Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is a school where you can learn Kung Fu and personally study under Shaolin masters of authentic lineage.

Instructors 7

Master Xu

Master Xu has reached his 6th Duan in Chinese Martial Artsand is considered a National Master sportsman. His training uses a no-nonsense approach, keeping students on their toes with many different teaching methods to help increase their abilities in all areas of kung fu. A great teacher with a friendly personality and an open outlook. When he takes on new students, he quickly gains them as friends.

Master Chai

Suipeng Chai is a professional Tai Chi Martial Artists in Yongnian, the womb of Yang Family-Style and Wu-Style Tai Chi. Since 1992, people who are attracted to his class by his reputable Tai Chi skill as a scenic spot come from all over the world, including the US, Japan, Germany, and Singapore.

Master Du

Master Du has reached his 8th Duan in Chinese Martial Arts and is considered a National Master sportsman. He immersed himself in the training and become proficient in many areas.

Master Zhou

Master Zhou is the 34th generation of Shaolin warrior monk. He is very skillful at traditional Shaolin fist, boxing, and pictographic boxing like eagle, dragon, tiger, mantis, and much more.

Master Qin

A well traveled instructor, he has extensive experience in teaching foreign students, has his personal supply, so as to foster the students' physical fitness and personal limits, and helps students to achieve the desired objectives.

Master Rui

Masters Rui, born at a noble family well-known for martial arts, is the 34th monk of Shaolin. He took part in the large-scale performances and national tours with his Kungfu figure being left in many places, such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao,Thailand, Tianjing, and provinces of Hubei, Guangdong, Fujian, Hebei, Guangxi, Zhejiang, and Henan.

Abbot Shi Yong Xin

He is the chairman of Henan Province Buddhists Association, vice-chairman of China's Buddhist Association, representative of Ninth National People's Congress and also the first Chinese monk ever to get an MBA degree. The Venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin is renowned for his work for promoting Shaolin Buddhist culture, his writings as a scholar and for his continuous efforts of restoring the Shaolin Temple. Orders to martial arts enthusiasts from around the world come to meet the learning needs of the Shaolin Temple, he is the new campus master plan under the guidance of Shaolin Kung Fu Academy.

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Clara Ravestijn

from United States, July 2017

"The description doesn't match reality"

The food

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Alexander Denmark

Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website, edited

In my short time here, I have seen students with no previous martial arts experience cope just as well, and sometimes better than those with years' worth. At the end of the day, it comes down to yourself as to whether you can find the motivation within you to make the most out of your stay. This includes getting up extra early for the morning Tai Chi classes even when you are already in some pain and discomfort from the day before, and finding the energy at the end of the day to attend the optional classes on offer. The school is somewhat like home with the added benefit of improving your martial arts skills under the guidance of amazing masters. Every movement the masters make in class demonstrates their prowess in martial arts and their years of experience. With the occasional help of the talented translators, the masters effectively communicate movements and concepts to the students. For anyone thinking of joining the school, I would gladly recommend that they do, as I am sure that you will find it a fulfilling and rewarding experience, especially under the guidance of the masters. I do honestly believe that anyone can manage with this rigorous regime, as long as they are willing to put in the effort and embrace the lifestyle that comes with living here.

Ashley United Kingdom

Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website, edited

I never did Martial Arts before, so why did I go to a Kung Fu School? I am 35 years old and I was getting a bit lazy, doing less sport, etc. It was time to do something about my condition. So I thought why not go to a Kung Fu school? You train from Monday to Friday and the schedule for the week is in my opinion well balanced. The Masters also adapt the training according to each individual student. And suggestions from the students are also always welcome. Everyone was really friendly, hospitable and really, really helpful. Although I didn’t stay for long, I feel like I got good exposure to a variety of Kung Fu styles while I was here. The Sifus were really knowledgeable and patient towards all the students. The translators made the communication barriers a lot easier, the food was great, and everyone was very welcoming. I would definitely recommend training here if you visit China and would love to return someday soon.


Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website, edited

Everyone here has been very nice and fun to train with. I thought Shifu Shi Yan Hao was really cool. Even without translation I could understand him just how he led by example. The training was excellent. The main style the school offers is Shaolin, an external style where you learn mostly forms, with or without weapons. I really enjoyed learning weapon forms, so much fun. In the afternoon you can choose between Sanda and Wing Chun or Wudang, Tai Ji, Qigong and Meditation, the training has helped my hips very much, but I stayed with Sanda. In the beginning I didn't like it, because it takes a while till you get better, but in the end I really loved it. This is something where you can see your improvement and it was great for powering out and my Shifu was very patient, telling me the same things over and over, which I am really thankful for. In the end you can choose and also specialize, we had students just doing Wudang, but I think it is nicer to get a overview and first try all of it a bit. Well, we cannot compare European living standards with Chinese, and I think we should not do so, because we come to China to learn traditional Chinese culture and martial arts. Everybody who is looking for a great Kung Fu experience and would like to engage his/her health is warmly welcome to join our Kung Fu family.


Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website, edited

This was a great learning experience for me. The teachers are patient and flexible, and you will feel that you have personal trainers while you are there. Be open to learning, and flexible. Considering the teacher to student Ratio, you will not find a better place to go and it is a great value in all respects. Simply be prepared to work hard sincerely, but don't be tense. Relax and enjoy yourself!

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