Sundari Integral Yoga School

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

The center’s purpose is to inspire and to nurture the human potential. The school offers yoga and Tai Chi classes, as well as teacher training courses.

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  • Sofia

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    The TTC I attended at the Sundari Yoga School was, above all, an evolutionary leap in my spiritual path. Homework help increase my perseverance in daily spiritual practice. I consider the course manual a “bible”, very complete and useful. It was a beautiful and enriching experience.

  • Carmo

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    Of all the courses and trainings I’ve done in my life, this is the only one that I can use everything I’ve learned here at anytime, anywhere and in any situation.

  • Idalina

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    Excellent course that produced transformations in my life and in my being. It has provided me with tools that I have used to help other people to make their “way” and transform their lives.

  • Fatima

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    The course was very good and very well organized. The manual is very elaborate with very deep and understandable knowledge.

  • Marie-Claire

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    When I took the TTC, during the academic year 2015-16, I practiced yoga for 5 years. At a programmatic level, the course was very well designed, complete and comprehensive, allowing me to deepen my knowledge and practice, becoming aware of aspects which had not yet realized untill then.

  • Ana Maria

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    To remain in the silence and in the love of the much that we had assimilated and learned is the greatest wealth that will persist forever. Gratitude, simply gratitude.

  • Helena

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    For me the TTC was very positive and beneficial, both at personal and social level. I feel like I am a different person that is growing day by day. I feel freer and happier. I feel that I am a better person for myself and for others. I met great people who have helped me grow. I am happier and feel that I can also make the people around me happier. I am very grateful!

  • Albertina

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    The TTC made me be more careful with the execution of each asana, led me to study the philosophy of the great Yogis, took me to a deeper spirituality.

  • Fernão

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    For me TTC was valuable and enriching. Although, I still not feel prepared to teach, because I feel I should practice more and deepen even more what was taught. However, it is an important tool that I will use one day when I will feel more comfortable.

  • Teresa

    Sundari Integral Yoga School website

    The TTC was an excellent opportunity for personal development and to review and practice the techniques already learned. The course manual is very well designed, caring and accessible, being a precious tool to consult when I practice and have doubts or when preparing the classes. Homework, the summaries of the practices, helped me to better realize the effects of the exercises and the importance of having a continuous record – a spiritual diary.

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