Shengjing Shan Traditional Kungfu Academy

Our dream is to reinvent the meaning of cultural exchange, through the daily practice of martial arts and immersing you in Chinese culture.

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Master Qu

Master Qu began practicing Traditional Chinese Kung Fu in his childhood and it has remained his passion ever since. As headmaster of Shenjing Shan, his mission is to introduce Chinese martial arts to a wider foreign audience, to ensure its survival during these days of major industrial growth and the changing of traditions throughout China.

Master Hao

Like many modern day masters, Master Hao perfectly blends the traditional elements of Chinese Kung Fu with contemporary sports science and nutrition. His goal as shifu at Shengjing Shan is to help reshape and reintroduce Kung Fu to the Western world, so that in the years to come it will have the same standing as Athletics, Gymnastics and Kickboxing, in both China and abroad.

Reviews (6)

Ninja Friend

from United States, December 2017

"Comparative Review: I found a gem!"

This is a boutique training academy with limited attendance so hurry to register, it may just be your lucky day. The academy is at the feet of the Kunyu chain mountain and within a walking distance from a Taoist temple. The food is amazing with a diverse menu and vegetarian options. A local farmers market takes place every 4 days if you want to load on fresh Chinese candies, fruits, and other treats. The students currently attending are multicultural of diverse age group with the common point of being very respectful with some long-term residents that have been here for more than a year! This is not a baby boot camp (I did attend another academy and had to flee because of what I experienced there). This is the perfect place if you plan to deepen /explore your practice. The Biggest plus: The low capacity of the school allows you undivided attention from your shifu (Master) up close and the shifu speaks simple clear english with is a must for you boosting your learning curve.

Nathan Williams

from Great Britain, November 2017

" An experience to enrich the body and soul."

The Academy is a great place to live and to learn; the masters are very supportive and the students are like family to me - it feels like a community of like minded people all pulling in the same direction. The location: the Shengjing Shan mountain is breathtakingly beautiful - the many temples and trails and walkways are very serene and tranquil. The surrounding towns can be difficult to navigate around so best to learn from fellow students but you’ll soon find your way around.

Learning a moderate amount of Chinese would be preferably before coming to China because hardly anyone speaks English. There aren’t any Chinese classes at the Academy but it shouldn’t stop you from learning - you’re in China! With language books and language apps you will be able to learn, it just takes time and discipline (luckily you’ll find both here at the academy). Don’t expect to learn in a classroom environment.

Tips: bring cash with you and make sure you can draw money out of your debit/credit card as it can be tricky in China. If you have a problem, it will be difficult to go to a bank and find someone who speaks English. Download a VPN for your phone/laptop so you can access western sites and social media apps, if not, you may find speaking with family and friends back home to be quite difficult. It’s also good to have a hobby outside of training, some learn Chinese, some are working on their own books, some cook, some learn instruments, some just chill and watch movies, some do all of t

Marco Lueck

from Australia, September 2017

"Awesome Experience"

I particularly liked the entire set up. The Shifus are simply amazing, the food is good, the location top, the training great and there is enough flexibility to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your stay.

Skye Childs

from Australia, August 2017

"I left a month early "

The friends I made there were great, as was the freedom the school allowed us.

The location was perfect

Testimonials (3)

Jamie United Kingdom

Shengjing Shan Traditional Kungfu website

This winter I spent six weeks training Xing Yi Quan and Qigong with Master Qu. This was a fantastic experience as I was able to learn the five elements fist of Xing Yi Quan and their applications. When teaching Master Qu takes his time to explain the fine details of each move and to explain their applications. Furthermore, the school is a very supportive environment as all the students encourage each other with their training. When I started training I was out of shape and my classmates encouraged me with my running and I found I was able to run a bit further each day and after a while I could do the morning and afternoon runs without stopping for a break. One of the best things about the training was that it helped to improve my stamina and I lost a noticeable amount of weight. Another highlight of the school was the healthy food we had each day.

Nayann France

Shengjing Shan Traditional Kungfu website

I spend 3 months at the Academy and all what I can say its that this experience have changed a lot of things in my life. The life here was for me a opportunity to improved all what I needed to improved : Martial arts in first indeed, then my patience , my tolerance , my respect about each others , my listening about me and persons around me.It gave me more than what I expected before came.

Master Qu is really a master of confidence , you can believe in him. He is dedicated to his students, he take the time to follow the personal evolution of everybody. In every lesson he give personal tips to everybody. He listen and undertands the needs of each. He is not here for break student! He is here for help us to grow in the way of martials arts! ( and he do it pretty well!) It was for me really pleasant to find a master like that . Xiexie shifu!

The best thing to do before came here Is to dont worry about “what can happen”. Just come and live a great experience.If you want to improve and to understand more and

more , you must to walk by your own. Keep in mind that you are here for yourself , you are not here for prove anything to anyone , you are here for you! Every blow must to be live like the last movement of your life, every breath and movement must to represent your soul ... not your ego! You will be welcomed with a lot of attention and you will quick find your place here, in our family of ShengjingShan Academy !!! :D

Marc Denmark

Shengjing Shan Traditional Kungfu website

I spent 4 Weeks at the Shenjing Shan kongfu academy in November 2016 and had a great time there.I had never done martial arts before so everything was new to me. Master Qu is a fantastic teacher, serious and disciplinary when needed but also helpful, supportive and patient when needed. The students were at different levels regarding kongfu skills but that did not interfere with the training because Master Qu is good at setting individual goals and help each person at the level they are at.

Furthermore I had I minor injury from before I started at the academy but it did not prevent from participating in any of the classes because Master Qu was good at taking my injury in to account and make individualized training exercises when needed.

There where 9 other students during my stay and there was a great atmosphere. I was very well welcomed and everybody where attentive and did not hesitate to help me with whatever came up during my stay.

We had some good times, went on trips to the surrounding cities in the weekend, occasionally went to one of the incredibly cheap and great local restaurants in the area and wandered in the mountains right besides the academy.

The living conditions were very nice with 1 or 2 people living in a spacey and well kept room, healthy food, and all the basic accommodations one will need during the stay.

The surrounding area is stunning with the nature and mountains right besides the academy, a small rural town and just beautiful scenery.

During my 4 weeks I learned a lot, had a good time with the other students, got a chance to see a beautiful area of China and improved physically and mentally.

All in all a experience I will highly recommend.

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