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China Wushu Training

Train to become a qualified Wushu instructor and learn new skills! Join this course that the academy has developed specifically to train and prepare traditional martial arts coaches and instructors. The course will be taught personally, and you will get to train with trainers who care about your progress and improvement. At the completion of this course, students will have mastered all Shaolin traditional Kungfu and will become qualified Shaolin Kung Fu inheritors.


  • Study Wushu, Taiji quan, Mandarin, and Calligraphy
  • Shaolin Wushu training with the masters Saturday to Thursday
  • Specifically developed course for aspiring Shaolin Wushu instructors
  • Get a graduation certificate of Shaolin Wushu after completing your training
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 364 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Intermediate


288 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Chinese (mandarin), English
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Our accommodation is a unique hotel-style Chinese Kung Fu school, equipped with wardrobe, writing desk, air conditioner, and high-speed internet; Classic surroundings combined with modern design. Independent bathroom, classic design, clean, and tidy bedroom.

All of our student rooms are hotel style. Every room is equipped with high-speed internet access, air-conditioner, independent bathrooms, 24 hours hot water, single beds, wardrobes, and other supporting facilities. Students can choose a single room or double room, according to their own needs.

We have large outdoor training grounds and two indoor training rooms. No matter how bad the weather is, you will always feel very comfortable when training.

Shaolin Temple Tagou Kung Fu Academy Program

Year-long Traditional Shaolin Wushu Coach / Instructor training course

Tagou has a great dream in which they hope Shaolin Kung Fu can be spread throughout the world. To this end, they have decided to pass on their knowledge to deserving Shaolin Wushu inheritors with good character. At the same time, they hope to offer a founding platform for those who dream of the study of true martial arts.

In answer to the requirements and proposals of many foreigners who are interested in studying martial arts, they have developed a course specifically to train and prepare traditional martial arts coaches and instructors. The course will be one year and taught by personally. At the completion of the course it is expected that students will have mastered all Shaolin traditional Kung Fu and will become qualified Shaolin Kungfu inheritors.

First month curriculum

  • Mabu (Horse stance)
  • Zhan ZhuangStanding
  • Ji Ben Shou XingHand type
  • Ya Tui Press leg
  • Ti Tui (Split kick)
  • Wu Bu Quan (Five steps boxing)

Second month curriculum

  • Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong (Standing Qi Gong)
  • Huxi Qi Gong (Breathe Qi Gong)

Third month curriculum

  • Ditang quan (Ditang quan)
  • Hu quan (Tiger quan)
  • Hou quan (Monkey quan)
  • Xiang Xing quan (Pictographic quan)

Fourth month curriculum

  • Tan Tui (Tan leg)
  • Taizu Chang quan (Taizu Long quan)
  • Tongbei quan (Tongbei quan)
  • Jingang quan (Kong quan)

Fifth month curriculum

  • Pao quan (Pao quan)
  • Xinyi quan (Xinyi quan)
  • Luohan quan (Arhat quan)

Sixth month curriculum

  • Xiaohong quan (Small Hong quan)
  • Liuhe quan (Liuhe quan)
  • Yingzhao quan (Eagle Claw quan)

Seventh month curriculum

  • Po Dao (Po knife)
  • Meihua Dao (Plum blossom knife)
  • Chun Qiu Da Dao (Spring autumn knife)

Eighth month curriculum

  • Damo jian (Damour sword)
  • Shaolin Guiding jian (Shaolin stipulate sword)
  • Shaolin 13 qiang (Shaolin 13 spear) 13

Ninth month curriculum

  • Qimei gun (Qimei stick)
  • Yue Ya chan (Crescent shovel)
  • Shuang bian (Double whip)

Tenth month curriculum

  • Yi Jin Jing (Yi Jin Jing)
  • Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Quan)

Eleventh month curriculum

  • Ying Qi Gong (Hard Qi Gong)

Twelfth Month curriculum

  • San Da (Free combat)
  • Quan Ji (Boxing)

