Our new location inside Shaolin Temple Yunnan is the best place to experience fully the life of monks and train under exceptionally skilled Kung Fu Masters.

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Instructors (6)

Shifu Shi Yanjun

Shifu Shi Yanpeng

Shifu Shi Hengwu

Shi Hengzhen

Shi Yanbo

Dierdre Ragin

Reviews (6)


from Great Britain, January 2019

"Not as expected"

The food in the temple was good for Chinese standards and is all vegetarian. The monks are all very friendly. The school was in a town centre which was convenient for buying snacks and stuff. Wu shifu is always smiling and willing to help you. Shifu always pushes you to do better. They sometimes organise parties if people are leaving, birthdays or holidays, free of charge. The training was very diverse and included a bit of everything. Facilities are somewhat clean and secure.


from Uzbekistan, February 2019

"Fantastic physical training, lacking on the internal"

I loved the opportunity to attend Buddhist ceremonies and to stay in the very special and ancient temple complex. The food was wonderful and I enjoyed mealtimes alongside the monks and nuns. Training was varied every day, I had the chance to try several styles and work on overall flexibility. I was happy with my private room.

Abdullah Alsaeed

from Saudi Arabia, September 2018

"It was amazing experience "

Everything was good especially the masters

Krisskross Kennedy

from Qatar, August 2018

"Life changing "

Life changing experience !

I loved the training and all the different martial art techniques.

The instructors are incredibly competent, kind and patient. Instructors push you to your potential. ( i can see my abs again, yay). I think iam the fittest ive been in years in just 3 weeks !

There is no limit on age just have the right attitude.

Instructors and students make it feel like a family and everyone's supporting each other. Students are unique each bringing positive energy to the temple.

Food is better than expected, healthy and tasty.

Accommodation is basic as expected but does the job and has everything you need eg kettle, washing machine, beds etc

Monks are very friendly and sweet.

Langauge is not a barrier as they have translators to help.

Overall brilliant experience and would recommend this place to anyone who is open and has a good attitude. I would have loved to have stayed longer.

Sarah Thi

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Hard work but amazing, authentic experience. Awesome shifu."

Wow the temples were beautiful, such a lovely place to train at. And you live on the temple grounds too. There was an option for a private room but I opted for the dorm and I honestly had no problems with it. The beds were bunk beds and you used the top bunk for your belongings. The rooms opened directly onto the temple grounds so there would be tourists walking around right outside the rooms but we just made sure we padlocked the doors if we weren't nearby. The temperature was perfect for training, not too hot (although you get quite sweaty!) and not too cold. The timetable is very structured so you fall into the routine very quickly. Even in my 2 weeks I got to experience a lot, I still barely scratched the surface though, so if you are serious about kung fu, stay for longer than 2 weeks! Some of the classes were very tough e.g. hard qigong! But the forms felt great to perform. We also trained in tai chi, self-defence and sanda (kickboxing). If you stayed for longer I expect you could also learn weapons. The two shifus were brilliantly skilled martial artists and kind-hearted! The other students were also very helpful. I truly felt immersed in the Shaolin kung fu experience.

Adrian Schiesser

from Switzerland, April 2018

"1 month experience at the temple in Kunming"

The masters are world class, the students come frome very different countries and backgrounds and are mostly extremely interesting and nice people. The school experienced some issues and had to move to another temple in the center of the city of Kunming which is honestly not ideal. The facilities especially the shower is not very good but the rest is quite good. The school makes everything to improve this situation and i really appreciate that. Overall only the good memories will be left in my mind and i had an amzing time and learned a lot.

Testimonials (2)

Joshua Fitzsimons Ireland

Songshan Shaolin Wushu Academy website

Before I arrived I was sceptical about joining any Kung Fu school. After contacting many schools, I decided to join Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy. Their webpage (link- FB) seems to be the most professional, genuine and up-to-date. To my pleasant surprise we were truly immersed in the Kung Fu village. This was my new home, a place of rich history, bang in the middle of Shaolin Temple. It was a truly breath-taking journey, with excellent food, superb support from Andi and co. and master class lessons under Shifu Yan Jun. If you wish to learn while having fun with distinct direction, I highly recommend this school. I developed quickly due to Shifu’s guidance and patience. I believe that any student who commits to Kung Fu upon arrival will flourish while surrounded by beautiful scenic views. I found training to be excellent, I really clicked with Shifu which made my training easier. He is very clear and direct, excellent technique and he is patient. His experience shows as he knows how to teach, even new or perhaps less coordinated students. Shifu Yan Jun classes are very good. I appreciate that he mixes the classes up so we try different things. He also goes around explaining why we do things in forms which makes us feel like we are learning practical movements. The Shaolin Temple is very nice to see, the mountains are beautiful and provide excellent opportunities for photographs and hikes.

Tanya Fgueras United States

Songshan Shaolin Wushu Academy website

I came to China for a change in my life. I was not sure what it was, but I needed a change of pace. The one thing I did know was that I did not come here for Kung Fu. The first school I went to was focused only on Kung Fu and nothing else. I found myself bored and unsatisfied. Once I came to SongShan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy, that all changed. The surroundings are simple yet beautiful. The mountains, green trees, Shaolin Temple and people training diligently all around you are an inspiration for daily life. There was a community, family like feel to the school that made this place home for me. After my first week of training I already learned more here than I had in my 2 months at my last school. The combination of meditation, tai chi, Qigong, and kung fu was just what I needed. The group was encouraging and so helpful that it made we want to press on and do more. The jewel of the place is definitely Sifu Shi Yan Jun. He is always smiling and cheering you on. He teaches you without judgment and works with your shortcomings- whether that be a lack of qi for the day, lack of experience, or an injury, he can adjust your lesson to suit your needs. Soon I found myself in love with Kung Fu. I wanted to learn as much as I could, and challenge myself harder than I ever had. The staff is always there to help and listen. If you have an issue it is addressed right away. Our group went through a lot together and I would not give the experience up for anything. I will definitely be coming back in the future!