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Shin-Yu Body & Mind offers activities focusing on the three states of development including Aikido, mindful healing, embodied learning, and yoga retreat.

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Marie-Jose Hakens

Shin-Yu Body & Mind website

A huge opportunity to ‘know’ yourself differently, to reevaluate and honor yourself and others in new ways. The insights and experiences create a chance to live more freely and aware, with yourself and in your social encounters.

Maurice Zondag Netherlands

Shin-Yu Body & Mind website

Taking part in the Samurai Game was a very insightful experience. It’s hard to explain what it is exactly, besides the fact it is a game we all take part in and is based on Samurai values. During the day of the game I realized a lot of life enriching lessons that keep me busy still today, over 2 months after the game. It has made me realize certain things about me, my life and my place in society that I probably knew, but never acknowledged. It showed me the value of these insights and made me implement them in my daily life. I’m thankful to Lawerence and Lance and all participants that day for helping me find these insights.

Irina Bedicova Netherlands

Shin-Yu Body & Mind website

I like the concept of The Samurai Game. The game itself is fun with its challenges and deaths. Best moments for me were when I had to “dance with my heart” however you want to interpret this, and then experiencing the “death”. I loved it. In some challenges you can show your physical readiness and determination, in some other your creativity. And the most interesting thing is that everyone will interpret your actions in their own way. It’s nice to participate in the game with some people you know and some that you don’t. You can learn a lot about each other.

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