Located inside Shaolin Temple Yunnan, this is the best place to experience fully the life of monks and train under exceptionally skilled Shaolin warriors.

Training Camps (23)

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Videos (2)

Instructors (7)

Shifu Shi Yanjun

Shifu Shi Yanpeng

Shifu Shi Hengwu

Shi Hengzhen

Shi Yanbo

Shi Yanning

Lukasz Duszak (Shi Hengyi)

Reviews (16)


from Great Britain, January 2019

"Not as expected"

The food in the temple was good for Chinese standards and is all vegetarian. The monks are all very friendly. The school was in a town centre which was convenient for buying snacks and stuff. Wu shifu is always smiling and willing to help you. Shifu always pushes you to do better. They sometimes organise parties if people are leaving, birthdays or holidays, free of charge. The training was very diverse and included a bit of everything. Facilities are somewhat clean and secure.

Samuel Bancroft

from Great Britain, February 2020


The shifus are all very skilled and attentive to every student’s needs. The program is very diverse - we learn a variety of different styles, including Shaolin, Qigong, Taichi and Meihua. The culture/medicine classes are informative and discussion is encouraged. The training itself is hard, but also very rewarding. I found my body on fire in the first week, but as time went on the training was improved me in ways I could never have imagined. My strength, stamina, flexibility and balance all improved under the shifus’ watchful guidance.

I was present during the coronavirus outbreak and I was very impressed by how Yan Jun Shifu made sure to put our safety first. The temple was quickly put into quarantine (despite us being nowhere close to the epicenter of the virus, Wuhan) and we followed strict procedures to keep us all safe from infection. The training was also changed, we focused a lot on softer styles, qigong and taichi specifically to focus more on building chi and improving our immune systems, rather than putting more strain on our immune systems and increasing our susceptibility to disease.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed by this place and the overall experience.

Raymond Monroe

from United States of America, January 2020

"Transformation power of Shaolin!"

My experience was better then expected because what I learned has power to transform a person wellness and being. Everything from harmonizing culture into a kung fu environment to the support given when things go wrong. I found the Yunnan Shaolin temple warrior monk training center sincere and dedicated to helping achieve kung fu dreams. They teach best things to eat but also the best way to eat these things. What you learn from step to step is advanced through what you learn moving forward. The program and staffing were amazing the ancient town of Kunming and its people were great. I would like to attend again. If you asked me what didn’t I like I would have to answer leaving which was the hardest part. Thank You Yunnan Shaolin warrior monk training center for such a special time.

Dave Hamill

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Amazing First Kung fu training ever"

All staff and instructors very very helpful and understanding of everyone’s different needs ... as I am very unfit but managed to loose 11kg in 2 weeks, money cannot buy what is offered there, would highly recommend to anyone not only because of the Kung fu but everything else within the package offered which goes well above and more , will be going back next year so a big big thank you to Shifu and Andi you are both Amazing

Samantha Mcgregor

from China, August 2019

"This was by far one of the most incredible experiences"

The people and environment are incredibly positive and conducive to an experience that will change your life

Andres Curri

from Argentina, June 2019

"3 Months in the temple"

My experience surpassed any expectations I had.

Im a 38 old man, having had a quite sedentary life, decided to change that realizing the old Shaolin dream. I knew that without previous training I was going to suffer to adapt to the intensive training...Fact is I didn't suffer, I could adjust on my own phase without hurting myself trying to be where I was not. Of course the first week there was some soreness involved, but the most fantastic part was that every morning I felt like new. Maybe because of the good sleep, maybe the balanced food and even do the high energy of the temple, all helped me push forward and awaken my chi.

The learning was not limited to forms, which I learnt...and many, but also Shifu's emphasis was on the philosophy and state of being that one had to cultivate to practice in the right way, something ones learn can be carried for life!

The challenge was intense, but I managed to finish it having my heart full of thankfulness to myself for having taking part, to the 3 shifu's that teach with fun and patience, they are really freaking amazing, no joke! to Andy who helped along the way to reach and in the daily life.... Made life friends from all over, becamed fit and reduced like 8 kilos... 3 months is very little in a the Kung Fu lifestyle, but surely I had a taste of it and will continue at home.

Highly recommended, will come back for sure, and no matter the age, everyone is welcome! And the temple, beyond words... Magical!

Leo Cerda

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Excellent experience and training!"

All the different types of training including power stretching, sparring, self defence all really fun.

