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1 Month Rigorous Muay Thai Training in Phuket, Thailand

  • Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai Camp ) 15 Moo 1, Choa Fa Rd, T. Chalong, A. Muang, Phuket, Thailand, 83130

1 Month Rigorous Muay Thai Training in Phuket, Thailand

  • Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai Camp ) 15 Moo 1, Choa Fa Rd, T. Chalong, A. Muang, Phuket, Thailand, 83130

Muay Thai Training in Phuket, Thailand

Welcome to Suwit Muay Thai Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand. Suwit welcomes everyone from around the world, offering training and accommodation for anyone specializing in any martial arts. Their expert trainers are capable of assisting any fighter at any level. The Muay Thai training camp and fitness gym has been open for 25 years and continues to be one of the best boxing facilities in Thailand. Their camp maintains the longest history of Muay Thai training in Phuket, and it is the largest Muay Thai boxing gym (camp) on Phuket island.. The camps 20 local Muay Thai boxers operate and maintain the facility, creating a friendly atmosphere while providing a splash culture.


  • Training for all levels of fighters
  • Provides transportation services
  • Morning and afternoon training session
  • Provides connections to domestic fights/matches and shows
  • Experienced and professional trainers
  • Fitness training center and pool
  • 30 days accommodation
  • 24 days with instruction
  • Thai, English
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Suwit Muay Thai Gym offers accommodation for their students. They currently have two locations with private rooms available. That being said, the number of rooms is limited. The first location is the training camp itself. The other location is approximately 300 meters from the training facility (about a 5-10 minute walk). The training facility currently houses 6 private rooms and the location off of the camps grounds has 13 rooms. All of the rooms available at either location are identical. They offer:

Private room

Private bathroom (ensuite)


Either fan or air-conditioner

Hot water


Cable television

Free Wifi


The accommodations offered by Suwit Gym are first come, first served. If there are no rooms available, the gym will assist in finding and arranging accommodations elsewhere, usually near the training facility. Contact Suwit Gym for more information regarding accommodation.

The Muay Thai training program at Suwit Muy Thai Training Camp is suited for all levels of fighters. Each lesson is progressively based on the individuals fighting skills. Each trainer at the facility is responsible for the training of a maximum of 4 fighters. Classes are scheduled daily.

Regular routine:

2 hour warm-up and stretch

1 - 10 kilometer run

15 minutes of skipping

3 rounds of shadow boxing

3 rounds of bag work

3 rounds of pad work

3 rounds of clinching and sparring


2 rounds of shadow boxing

Cool down stretch

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial arts discipline that utilizes the use of the body parts at weapons. These parts of the body include the head, the elbows, the feet, the fists, the shins, and the knees. Together, these parts of the body compromise the Na-wa arwud. However, nowadays Muay Thai fights no longer permit the fighter to use the head. In attacking and defending, the fighter employs the use of grappling or what is also called the clinch.

The techniques of Muay Thai are divided into two categories: the Luk Mai or the minor techniques and the Mae Mai or the major techniques. The very reason why Muay Thai is held to be distinct from the other variants of Martial Arts is because it utilizes whole body movements, such as the hip being either rotated fully or partially for every block, kick and punch that is executed. Below you will find lists of several different techniques and moves the various body parts that are utilized.

Course preparation

Suwit Gyms Muay Thai training programs are suitable for everyone at any level. The trainers aim to teach and improve on your skills from traditional and fundamental techniques to professional fighting levels.

Located 867 kilometers south of Bangkok, Phuket island is Thailands largest island. The island is shaped like an irregular pearl and measures approximately 21 kilometers long. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, it has a coastline fringed with white sandy beaches and quiet coves, bathed by the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea and set against a backdrop of green hills, coconut groves and rubber plantations.

Phuket formerly derived its wealth from tin and rubber, and has a rich and colorful history. The island was on one of the major trading routes between India and China, and had been frequently mentioned in foreign ships logs. The Portuguese, Dutch, English and French were also commonly found trading in and around Phuket.

Today, the island is Thailand's largest wine and spirits market outside of metropolitan Bangkok. Phuket Island is Southeast Asia's most celebrated vacation destination and boasts Thailand's largest accumulation of per capita wealth. It is also considered the yachting and golf capital of Thailand. The island's unspoiled beaches and unique cultural attractions contribute to its world-renowned appeal.