Shaolin Temple Tagou Kung Fu Academy Schedule

  • 06:00 - 07:00 Morning exercise
  • 07:30 - 08:00 Breakfast
  • 08:30 - 10:30 Morning training
  • 11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
  • 15:30 - 17:30 Afternoon training
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 - 22:00 Night exercise
  • 06:30 - 07:30 Morning exercise
  • 08:00 - 08:30 Breakfast
  • 09:00 - 11:00 Morning training
  • 11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Afternoon training
  • 17:30 - 18:00 Dinner
  • 19:30 - 21:30 Night exercise

Kung Fu training styles

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is the historical formation of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan's specific Buddhist culture environment. The kinnara King belief, that the core, to the Shaolin Temple monks practice martial arts forms, and fully embodies the wisdom of the traditional Zen Buddhist culture system.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a huge system, it is not a general sense of "door-to-door" or "boxing". Chinese martial arts has a complex structure, there are many schools, but according to historical records, Shaolin Kung Fu has the longest history, most complete system, and has the highest technical level of martial arts genre.

According to the Shaolin Temple handed down from the past records, learning Shaolin Kung Fu has Big Hong Quan, Small Hong Quan, Ditang Quan, Kong Quan, Arhat Quan, Taizu Long Quan, Tongbi Quan, Drunken Quan, pictographic boxing (Tiger Quan, Monkey Quan, etc.), equipment to the knife, sword, stick, spear, shovel, whip, another seventy-two stunts, Sanda, boxing, Qi Gong, and other unique skills. These contents, according to the different categories and the degree of difficulty, organically combined into a large and orderly system.

Shaolin Kung Fu is the concrete manifestation of the human action of offensive and defensive combat as the core, take the repertoire is the basic unit of Wushu system. It is composed of a set of actions are combined, the combination of design and routine every movement, are built on a foundation of Chinese ancient human medical knowledge, according to the law of human motion.

Moves and routines, pay attention to combination of static and dynamic balance of Yin and Yang, Cliffside flower, both God shaped, of which the most famous is "Liuhe" principle: the hands and feet, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, the heart and the parataxis, meaning and gas, gas and power together.

In ancient China, the thought of "harmony" thought: the natural law, is the most reasonable. Shaolin Kung Fu is based on philosophy, constantly editing, innovation and development, formed the most with the body's natural movement of the structure, make human body potential has been highly play. After 1500 the development, Shaolin Kung Fu has become the human motion form optimization.

Shaolin Kung Fu show the profound cultural connotation is the wisdom of Zen. Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner first performance for the Buddhist faith, faith and power of faith includes wisdom. The desire for the super powers, the extraordinary wisdom, is always the pursuit of the goal of Buddhist.

This is the fundamental reason why Shaolin Kung Fu is an amazing martial arts, and is also why Shaolin Kung Fu differs from other martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu is the soul of Chan Buddhism wisdom religion. "Zen Wu one" is the mainstream thought of Shaolin Kung Fu, which can be seen in the practice of Shaolin Kung Fus goals and ideals.

Hand type Shaolin Kung Fu with a fist, palm, hook, etc., is the foundation of training exercises of Shaolin Kung Fu, say "palm is a door, boxing meteor hammer, olecranon hook like."

Boxing: four fingers close together volumes grip, the thumb on the index finger and middle finger second finger.

Zhang: four fingers close together straight, bent thumb fastened to the user.

Hook: five fingers first knuckle squeeze together, carpus.

Punch: two internal rotation moves out, fist down, eyes front.

By turning the palm before after both sides straight arm circle to head, finger relative, upright, with fingertip.

Hook two palms to both sides to the lateral raise position whereabouts variable hook, hook tip down, eyes front.

The horse stance is the foundation Kung Fu of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kung Fu is also important to practice Shaolin Kung Fu, want to learn to play first "Zama Bu" argument. The horse stance has two purposes, one is to train leg force and, two is the training.

Open the feet to 15 degrees, do the same with the shoulder width, and then slightly squat.

Double toe began to turn to the front. This is to obtain a twisting force.

Focus, deep gradually squat. This is for the downward force.

The feet up, achieve their feet until three wide. This is to be a force, the force is abduction. To overcome this, leg thigh muscles start to work, generates a reaction force to obtain the balance of the body. Feel the force, horizontal kick, kick, hook kick will have.