Sc Chua

from Singapore, March 2019

"Yunnan Shaolin Temple Experience"

As a foreign student, I am amazed at the discipline relating to time for early rise each morning, meals and training during the day as well as in the evening. There is also strong emphasis on personal hygiene. It is very important for any student joining the program to have clear personal objectives and these must be realistic goals as kungfu is really not something that can be learned within short period of time but through discipline, commitment, hardwork and practices over extended period of time. The faster the student gets to understand this, the better will be for them to be happy with their achievements. It should be easy to appreciate this if one consider how long and what each of the shifu has gone through to be in their current situation. Shifu Shi Yanjun is very accomplished and experienced and each student should work with him closely to realise their individual goals and he does take into account the physical and mental conditions, age and agility to learn.

Yunnan Shaolin Temple has a long history of more than 800 years and hence the buildings and other amenities are rather old. Students attending programs must adapt to such environmental conditions soonest possible in order for them to be focusing on what's important.

In terms of the training, the strenous stretching exercises are essential to build up power and flexibilty for students. Hence the saying "no pain no gain" and all these making the unique "Yunnan Shaolin Temple Experience"

Maria-theresia Zwyssig

from Vietnam, March 2019

"One month in the Shaolin Temple Yunnan - A Lifeschool!"

The place is very peaceful. I had one of my best time in life here because i was mentally and physically toned every day. There are many rounds to go in life - i learned to finish every round in a proper way! When i arrived, from the first minute i was part of the Kung-Fu Family and the Team. I was accepted as i am, with all my rough edges. There are so many words to say. Go there, try it, give your best! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!


from Uzbekistan, February 2019

"Fantastic physical training, lacking on the internal"

I loved the opportunity to attend Buddhist ceremonies and to stay in the very special and ancient temple complex. The food was wonderful and I enjoyed mealtimes alongside the monks and nuns. Training was varied every day, I had the chance to try several styles and work on overall flexibility. I was happy with my private room.

Abdullah Alsaeed

from Saudi Arabia, September 2018

"It was amazing experience "

Everything was good especially the masters

Krisskross Kennedy

from Qatar, August 2018

"Life changing "

Life changing experience !

I loved the training and all the different martial art techniques.

The instructors are incredibly competent, kind and patient. Instructors push you to your potential. ( i can see my abs again, yay). I think iam the fittest ive been in years in just 3 weeks !

There is no limit on age just have the right attitude.

Instructors and students make it feel like a family and everyone's supporting each other. Students are unique each bringing positive energy to the temple.

Food is better than expected, healthy and tasty.

Accommodation is basic as expected but does the job and has everything you need eg kettle, washing machine, beds etc

Monks are very friendly and sweet.

Langauge is not a barrier as they have translators to help.

Overall brilliant experience and would recommend this place to anyone who is open and has a good attitude. I would have loved to have stayed longer.

Sarah Thi

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Hard work but amazing, authentic experience. Awesome shifu."

Wow the temples were beautiful, such a lovely place to train at. And you live on the temple grounds too. There was an option for a private room but I opted for the dorm and I honestly had no problems with it. The beds were bunk beds and you used the top bunk for your belongings. The rooms opened directly onto the temple grounds so there would be tourists walking around right outside the rooms but we just made sure we padlocked the doors if we weren't nearby. The temperature was perfect for training, not too hot (although you get quite sweaty!) and not too cold. The timetable is very structured so you fall into the routine very quickly. Even in my 2 weeks I got to experience a lot, I still barely scratched the surface though, so if you are serious about kung fu, stay for longer than 2 weeks! Some of the classes were very tough e.g. hard qigong! But the forms felt great to perform. We also trained in tai chi, self-defence and sanda (kickboxing). If you stayed for longer I expect you could also learn weapons. The two shifus were brilliantly skilled martial artists and kind-hearted! The other students were also very helpful. I truly felt immersed in the Shaolin kung fu experience.

Adrian Schiesser

from Switzerland, April 2018

"1 month experience at the temple in Kunming"

The masters are world class, the students come frome very different countries and backgrounds and are mostly extremely interesting and nice people. The school experienced some issues and had to move to another temple in the center of the city of Kunming which is honestly not ideal. The facilities especially the shower is not very good but the rest is quite good. The school makes everything to improve this situation and i really appreciate that. Overall only the good memories will be left in my mind and i had an amzing time and learned a lot.