Sumalee Boxing Gym combines Muay Thai training & yoga with a high standard of facilities, accommodation, catering, and service on the tropical island of Phuket.

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2 Weeks Muay Thai Training in Phuket, Thailand

Available from April till December
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Rhian Miller

Khru Keng

Khru Nat

Khru Naa

Khru Bank

Khru Sam

Khru Rune

Reviews (24)

Hassna Zahidi

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Great Instructors!"

The instructors are excellent & truly dedicated, great environment.

Ralph David G. Jean-pierre

from Canada, July 2018

"it was awesome !!!"

Good people, good food - definitely good training... for sure I will come back !!!

Tamas Kosina

from Thailand, April 2018

"Real(ly) good muay thai camp"

The camp was amazing with really good facilities and services. Muay thai training is top notch, the only burden of your progress is yourself. Trainers are real good characters who are more then happy to pass on their knowledge and skills. Yoga classes are a real fun and perfect compliment to the thai box training.

This camp recommended to people who are interested in learning muay thai and yoga. This place is not those "wellness detox, jump around, do crossfit, hihihaha camp". Expect professionalism.

Schalk Grobler

from South Africa, March 2020

"Best place to start learning Muay Thai!"

Friendly staff and trainers. Everyone makes you feel right at home.

Shuk-wah Chung

from Hong Kong, July 2019

"Excellent instructors, clean accommodation, nice facilities"

Firstly communication with Lynn was very good. She was very prompt and sent me the relevant information about the retreat and how to get there. I stayed in a shared accommodation but because it's low season I had the room to myself! The rooms were cleaned daily (except Sunday) and though it's quite basic it's still comfortable and even includes a mini fridge - I enjoyed the daily servings of fruit to my room.

The muay thai trainers were amazing - funny, friendly, and motivating, which is much needed as you're working hard on your body and mind. As this retreat is more concentrated on muay thai, I wasn't sure what the yoga was going to be like but I was quite impressed by how challenging it was. The teacher had a great style and as there weren't that many people she helped you to adjust.

Overall I had a great time and would recommend this place. Check out their website too for things to do in Phuket and useful info about technique.

Alexander Feliers

from Thailand, June 2019

"great workout"

The level of muay Thai training is excellent . It is done with 5 to 7 trainers at once . They are very routined in understanding your level and make great work outs with very Nice flow which would be impossible to find in europe .

S Oikonomou

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Amazing training and good location"

First and foremost the Muay Thai training at Sumalee gym was incredible. The trainers are fantastic and you get loads of 1-1 time with them during the classes.They really take teaching seriously and they won't cut any corners when it comes to teaching you the techniques but they will also make sure the training is fun. They are all super polite and sweet and they will never make you feel awkward about your skill or fitness level. The ratio of teachers-students in the classes is excellent, definitely exceeded my expectations.There is also a nice balance of men and women in the gym which was a pleasant surprise as well. I feel like what I learned in Sumalee in 1 week would have taken me months to learn back home.

The yoga practice is also excellent and it's nice that it's different everyday. The classes are nice and active and you definitely feel like you can progress your yoga practice. I think the classes are also nicely balanced so that beginners don't feel overwhelmed but intermediate people don't feel under-challenged.

If you have a scooter, or any other way to drive around, the location of the gym gives you access to some amazing beaches nearby.

Vesna Jurkovic

from Croatia, January 2019

"Excellent Experience "

Whole program.

Training, meals, people

John Arthur

from United Kingdom, January 2019

everything was great, the food, the cooks, the cleaners, the accommodation, the training equipment and most of all the trainers.

The guys bushed you to your limits but not over your limit.

There was all levels and they where all catered for.

Kaye Carreos

from Singapore, December 2018

They provide high quality Muay Thai training. The trainers are of high caliber. They push people to do their best but also know how to have fun. They adjust well to different kinds of trainees, may it be a beginner like me or people who have been competing in Muay Thai. You don’t feel it’s a group session because they give you enough attention. Highly recommended and can’t wait to go back!

Marco Chan

from Hong Kong, December 2018

"Very catering for beginners "

The instructors were all more than happy to help you improve Muay Thai skills or stamina in group sections. There were tons of them and they all kept an eye out for weaknesses and mistakes at all time, and would friendly approach you and help you perform better proactively, without in any sense appearing to be lazy, condescending, disappointed or impatient. All in good time you would find yourself getting the gist of things. Private lessons were exceptional for new students eager to see major improvement in a short period, and good value for money too.

