, you will be guided through an hour of Sascha's teachings, tools, and strategies. And you will be able to directly practice and apply them in your own life, so they will grow into your personal powers.

You will also use the workbook and the super-motivating and inspiring qi points system to implement the transformative process deep into your daily life. But Sacha believes that there is no real substantial breakthrough without incorporating real physical experiences. Therefore, you will have a short physical exercise regimen every day, that perfectly supports the gate lessons and your powerful reprogramming process.

This entire system requires less than 30 minutes of your time each day. And after the full 6-weeks, you’ll have a completely new relationship with yourself, your life and the people around you. Plus, you can do this program as a real journey and get rewarded with qi points.

Visualization and the feeling of doing something extraordinary is a key exercise, and Sacha takes that very seriously in the Hero Rituals Program. This is not just a training system, this is a real adventure. And it is fun and absolutely addictive!

Therefore you will be rewarded with Qi Points for every exercise and every mission you do. While you enjoy the journey, you level up your 12 hero skills. Your life will be a highly engaging adventure, and every step further enhances your skills and your deep-felt satisfaction. You also get the 'Secret Map of Motivation', where you can collect your points and see all your skills and your progress in one space.

This is how Sacha has structured the program so that you get the best results in the shortest time. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each week of your program:

Gate 1: The Gate of Possibility

8 days from Day 1 to Day 8

Most people's horizon is shrinking from year to year. Even if they are successful or they travel a lot. It is the inner horizon that shrinks. You expect things to happen in a certain way, you don't easily get excited anymore as you think you know everything. Do you still have the wondrous mind of a child exploring the backyard?

Gaining back the power to swim in the stream of possibility is crucial for your hero's journey. In this gate, you will reconnect to your dreams and goals and you will realize that absolutely everything is possible for you, if you learn to free your mind from the strings attached to it.

After these 8 days, you will feel inspired, revitalized, and nd ready to start your life as a hero.

Gate 2: The Gate of Gratefulness

In the following 8 days, you'll be exploring three key skills:

  • Changing your thinking to powerful positivity
  • Managing your energy
  • And forgiving yourself

If you are good at these three skills, you will have a fabulous life. The problem is, most people are really bad at those skills! That is mainly because they haven't been taught a fun, exciting, and effective way to do it. Society rather teaches us the opposite.

That is why in Gate 2, Sachha will show you how you can very practically practice to be powerfully positive and unblock your energy. This approach is simple, powerful, and dramatically effective. And still, you're just getting started!

Gate 3: The Gate of Now

​As you move forward on the path of the hero, you will discover your true Jedi potential in this gate.

There is no greater power to learn than the power to fully be in this present moment and be authentic to yourself. If you master this skill, you will achieve all the goals you set for yourself, and you will do it while you walk your spiritual path in life. But most importantly, you will appreciate this very moment. And this goes beyond all the external things you can achieve in your life, this is the fundamental skill you really want to have.

What you learn in this gate will amaze you because you’ll finally see how you can be true to yourself and unlock the magic of every moment!

Gate 4: The Gate of Clarity

​In this gate, Sacha will help you to discover your power of total clarity. This will be transformational for you because you get to experience how your mind actually works and how judgments and thought patterns hold you back. With this, you will create the skill of clarity that allows you to shape the world around you with your thoughts!

Imagine: By the end of Gate 4, you will have a clear sense of what is really important in your life. You’ll feel confident and certain that you can create your heroic life as you want it to be. And you’ll have the inner strength and most importantly the skills and powers to do so.

Best of all, you’ll experience that you can be a much more patient, supporting, and inspiring person to the people around you.

Gate 5: The Gate of Trust

What is your relationship to the world you live in? Not the current political situation or the particular circumstances of your life but to the universe itself! That is the universal question a hero has to face on his journey.

Did you know that most people never ever consciously consider this? Is this universe hostile or benevolent? How does it work? How can you navigate it? Do you trust or do you fear? Now is the time that you unblock those fears!

In this gate, you will establish a strong and abundant relationship with the universe. And Sacha will help you to develop the power of trust, maybe the superpower of the old masters and ancient inner heroes. Afterward, you will feel only positive, prosperous and abundant - ready to live your life as a true hero.

Training information

The concept of the Hero's Journey

With the Hero Rituals program, you will take a leap into your very own extraordinary world. The archetypical story of the Hero going on his journey is the oldest story of humanity. It symbolizes the journey you should all go through in life to find your true powers and your purpose. The Hero Rituals program is supposed to let you start this epic journey right now. Wherever you are and whatever situation you are in now.

5 Gates - 5 essential skills

  • The Gate of Possibility
  • The Gate of Gratefulness
  • The Gate of Now
  • The Gate of Clarity
  • The Gate of Trust

If you embark on the quest of the Hero Rituals program, you will follow an ancient and secret path. The path is full of challenges, epiphanies, and transformative experiences. You will walk the path of the 5 gates. Each gate will awake a different power of your mind.

The skills you learn in the 5 gates go back to more than two decades of dedicated research from Sascha Wagener and the Hero Tribe. They incorporate the essence of techniques and methods ranging from meditation, martial arts, yoga, mental coaching, tribal psychology, Qi Gong, and countless more. The Hero Rituals program offers you the distilled pathway to the skills you need as an inner hero.

A real adventure for your daily life!