Blessed by nature, the smiling hospitality of its people, and supported by superb tourism facilities, Phuket is one of the worlds premier tropical resorts. Palm-fringed beaches, an island-studded sea, modern accommodations, delicious seafood, numerous sporting and leisure opportunities and, of course, year-round sunshine, make Phuket the perfect recipe for a truly memorable holiday.

Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors other than its natural heritage sea, sand, sky, beach, forest, and world-renowned diving sites. Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell over the island, enchanting travelers to the city while Phuket-style hospitality charms visitors from all over the world. In addition, accommodations ranging from world-class resorts to tropical-style bungalows have warmly catered to the different needs of travelers. For seafood lovers, there is a lot more to sample than just Phuket's famous lobster. Altogether, these characteristics have made Phuket a truly unique destination.

  • Fitness center
  • Golf course nearby
  • Gym
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Snorkeling nearby
  • Spa nearby
  • Multilingual staff
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Special menu request
  • Terrace
  • Bicycle rental nearby
  • Free! WiFi
  • Internet access
  • Room cleaning
  • Scooter rental nearby
  • Shop nearby

Suit Gym offers food and accommodation to its guests.

Camp on the beach

Cooking classes


Gaming centers

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Phuket Trickeye Museum

Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming


Visit Phuket Big Buddha

  • 30 nights accommodation
  • Assistance with bike or scooter rentals
  • Daily training sessions
  • Free Friday night fights
  • Gym and fitness training facility
  • Small class sizes
  • Train with expert fighters
  • Airfare
  • Health insurance
  • Travel expenses
  • Travel insurance


  • Review by a traveler from Ireland

    "Just finished a month at Suwit learning Muay Thai with my daughter . The professional training has been awesome , the Thai fighters are a joy to train with it's took our fighting skills to another level! Kittisak his family and staff are so friendly and helpful . The accommodation was good and the home cooked food excellent . Thank you so much."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Dave N. from United States

    "If you want to train Muay Thai without all the hype and pizzaz, then this is the place for you. Old school, small student to instructor ratio, great training. Whether your a beginner or trained everyone can get something from Suwit. I met some really cool folks, as we all stayed at the off site rooms, which were clean and comfortable. Already planning our return for 2016."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Peter Moore from England

    "I have trained at 2 different Muay Thai gyms in Phuket and visited all the Muay Thai camps in Phuket. In my experience "Suwet (Suwit)" Gym is by far the best. Most importantly, it has real Thai boxers that train there which is a sure sign you are getting authentic training. Most other gyms dont! The trainers are used to dealing with foreigners so they can get the best from you, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned fighter. The owners of the Suwit Gym are an extremely helpful and friendly family who have your interests at heart. All the trainers and Muay Thai fighters are very friendly and I can say that! Thank you Kittisa and everybody else at Suwit Gym."

    October 2006 - January 2007. Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Tim from Australia

    "Suwit Gym was a really good place to train with a great and friendly atmosphere. You are amongst professional Thai Boxers and train along beside them, which is quite motivating. The trainers all have boxing experience and are very helpful. The gym also has a shop and a restaurant so you can find nearly every thing you need with little effort."

    November 2006 January 2007. Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Edmund from Singapore

    "My stay at Suwit Muay Thai was nothing short of great! The instructors were patient and willing to teach and I truly benefited from the one-on-one style of their teaching. I particularly appreciated the street fighting aspects of Muay Thai which incorporated the use of elbows and knees. My greatest thanks to Bang, Sam, Run, Muad and Wan Mai who had trained me at one point in time or another. I would like to thank Kittisak too, the manager of the Suwit Muay Thai, who went all out to help me settle down and even teach me how to ride the motorcycle."

    December 2007. Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Paddy from Ireland

    "I came to train hard and improve my fitness and flexibility while loosing a few kilos. After 1 month I had lost over 10 kilos and was feeling a lot healthier. All the Trainers here are very professional and dedicated. Its great fun & there are plenty of tourist attractions close by. I have still a lot to improve on so I hope to come back soon!"

    January 2007. Trip Advisor website, edited