Sor Vorapin Muay Thai Gym and Hotel specializes in providing courses of Thai-boxing (Muay Thai) to foreigners using their own systematic approach.

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30 Day Muay Thai Training in Bangkok

Available in January, February & March
    from US$1,033
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    Reviews (24)

    Sal Chua

    from Kuwait, March 2020

    "A place to stay and train without distractions"

    I liked it that they treated me warmly despite the fact that the COVID is prevalent as I look Chinese while others were always hesitant to make contact with me. They made me feel welcome. The fan room though basic was spacious with plenty of windows and firm mattress that made sleeping comfortable. The location of the property is a 5-10mins walk from the main road but it made it more peaceful for training away from distractions. There are convenience stores on the main road. The gym has some old looking equipments but works properly. It is surrounded by nature that gives you a better feel of the training. The coaches train you intensely in your own degree so that you'll get the value of what you paid for. Lastly food is always something to look forward to as the cook prepares the best nourishment after the every training that eating out will be the last thing you want to do. It was my first muay thai camp and I wasn't disappointed!

    Oliver Brummitt

    from Germany, March 2020

    "Excellent gym for people serious about learning Muay Thai"

    The food was great - delicious and very nutritious! Exactly what a fighter in training needs. The training was great - the instructors were friendly and patient and really taught me how to box properly. The atmosphere in the gym was relaxed and cheerful but you were pushed hard! Ideal for anyone from beginner to intermediate or perfect if you want to get fit!!!!

    Salih Gashi

    from Germany, February 2020

    "Excellent Time"

    Nice People, good Training and bicr stay....nothing more to say 🙂

    Tan Dat Hua

    from Netherlands, January 2020

    "First time to muay thai camp"

    The owners and trainers are so sweet and treat you like family! The training was very good and the cooked thai meals are delicious!


    from United Arab Emirates, January 2020

    "Real thai gym"

    Training and food

    Amnah Almuhtadi

    from United States, January 2020

    "Everything was fantastic, definitely coming back"

    Bans food was so so good!!! Training was awesome, over all experience was excellent


    from United Arab Emirates, December 2019

    This Gym is a great place. The coaches are amazing. They are very patient. They will push you to be a better person.

    Ben is the best person over there, she cooked any thing I could ask for.

    Merci Ben Kapunka Ben.


    Stephanie Tam

    from Hong Kong, August 2019

    "Authentic and Special experience for a Muay-Thai beginner "

    I’ve had an amazing week with the Gym. This is my first time learning Muay-Thai, and all trainers have been extremely patient and professional to teach me from the beginning. The sessions’ intensity and duration is also at the right level. Trainers occasionally have performances and demonstrations that are pretty exciting. 🥊

    The gym is very clean and the food is incredible! I’ve stayed in a room with Air Conditioning and it worked well. There could be quite a bit of mosquitos around but it was expected. I particularly love the authentic local Thai meals for this whole week, thanks to the wonderful chef 👩‍🍳

    For those who might like to explore a bit of the close-by areas, I find Grab quite a handy tool to get around in between the trainings. I’ve been to the Khao San Road/Chang Chui creative park, and I think there are also other malls close by. There are also three convenient stores within 10 minute walking distance for daily supplies.

    This week has been beyond my expectation and it’s time to leave after 13 satisfying sessions with the team. Thank you everyone for making me feel like home, I honestly had a lovely time! ❤️

    Another note - the trainings I had was from 8:00-9:30 and 3-4:30 which is consistent with the gym’s Facebook page, but not exactly the same schedule on this page

    Aleksandra Tersa

    from Thailand, January 2019

    "Cool traning in beautiful guest house and gym"

    Good vibes!! Amazing acommodation.

    Zafira Tan

    from Singapore, January 2019

    They are very friendly, and treated me like their own family. It was my first time travelling alone, and they made it a memorable one for me. Will definitely be there again! 😊

    Nicholas Sideratos

    from South Africa, January 2019

    "Good time spent in Bangkok, learning Muay Thai"

    Routine of the training each day helped to stay focused and push yourself each training session.

    Staying at the gym helped with staying focused and a great way to “live and breath” Muay Thai.

    Instructors were friendly and helpful, as the sessions went along and they got to know you individually, they assisted you with your technique and other areas that needs slight tweaks.

    Great for beginners as they take the time to help you get the basics right before moving onto more complex combos, ensuring that you are moving at your own pace.

    Great food!


    from Hong Kong, November 2018

    "I'll come back for more"

    This is my first time to try Muay Thai and this kind of sports. I started with a very beginner, didn't know how to punch, kick, nor even twist my body. Having 2 training sessions a day, I was improving little by little while having fun. I was able to kick 50 times in a row on my last day. I didn't only learn from the instructors, but also people coming for training. Everyone was just amazing. I'll come back for more! :)


    from New Zealand, August 2018

    "Excellent experience of living and breathing Muay Thai "

    The Muay Thai was for real 100% at its best

    Matt Easton

    from United Kingdom, April 2018

    "Hugely disappointing."

    Nice set up with a ring, lots of equipment and good showers and bathrooms.

    Briahn Ruri

    from New Zealand, April 2018

    Meal times and down time were the best times

    Nathan Grimard

    from Canada, January 2020

    "great experience"

    i only spent 2 days there but i enjoyed it. It was my first time trying muay thai and they played a big part on why i loved it. The gym is not in bangkok but like 20min away. There is no public transport near but taxis are always available. The gym is very simple and clean. The food there is amazing but if you get hungry there's 2 7-11 at 7 min of walk. The room they provide is nice. it got a refrigerator and wifi. Don't go there expecting the staffs to be fluent in english but it's part of the experience i think. I can't thank them enough.

    Angelica Alba

    from United Arab Emirates, July 2019

    "Oasis inside the city"

    If you want a holistic retreat, definitely book a day, week or even a month here in Sor Vorapin Gym—- it would be worth it. The location can be tricky, but they posted all the signs outside to guide you, plus with Grab and Googlemaps, everything is convenient. I loved the experience, especially the trainors, they all seemed genuinely happy, and the owner also. As for the training, you would definitely learn a lot from them— starting from the basic movements leading up to the actual drill. SUPER WORTH IT! And can I just add the food and hospitality, it felt like home here. ❤️ I would love to come back here someday. :)

    Hawoye Toure

    from Thailand, April 2019

    "Excellent experience. Excellent value for money."

    The training was very good. The instructors were friendly. The food was generous and adapted. The accommodation was clean, minimalist though and adapted. It was really a good value for money. I loved it. The staff left me with a great impression. A great get away from the rest of bangkok life and you get in shape. The inclusiveness of former champions overcoming health issues. It was inspiring and moving. The place is authentic and genuine.

    Thank you for welcoming me.

    Ran Rahav

    from Israel, October 2018

    "Very good and recommended "

    The routine , the crew , the experience