Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy

Deng Feng, China

Shaolin Wugulun Kungfu Academy was founded in 1996 by Master Wu Nanfang to teach and promote original Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu and Chan Wu Yi culture & medicine.

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  • Micha Busch Netherlands

    Shaolin Wugulun website

    I came to China several times before to look for Shaolin kung fu. However, like many people with this same intention, I ended up at a Wushu school and was disappointed with the training which they told me was Shaolin martial arts. So when I found the Chan Wu Yi Academy I was very happy to learn that the thing I was initially looking for had not completely died out yet.After I let go of this idea and accepted that it will take an open heart and a long period of time to develop this Kungfu, things became easier. Right now I have been here for one year and I feel I have learned a lot of new things about myself and about life. Even though the way of living here is very simple and can be monotonous sometimes, I have never felt more happy and at peace.

  • Adrian Feer Switzerland

    Shaolin Wugulun website

    Since I hold old traditions and cultures with profound teachings in high esteem, the Wugulun Academy appeals to me. It is here that I have the possibility to study authentic Kung Fu according to old traditions. I especially like practicing in small groups and appreciate the personal contact with Master Wu Nanfang as well as living amicably together with other students at the school.Experiencing the inner change brought about by the meditative trainings, the plain lifestyle, and healthy eating is extremely valuable to me.You become very calm, serene and free inwardly. The training involves the extensive practice of a good base or foundation on which to build over time. I am fascinated by the way we learn to move.I can discover the same principles as in other traditional styles which I have been practicing for years and am aware of a very intense and conscious feeling during my trainings.The workout process is constructive and slow. Most probably this does not correspond to the expectations or visions of our fast-paced, modern society.However, I believe that this method of training is essential for a better understanding of the real martial arts. I appreciate the efforts and the idealism of Masters Wu Nanfang and Shi Dejian to keep this tradition and culture alive contrary to other practices current at this time and I am grateful for the opportunity to study at this place.

  • Alastair Accinelli Spain

    Shaolin Wugulun website

    From my personal experience, I can say that practicing this kind of Kung Fu may change your life in many ways. Generally, my life has taken a more natural course; I am learning to open my heart, to accept things without forcing myself and to live a more natural and simple life.Even if you come here for a short time, if you have enough determination and a good amount of patience you will learn something that is very basic and simple, yet is something that you can take back into your own daily life and improve it in many aspects. Of course, only you can find out what these aspects or benefits are by your own self-practice and effort. You must put your heart into your training.

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