Embrace swing hands, palms down.

People in general do not have the foundation, to practice the fifth step, a bit difficult. If the horse red boxing can have a five hundred or six hundred or 1000 level, it is not too difficult, pile, can stand for three five minutes, then do the fifth step can easily point.

Remember: to step by step. Would rather slowly, also want to maintain interest. To master the core, you can change the: such as, do several times a day, one only one hundred punches. In this way, a long time, can long time. But the focus, of course is the fifth step. At that time, mainly in the hands of Kung Fu.

Zhan Zhuang (Standing) is the body such as the wooden stand still, is an important part in the system of Shaolin Kung Fu. Is a kind of basic training of Shaolin Kung Fu. Zhan Zhuang is not only to practice basic skills, but also an effective means of fitness

Feet shoulder width, Mo, aligning pranayama to regulate the body, relax the body, smooth breathing, and peace of mind.

Slightly bent like a squat like sit, hand pull hold the ball, the hands shoulder width, open, fingers, palm inward, slightly inward rotation of wrist

His external support, feet like a root. Shoulder cubits long, Hanxiong pull back. Hanging Baihui, straining the perineum.

Relax your shoulders hunched up, don't lower your shoulder elbow about three fingers wide, but also with the shoulder height to pull.

Looking ahead, to a generation of all. The distracting thoughts, let it go.

To pay no heed, listen but not hear; refuse nobody, to leave.

Zhan Zhuang comfortable, not stiff, but action essentials to reel right and left, not. Keep the head, neck straight, symmetrical.

Start with feet shoulder width, two knees slightly bent, arms, hold in the chest or abdomen before, hands ten refers to the relative distance of about ten cm. Then adjust the body: the head is lower slightly adduction, two amp flat, the shoulders with high, two hip height. Then adjust the spirit: look forward strategy of a low point, two ears after a positive strategy. Baihui wind up collar.

Then relax the body: from the top of the head began to check, one by one to relax the body, until the knees, ankles, feet planted firmly on the ground. Repeated inspection, adjustment and experience are relaxed, rising to the feeling of being, at this time, should have reached the back brace, Mingmen across root retraction, hip like bell hanging.

Experience of "Xu Ling Ding Jin, shoulder cubits long, Hanxiong pull back, loose waist to hip. Pine is, how calm the mind body." Feeling, experience and gas heavy single field feeling, experience of preparing five arch body feeling etc. At this time, relax, not loose, soft, but the body as a whole, in a "non pine pine, will not show exhibition" state. Not only have static Qi Gong, also have the dynamic Qi Gong.

Press Leg is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kung Fu. Press Leg is mainly in order to pull ligament, improve leg flexibility. Press Leg methods are mainly positive pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure and step, vertical fork, the fork.

Promote the healthy and perfect shape: As with all kinds of strength training subjects when combined, such as running, cycling, swimming and rowing project, flexibility in the complete training system can provide necessary help at least 1/3.

Reduce the risk of injury: Most daily injury and sports injuries are external injury, or joint sprain, excessive stretch the muscle and related tissues induced injury. Flexibility training of Wushu athletes adhere to the scientific rules than the lack of flexibility exercise injuries are less likely to be 50%.

When combined with other types of training, flexibility exercises is a good warm up or relaxing exercise: flexibility exercises can improve coordination of the nervous system and muscle tissue. If you finish flexibility training immediately after exercise, can make your tired body to recover as soon as possible.

Improve your competitive level: A good flexibility of Wushu athletes performance will be more relaxed, wonderful. Can you imagine a muscle dead gymnastics athletes will be like? Athletes with good flexibility, psychologically and physically than other players an advantage.

Kicks Leg is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kung Fu. Kicks Leg is the leg power and flexibility training is the most important step, it can consolidate the leg press, split, hanging leg effect, also for the actual leg training and lay a solid foundation.

The focus of instability, or even fall

Support legs with lifting or supporting leg bending at the knees

His legs to light: The legs will kick up, quickly will the body center of gravity moved to the other leg, which will kick the leg muscles relax, it will play a leg kick light, fast like the wind. In order to prevent falls, also can be against the wall or wall to practice.

