Talingngam Muay thai

Koh Samui, Thailand

Talingngam Muay Thai gym is a hidden gem on the Koh Samui island. It offers professional trainers and fully equipped gym, with nice room and fresh facilities.

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14 Days Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Available all year round

Speaks English

from US$332
from US$332
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14 days / 13 nights

1 Month Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Available all year round

Speaks English

from US$603
from US$603
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31 days / 30 nights

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Saengmorakot came to Talingngam Muay Thai from Chuwattana gym, together with Kompayak. Iang, as his nickname is, has fought and trained together with many great fighters and champions, and has developed to become a great trainer, passing his experience on to others.

Anuson Hangtek

Anuson Hangtek was born and raised in the renowned Hangtek family, same as Mr. Eat and Kompayak. He has grown up in the Muay Thai gym, and even though he is no champion himself, he knows what it takes to become one. He is an excellent pad holder and entertainer around the gym.


Kompayak started out his carrier as an eight-year old, fighting in the south of Thailand, where he built most of his experience. When he was too strong for his competition in the south, he got the opportunity to go and train in Bangkok at Chuwattana gym. Kompayak grew as a fighter and did eventually gain the 130 pound Rajadamneorn title, one of the greatest merits a Thai boxer can get. Kompayak fought many great fighters on his way to the top, one of them being the famous Anuwat Kaewsamrit, whom he gained one win and one loss against.

Eat Talingngam

Eat Talingngam is the owner of Talingngam. Eat makes sure that you will train good and are happy about your stay at the gym.

Meechai Junkaew

Meechai was ranked number one at rajadamneorn stadium before he had to quit his own fighting carrier. Meechai is a real genius when it comes to analyzing and breaking down techniques. He and can adapt to teaching any style there is. He has a burning desire to teach, and prefers quality to quantity when it comes to doing techniques.

Testimonials 5

  • Strahinja Ivanovic

    Talingngam Muay Thai Facebook page

    Amazing place for a serious Muay Thai training. I am here to prepare for a professional fight, and the camp is something to wish for. Trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly. In addition, this is probably the most beautiful part of the Koh Samui island. I can highly recommend the place to all Muay Thai practitioners.

  • Tara Dale

    Talingngam Muay Thai website

    Great family experience and fitness training. We went to Khu Eet’s Muay Thai gym every day over a two week holiday. It was great exercise for my wife and I, doing Muay Thai, crossfit, and general stretching. Our six-year old son was able to use the ring with a trainer which he loved especially.

  • Shirley Wong

    Talingngam Muay Thai Facebook page

    I had one-on-one training and I loved it. It was so close to where I was staying and no distractions. It's a great workout, and Mr. Eat and the guys there were brilliant trainers. Highly recommend it.

  • Antonella Buono

    Talingngam Muay Thai Facebook page

    TalingNgam gym is the best! I was there training for a couple of weeks and it was a great experience! I never did Muay Thai before (not even boxing), but in a few classes I was already able to learn the basics! The trainers are very professional, passionate, and fighters themselves, so it was cool to learn from the pros. Being a girl, I always felt very welcome and at ease, and this was great too. The athletic preparation behind this discipline is awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! I really look forward to going back and learning some more! Thank you guys!

  • Anders Raaf

    Talingngam Muay Thai Facebook page

    I think it's nearly impossible to find this kind of experience in a highly commercialized sport. Unique programs tailored after the client's needs. I took 12 private sessions and the experienced trainers did not let me progress until I had the techniques just right. Can't praise my trainers enough. If you want to train with only real fighters and no tourists, this is the place for you!

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