For 6 weeks, you follow a path through a magical land. You get your daily hero training via online videos on the Hero Rituals platform plus little tasks and missions that will transform your daily life.

You are on a mission

What makes the Hero Rituals program so unique is that you are on a real mission. You follow the program through the 5 gates and you get rewarded with qi points for every step you complete.

Learn the 12 skills of a hero

Discover how you will train your mental and physical abilities to hero-hack your life and reach new horizons. The Hero Rituals program will raise your skill levels in 12 crucial areas.

Walk your true path

This program gives you direct coaching, like you would stay in a monastery with your master. Take part in a training process that will turn you into your own inner hero with warp speed.

9 benefits of the Hero Rituals program

  • Be aware... these awesome changes might happen to you
  • A feeling of purpose
  • Discover how you do not just live your life like the masses, but experience it with purpose.
  • Fantastic body feeling and health
  • The multi-leveled exercises and body awareness training will give you the best bodily feeling you had for years.
  • Better relationships
  • The 12 hero skills will increase your awareness and authenticity in social situations and will help you to have deeper relationships.
  • Feel extremely confident
  • Feel like the protagonist of your hero's story, just as you were always meant to be.
  • Fitness - even if you aren't fit right now, or you are a sports enthusiast. The program will give you a well-rounded fitness level.
  • Sleep like a baby
  • Stress reduction and physical exercises will help you to gain a new sleep pattern.
  • Your own 'magic' powers - learn and internalize 5 magic powers that instantly change your mindset and perspective and with that your surrounding.
  • Better understand your life path
  • Discover your true wants and needs and enable yourself to pursue them with great clarity.
  • Amazing energy - create an amazing energy level and momentum when your start the program.

Epic bonus material for your training

To make the Hero Rituals Program as successful for you as possible, some great bonuses have been included in the package.

The Hero Book (e-book) - your training companion book

This ebook is your daily companion for the journey. It guides you through the exercises and quests of the Hero Rituals Program and perfectly supports your progress and the reflection process you will go through.

The Hero Missions - videos spice up your daily life with the hero missions

The missions are short little tasks you can incorporate into your daily life. Doing them will train your skills and give you a wonderful sense of purpose and happiness. While you do them, you will also collect qi points and level up your hero abilities.

The Secret Map Of Motivation (high-resolution file) - track your progress and reward yourself

You can collect your qi points on this magical gorgeous looking map. You will see your progress right in front of you and you can marvel how your skill level is going up from day to day.

The Hero Power Spells (high-resolution file) - cast your new spells wherever you are

The power spell cards are just a cool little gimmick for your hero's journey. Print them out, take them with you, and let them help you to remember and use your new spells (hero skills). This will really weave them into your life and into your habits.

Integrated learning: the body and soul sessions

Did you know that the success of 'self-help programs' is often limited and not sustainable because they do not work with all aspects of your being. That is why Sacha developed the Triforce system, which has been tested in countless workshops, retreats, and training courses around the world. Sacha's background is the traditional martial arts and from there he adopted a strong 'no bullshit' mindset.

It is easy to create really substantial and powerful transformation you need to incorporate the body, the mind, and the soul. This is the true way of the hero, the Jedi, or wizard.

That is why all 5 gates contain the body and soul training sessions. Every day, you will have a short physical or meditative exercise session available. This will sharpen all of your hero skills at the same time, and supercharge your advancements in your hero training. And you will just feel like a samurai who recently perfected his skills in a mountain temple.

All in one

  • Mental coaching - check!
  • Body awareness - check!
  • Workout program - check!
  • Meditation training - check!
  • Personal growth - check!
  • Energetic training - check!
  • Life mission and goal training - check!

Everything a hero needs to be forged into one powerful process. You don't need to worry anymore about how to improve your potential in all areas. It's all covered in one holistic program.

Gorgeous on your portable devices

Use the program on your iPad, smartphone, or any other portable device. You'll have your videos and training lessons with you all the time. Use your commute, your lunch break, or the time waiting for a friend to delve into your hero missions and fully immerse into your new experience.

Be part of the hero tribe

Connect with other heroes and become part of the Hero Tribe. Share your milestones and the transformation you go through. And if you are keen to fully experience the hero life, you can join one of the hero camps and train with Sascha and the team in person.

Profound change, right now

​The Hero Rituals Program is designed to teach you on both a conscious and subconscious level. The moment you start the short exercises, they will reshape the way you see your life and reprogram your brain - and you don't need any prior knowledge or experience to do it.

Effortless use

It doesn't take much time to integrate the training into your life. Experience the benefits without having to add too many new tasks to your already busy schedule. You can do as much or as little as you like.

Much more than just a 6-week program

If you like you can do the Hero Rituals program as your personal hero Bootcamp, and then you are done. Empowered, refreshed, and with a whole new perspective. But you can also carry on. Life Atlas offers you support, a community and further training, camps, and coaching to move forward.


Sascha Wagener


Life Atlas is based in Germany (GMT+2) and every day you will be provided with two main videos. You can watch the videos and practice at your own pace. If there are questions, you can reach out to Sascha Wagener from Life Atlas via email for personal coaching.

What's included

  • Access to the full Hero Rituals Program
  • All bonus materials
  • The Hero Missions and Hero Book
  • Get clear about your dreams and plans and internalize the hero powers
  • Certification of completion

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Food

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
42 days / 41 nights
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