Faster kick: The legs up to face rapid swing, there is an accelerated process. When kicking hip to recoil, swing up a small strength. Just practice kick, must maintain the regulated movement, would rather play just after the chest is not the supporting leg heel or bending at the knees, or bend convex head went to touch toes, these are that the flexibility training leg is not in place, ligament has not opened. As long as we play with pressure, often practice ceaselessly, will achieve the feet touch the forehead.

Down the legs should be stable: Beginners often kick the leg had just landed, kick the other leg, appear thereby legs heavy, body askew phenomenon. This is because the kick out of the leg just landed, the center of gravity of the body is still the original supporting legs, shifting leg falls, it will appear the phenomenon of. The correct way is to implement the other leg, the body center of gravity change over to play the other leg. In fact, this exercise is beneficial to the application of serial leg in combat.

It had the place to do: single leg front kick, front kick or legs alternately. Play: the place to do flexion knee single leg front kick or legs bends alternate front kick practice. Side play: do sit to the side of the body straight or bent leg kick exercises. After the play: the place to do straight or bent leg kick after exercise. Go play: walk in the process, to do is kick, Qu Ti, side kick, kick, practice. Run the play: jogging in the process and the lift or kicking.

Such as: the wheel run, jog, run after, high leg lift and so on. Hopscotch method: do light jumping exercises, plus some or kicking and other movements. Such as: abdomen jump, pad step jump, hop etc. Fu kick: walking support, do various kick drill. A leg: do the action, pay attention to the foot of a straight action. Such as: after the play, play, can be used. Hook feet: when action, a foot movements. Lying way: lying on the bed, single leg, legs, legs alternately up and kicking.

Shaolin Five Steps Boxing is the foundation of Chinese boxing, Shaolin Kung Fu to lunge, stance, stance, empty step on step, five step type, with straight, pushing palm, hook, Tan Tui such practices leg

The feet and step, hands down naturally, head masachika straight, his eyes look straight ahead

Left foot left semi step, toe, feet shoulder width, two sincere heart toward holding in the waist, two small arms parallel. The chest and abdomen, arrive on the tongue, jaw, visual left.

The left foot lift straight on the right knee. At the same time, the left hand palm down to the left under variable and variable standing palm right on the run, readily go. When the left hand to head right above the vertical drop is placed in the right axillary, palm facing right, look left.

Constantly on the move, left foot left cut floor. The right leg knee squat, leg falling straight into the left and step. The left hand to left cut out, stop at 2 cm above the left foot, palm down, palm forward, force of the left hand, visual left.

The focus shifted to the left, right leg straight, left leg left arch into the left bow step, at the same time, the left hand become sincere heart toward to the waist, body left, right hand fist down move out, Lida in right hand, arm at shoulder level and at the same time, the visual front.

The right kind heart toward to the waist. Bring his right foot straight forward kick. At the same time, left sincere heart down move out, force of the left fist, eyes to the front.

Constantly on the move, body left, right foot landing legs, squat, double knee abduction of a horse not step. The left hand turn palm, palm facing the front frame in the head about 10 cm above. His fist down right out, Lida r. Visual right.

The left foot up straight on the knee. Body left turn, left turn boxing, boxing heart upward at the waist. Then put the palms of his hands up, left on the forehead to left run, palm down to his left knee above, before the visual type. Constantly on the move.

The left leg is placed in the right rear, the front sole on the ground. Body right, left to right leg bent out legs, squat down into rest step, at the same time the right palm variable boxing heart upward to the waist, left sincere heart towards the left out of the left fist, to the left, visual.

Body left 180 foot lift straight on the knee. At the same time with variable palm relative operation, right palm on the left wrist. Towards the right road, fingertips towards the right, palm forward. The left hand palm down, running along the right arm, palm facing right on the right axillary, visual right palm.

Constantly on the move. Left foot left landing. The right leg knee squat. Left leg straight down into the left and step. At the same time, the left hand palm forward, Shun in the left medial left wear to the left side, palm and finger toward the left, palm forward. Look at the left palm.

