Sor Vorapin Muay Thai Gym and Hotel specializes in providing courses of Thai-boxing (Muay Thai) to foreigners using their own systematic approach.

Training Camps (3)

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7 Days Muay Thai Training in Bangkok, Thailand

Available in February, March & April
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2 Days Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok, Thailand

Available in February, March & April
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30 Days Muay Thai Training in Bangkok, Thailand

Available in February, March & April

Reviews (14)

Aleksandra Tersa

from Thailand, January 2019

"Cool traning in beautiful guest house and gym"

Good vibes!! Amazing acommodation.

Zafira Tan

from Singapore, January 2019

They are very friendly, and treated me like their own family. It was my first time travelling alone, and they made it a memorable one for me. Will definitely be there again! 😊

Nicholas Sideratos

from South Africa, January 2019

"Good time spent in Bangkok, learning Muay Thai"

Routine of the training each day helped to stay focused and push yourself each training session.

Staying at the gym helped with staying focused and a great way to “live and breath” Muay Thai.

Instructors were friendly and helpful, as the sessions went along and they got to know you individually, they assisted you with your technique and other areas that needs slight tweaks.

Great for beginners as they take the time to help you get the basics right before moving onto more complex combos, ensuring that you are moving at your own pace.

Great food!


from Hong Kong, November 2018

"I'll come back for more"

This is my first time to try Muay Thai and this kind of sports. I started with a very beginner, didn't know how to punch, kick, nor even twist my body. Having 2 training sessions a day, I was improving little by little while having fun. I was able to kick 50 times in a row on my last day. I didn't only learn from the instructors, but also people coming for training. Everyone was just amazing. I'll come back for more! :)


from New Zealand, August 2018

"Excellent experience of living and breathing Muay Thai "

The Muay Thai was for real 100% at its best

Matt Easton

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Hugely disappointing."

Nice set up with a ring, lots of equipment and good showers and bathrooms.

Briahn Ruri

from New Zealand, April 2018

Meal times and down time were the best times

Stefan Bathke

from Vietnam, July 2017

"First time kickboxing - I had a blast!"

I came as a bloody beginner and didn't have a clue about anything. The coaches helped me a lot to pick up the basics. After a few sessions I felt comfortable enough to even do different combos and stuff. It was very exhausting and tough, but all worth the effort!

Ran Rahav

from Israel, October 2018

"Very good and recommended "

The routine , the crew , the experience


from Malaysia, November 2017

"Recommended place for Muay Thai training"

Great workout during each session & learnt the Muay Thai techniques. Very friendly and helpful people. Clean & relaxing place to stay.


from India, June 2017

"Fantastic stay at Sor Vorapin gym "

Everything was just perfect: great training as expected, but also delicious Thai food (such a surprise- it was really excellent and so plentiful every day) and wonderful friendly atmosphere - i was really sad to leave

Testimonials (1)

a traveler

Sor Vorapin Muay Thai Gym and Hotel Facebook page

A wonderful trip, learn a lot and full of fun, the food provided is so yummy, I got fat after 1week training, ha!