Team Quest Thailand offers world-class Muay Thai and MMA training camp to give students the best atmosphere to accomplish all their fitness, weight loss, and competitive goals.

Training Camps (2)

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1 Week BJJ Training and Muay Thai Camp in Chiang Mai

Available in October, November & December
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1 Month Muay Thai and BJJ Training in Chiang Mai

Available in October, November & December

Reviews (11)

Tegan Platt

from Thailand, April 2019

"Addictive "

The only MMA gym in Chiang Mai. The atmosphere was friendly, the trainers were honest and interested in seeing progress. One on one sessions were very informative. I have left this camp feeling a hole new motivation and will be back for more.

Location is close to food stalls, mall and easy trip from the airport. Thanks team Quest!


from Australia, April 2019

"Training amazing, gym culture not so much"

I loved the Muay Thai trainers like Sun and Frame they were very patient and really analysed the faults of my form. I honestly felt I could improve as a fighter under their instruction. Basically, the trainers worked together really well and showed they cared for their pupils. I made many life long friends in a span of a week at that camp

Richard Leahy

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"Fun and challenging experience! "

The instructors were very knowledgable and welcoming. They made training fun as well as challenging. Awesome experience

Joost Wijnbergen

from China, January 2018


As beginner i trained one week with teamquest. The instructors where very nice and skillfull. I had a great group with all different levels of experience in muay thai. I learned a lot amd had a lot of fun!

Thanks teamquest!

Emmanuel Twumasi

from Laos, January 2019

"Awesome Fight Camp - Team Quest"

The skills, energy and positiveness of the teachers is what I like most of TQ. You can see and feel these quality being passed on to students. From day 1, me and my son were welcomed with happy smiling faces and were shown step by step basics and fundamentals of Muay Thai and BJJ. By the end of our stay (2 wks), we were sparring and grappling with confidence, and start having that tingly feeling of actually wanting to fight. Thank you Team Quest, 2 weeks is too short, but we learned so much! We are definely coming back and for longer..TEAM QUEST ON 3 👊🙏

Szymon Szymański

from Poland, December 2018


People coaches atmosphere everything perfect