Tancheng Chanwu International Kung Fu school

Tancheng Chanwu International Kung Fu School is located in Shandong Province. The school provides long-term Kung Fu programs as well as short-term programs.

Training Camps (3)

Instructors (5)

Du Peizhi

Master Du Peizhi, Dharma name Shi Yanzhi, is a Chinese Martial Arts master, who served as one of the directors and chief instructors of the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy, and trainer for police academies in different provinces of China. He is now the secretary general of the Universal Chinese Sport Association, head coach of martial arts for Huaxia Film Base in Beijing, and the headmaster, head instructor of the Shaolin Kungfu School of Xinyi, Shandong Province.

Ding Baohua

Master Ding has diversified his expertise by absorbing skills from different martial artists. He learned the basic movements from Master Xu Zhijun. After being introduced to the well-known master Xu Fan in the 80s, he acquired Xingyi Quan and Baguazhang, two styles of Chinese martial arts of Wudong School. He also traveled around the mainland of China, studying all kinds of styles from the representative figures. He is now a master of Chang Quan (Long fist), Shaolin Quan, Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang, Taichi and Baji Quan, and handles all the Kungfu weapons with great mastery, especially nunchaku.

Duan Chaoyang

Master Duan Chaoyang, when he was 6 years old, he followed his grandfather to learn martial arts and received a Yang finger and a two-fingered Zen. He used the needle to treat the true biography of the disease. On September 10, 2013, he participated in the Third World Wushu Exchange Competition and won the special contribution award. On July 8, 2015, he received the honorary award certificate of the World Wushu Competition(two-fingered Zen).

Liu Hu

Master Liu Hu, specially invited Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu Training School in Yucheng, he loved martial arts since childhood and was good at fighting, and wrestling. Ye Zhun, the eldest son of Mr. Baiwuzhuzongshi of Wing Chun, was his teacher. He won the true biography under the careful guidance and strict training requirements of Master Ye Zhun, and won the honorary title of the champion and participated in the martial arts skills competition several times. Master Liu Hu has been quietly contributing to the martial arts business.

Guo Jiashen

Master Guo jiashen, national first-class coach, second-level referee, martial arts since childhood, martial arts department of Beijing Sports University in 1997, good at boxing, knife, gun, sword, stick, nunchaku, double whip and other kung fu. He has won the honorary title of champion and participated in provincial and municipal martial arts competitions many times!

Testimonials (2)

Juliet Li China

Tancheng Chanwu International Kung Fu school Facebook page

Its a great place to learn Kungfu in China. Great Kungfu master and great studying environment.

Kenadid Ahmed Osman

Tancheng Chanwu International Kung Fu school Facebook page

learning kung-fu and martial arts are helpful for your body health and fitness so this school will help you achieve that.

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