Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai

Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp is a fully equipped, world-class professional training facility with accommodation located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Instructors 5

Monlit Sitphodaeng

Monlit is a trainer at Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp. He is passionate with Muay Thai and will guide his students to be the best.

Ta Sitsongpeenong

Ta has 10 years fight experience and a veteran of more than 150 fights with 80 wins and 70 loses 16 years experience as a Muay Thai trainer. He is also the Trainer of champions such as Bovy Sor. Udomsor Rajadamnern Champion 122 lbs., WMC World Champion 126 lbs.,Toby Kaewsamrit Kupee Sukthida Rajadamnern Champion 135 lbs.. and Pongsingh Katchansing Rajadamnern Champion 112 & 115 lbs., WMC World Champion 118 lbs.

Sankom Fairtex

Sankom has 20 years experience as a Muay Thai trainer. He is trainer of champions: Sangmorakot Ynightspeed Isuzu Champion 135 lbs and Chayyai Sitthepitak Lumpinee Champion 118 lbs.

Jakkit Kitsamak

Jakkit is a veteran of more than 250 fights with 180 wins, 65 loses, and 50 draws 17 years experience as a Muay Thai trainer. He is the trainer of champions Yodsaenklai Fairtex Keaw Fairtex (WMC Champion, Thailand Lumppinee Champion) and Naruapon Fairtex (Thailand Lumpinee Champion)

Tuantong Payakpailin

Tuantong has anxperience of 9 years fight. He is also a veteran of more than 90 fights and a four-year experience as a Muay Thai trainer. He is the trainer of Muay Thai Champions Ongbak Watcharapong 102 lbs. Channel 7.

Testimonials 3

Joel Estevez United States

Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Facebook page

The training is amazing. What better way to learn Muay Thai than training with some of the best fighters in the world and learning from their coaches. The food is incredible and is included in the price when you book your stay. Also the facility is clean as a whistle and you can literally eat off the floor. There's also a game room with a pool table which is an awesome idea. There's a supermarket down the street and each room has its own mini fridge which you can stock with whatever you'd like. I'll never go to another gym.

Kouzoupis Antreas Cyprus

Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Facebook page

Best camp in thailand! Perfect environment. Amazing Gym and trainers. Next level training!

Rob Harrington

Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Facebook page

Fantastic gym made even better by the really helpful coaches and staff. There was lots we wanted to do and see while we were there and the coaches gave up their time to drive us around and look after us.

Training was set at your standard with lots of great tips from the experienced coaches to improve your skills. I even got to spar with Sittichai!

The accommodation was good as was the food. The shop was excellent and we all came away with lots of t-shirts and shorts.

Can't recommend the place enough!

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