Mai Thu

from Vietnam, August 2018

"Cannot wait to go back!"

The trainers here are absolutely adorable, so are other staff and fellow practitioners. It was definitely the warm and home-like atmosphere that was the biggest plus of this place. Other than that, everything else from food to facilities are of excellent standards too. I first came for yoga and was a total muay thai dummy, but after the experience at Sumalee I have found new love for this fascinating martial art and cannot wait for earliest opportunity to go back for further training. Thank you Sumalee for such a great time that I have with you.

Adam Holland

from United Kingdom, June 2018

I had a great time at Summalee. The atmosphere was welcoming and light hearted whilst still allowing for serious training. I took both the Muay Thai and yoga classes and really enjoyed both. I was also happily surprised by the gymnastics equipment that had been recently installed and the opportunity to do calisthenics training. The food is really nice, and there is a pretty good selection of vegan options, which was again a nice surprise!

James Ryan

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Muay Thai madness "

The experience of training with top level Muay Thai fighters is a once in a life time experience and would highly reccomend it and the camp was fantastic. Great healthy food and top level accommodation.

Bernadette Bohol

from United States, April 2018

"I would definitely go back"

This was my first muay thai camp experience but i have to say it was well worth it. For a number of reasons. 1. Compared to other well known camps in phuket i felt this was best for me, as a solo female traveler, because it wasnt overcrowded and the trainers were not all westeners. When i go to thailand i want to learn from thai people ya know. Not saying i knew thats what was at the other camps. And most of all i dont want to be another body in the class. They trained only muay thai and not other mma sports, which was my preference and a plus for me. 2. The location was away from any party scene which means youd have to catch a ride to the beach or to do anything, which is an advantage if you mean to be serious about your training. 3. There was a good vast variety of food that would take a couple weeks to taste everything on the menu honestly, and it was geared towards training. 4. The trainers knew their art and were so pleasant and fun to train with. 5. They had gear if you didnt, not just to buy.


from United States, April 2018

The place is good for yoga and relaxation.

The people I meet in the training camp.


from Netherlands, May 2019

"Je grens verleggen."

De trainers muay thai zijn allemaal super vriendelijk en passen zich aan aan je niveau. En dat tillen ze in een week gewoon een paar levels hoger. Omgeving is vrouwvriendelijk. Je komt jezelf op een leuke manier tegen en terug in eigenland trots op deze fijne ervaring. Fit en energiek. Secretariaat erg vriendelijk en bij vragen hekelen ze je goed verder. Top ervaring!!

Ofelia Gutierrez

from Australia, February 2019

"Shara Fue mi maestra de yoga improvisada muy buena."

La maestra fue solo para mi. Ya que es un retiro para Muay Thai, la mayoria de los alumnos estan ahi para Muay thai. En particular todos los maestros de Muay Thai son excelentes 100% recomendados. Todos tienes una tecnica diferente la cual recomiendo que tomen clases particulares con ellos, aun que las clases en grupo son casi personalizadas al igual, asi que 4 horas al dia de Muay Thai terminas destruido. Buenisimo sumalee Gym.

Henry Neumann

from Germany, January 2019

"Ideal zum Entschleunigen und fit werden, gerne wieder"

Das Yogatraining war gut, steht aber bei diesem retreat nicht im Fokus.

Es gibt eine Stunde täglich. Flow yoga, draußen und mit leichter Entspannungsmusik war für mich eine neue aber angenehme Erfahrung.

Hauptsächlich kann man hier sehr gut Muay Thai trainieren. Dei Trainer sind hervorragend und auch ohne Vorkenntnisse wird man exzellent eingewiesen und verliert schnell eventuelle Berührungsängste. Das macht sehr viele Spaß und die Stimmung mit den Trainern allein ist die Reise wert. Einen gemeinsamem Ausflug zu einem Boxkampf in Patong kann ich nur empfehlen. Vorab fragen wann das stattfindet.

Essen und Unterkunft sind gut und vollkommen ausreichend. Ein kleiner Pool zum Erfrischen. 15 min Fußweg zu Geschäften. Viele gute Street food Küchen in 5-10 min.

Remo Meier

from Switzerland, June 2018

"Better than expected"

Due to all the good reviews we expected overall a good time at Sumalee. Only hesitation was the location. But that turned out much better then expected. Nearby is pretty much everything you need and renting a scooter gave us the freedom to go anywhere on the island within less than an hour. Very nice beaches are a 15 Min. drive away. Best of all: the whole Bangtao Beach but especially the very north Dream Beach.