Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy is dedicated to teaching the original internal and external Shaolin cultures.

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6 months Kung Fu & Chinese Culture in Beijing

Available from February till August
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    Testimonials (5)

    Laurent Paiser France

    Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy website

    About a month ago I decided to leave France to come to China to study kung fu for 3 months. Those past weeks and since I arrived at the school were truly a deep and beautiful experience. I was greeted well and felt like I was part of the family since day 1. I always felt very at ease and my mind became gradually even more peaceful and calm while my body improved. I got more flexibility, more explosive power and a way better coordination even tough I practiced kung fu for about 4 years already.All of the other students were very friendly, interesting and open minded people, the only recommendation I could give is to bring a good book or something to share about your culture, it will make the experience even more interesting!And if you’re serious about learning kung fu to reach a high level, then plan to study there many years. Definitely one of the best life experience I ever had. Thanks a lot!

    Robert Lendon United Kingdom

    Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy website

    I can’t think of any constructive criticism really, it has been a wonderful experience. I found the meditation and philosophy incredibly challenging at first which required a lot of efforts but inevitable in gaining understanding in these areas. As I explained earlier I thought the relationship between all the areas of study and kung fu was very good and formed a valuable insight into internal focus. It was very special to feel like part of the family.Thank you for everything I learned and for the experience.

    Sebastian Prischmann Germany

    Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy website

    I joined the Kungfu Garden retreat for one weekend and felt warmly taken care from the first to the last minute. I was not sure what to expect but was very positive surprised. I was picked up at Nanshao subway station what worked very well. The Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat is located in a village in the outskirts of Beijing. The premises are lovely decorated in traditional Chinese style. Though it is not a temple the whole place calms one down and gives you a relaxing and peaceful feeling. I was welcomed by Naomi and given a comprehensive introduction into the daily schedule and how everything is going on. Naomi is kind of the manager, speaking pretty well English and translating most of the time. We were 3 people in total joining the retreat for this weekend hence I had one room for my own. The daily schedule is fully packed but don't be concerned there is enough time for relaxing and reflecting. The Kungfu exercise are very well prepared and the level is slightly increasing during the stay. Watching the Masters showing the exercise itself was like a feast for the eyes. The Qigong oriented exercises in the morning and evening are relaxing and good to improve concentration. Also the meditation exercises were a great experience.The food is vegetarian, what I appreciated very much, though incredible delicious and varied. Overall I enjoyed the 3 days very much and will definitely come back again for a longer retreat. I strongly recommend this retreat.

    Manuel Olivera Mexico

    Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy website

    It was a great experience, the content was carefully planned and delivered in a good way. The balance between rest and activities is the optimum. food is amazing as well as the location and its surroundings. Although the time on this retreat is short to teach too much kung fu, as a kung fu practitioner I wished the kung fu practice was a little more about sparring and other group or couple exercise. I really think this is a worth living experience and I am grateful to all masters and people at kung fu zen.Thank you.

    Zeimes Paul Luxembourg

    Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy website

    Dear Naomi and Masters, I am very thankful that I was a part of your retreat ! It was really exactly that what I needed. I was not that interested in real fighting skills, but I was open to also learn a bit about kicks and selfdefense. And yes! I enjoyed even this part! I never thought I would be able to kick as high as my head or even further, so thank you! This was a big improvement in that short period of time. The morning breathing routine, was exactly what I was looking for, a good feeling, perfect.The meditations, Chinese classics classes and the calligraphy classes, couldn’t be any better ! I enjoyed every moment.The master exactly knew when to say what to give the right hints so that we could learn and recognize for ourself. I knew that I allready had done much progress in looking at the world when I was here at home, and the master knew how to keep pushing this progress and simultaneously looked that I keep on the bottom. That I don’t get lost in the insights. For that I am really thankful ! I grew a lot because of you all, the participants and the environment. Really, thank you ! It felt like a big family, it was a pleasure to live, eat and make fun with you under one roof. One more time thank you :) Now back here in Luxembourg, I am going on on the way, being satisfied where I allready am – excited what will come next, open minded for everything that comes and even don’t expect anything. It is good, it will be good and also the past, was good. If nothing will change, we will see us next year With lots of love, Zeimes Paul aka Pol Son