The focus shifted to the left, turn left. Right foot forward, toes point, left leg squatting in empty step into the right. The left arm straight forward, left shoot operation, left palm to the left after the hook, fingertips, wrist and head flat. The right arm down and forward runs, the right palm to palm body established before, palm facing left, the point of the elbow and the knee with fingertips, and eye level, visual ahead.

Body left, right foot to the right foot. Left knee squat, right leg straight down into the right and step. At the same time, the left hand become boxing boxing heart toward back to the hip. The right hand to left, towards the front of the right palm, along. The visual front.

The focus shifted to the right, turn right. The left pedal straight, right before the arch into a right bow stance. At the same time, the right hand turn boxing, boxing heart toward the back waist, left hand fist down move out, force of the left fist, arm and shoulder level, visual ahead.

Left sincere heart toward back waist. Left foot lift straight forward kick. At the same time, the right hand fist down move out, Lida looking ahead.

Constantly on the move. Body right. Left foot left landing legs, squat, and double knee abduction into bu. The right hand, palm facing up to the top 10 cm. Left sincere heart towards the left out, force of the left fist, visual left.

Body turns right at the 90 foot lift straight on the left front side. Change right hand fist, fist heart up to the waist, left hand turn palm palm up, right on the forehead to run, palm down to above his right knee. The arm and shoulder. The visual front.

Constantly on the move. The right leg on the left leg back left, front foot, right knee and left leg bent offset, 90 left legs squat body to rest step. At the same time, the left hand becomes sincere heart toward to the waist. His fist down right out, Lida r.. Visual right.

Turn right at the 180. Bring his right foot straight on the left knee. At the same time, his fists put relative operation, left palm facing up, left out by his right wrist, fingers pointing left, palm forward, right hand palm down along the left arm under the direction of running, palm facing left to right armpit, eyes look to the left palm.

Constantly on the move, the right foot to the right landing, left knee squat, right leg straight down into the right and step. At the same time, right hand palm forward, right leg medial right through to the right foot, palm and finger toward the right, palm forward. Visual right palm.

After the center of gravity shift, body right 90, left leg forward, toes point, right leg squat into left empty step. The right arm straight forward, right after the operation, the right palm to the right after the hook, fingertips, wrist on the head. His whereabouts, and then move on to run, the left hand to body established before palm, palm facing right, the point of the elbow and the knee with fingertips, and eye level, visual ahead.

Left foot landing, body right 90. The right foot to the left side, legs and step. Your hands become sincere heart toward back to the hip, head left, visual left.

Tan Tui is a good complete, vigorous, lively rhythm, consistent, full of spirit, action and lean, coordination; device and changeable, and offensive and defensive depth, strong explosive force style. Tan Tui as an exercise stresses low disk potential, supporting force and motion force on the shoulder, waist, legs and other parts of the requirements are very high, especially for lower required to sound strong, therefore, pays great attention to the Qi Gong exercises.

Shaolin Taizu Chang Quan type is big and bright, with particular attention to the full discipline closely and show, drill up heroic bold, beautiful and not lose its mighty surging momentum, as one of the six famous Chinese martial arts . Taizu boxing stresses combat, defense and offense, as the wind, blow like electricity, beforehand, hand catch, two swap gas. Before practicing Taizu boxing, one must practice the basic skills.

Shaolin Tong Bei Quan is one of the earlier boxing Shaolin Kung Fu forms, it emphasizes the ape back or monkey arm to take potential, so it is also called "pass back the ape", "White Ape Tong back". Shaolin Tong Bei Quan technique is to pat, wear, fall splitting, drilling, there are steps, walk, walk steps, leg hook, kick, hoof, elastic etc. Tong Bei Quan is known for its special stretch.

Stretch to force from the back, the shoulder, elbow, in order to achieve the fingertips, so the back, shoulder, elbow and coordination, forced stretching, not simply arm. In fact, this requirement in other boxing (such as pigua boxing, Bajiquan, is also stressed, but in Tong Bei Quan it is said to be more prominent. Another feature of Tong Bei Quan is to attack at a higher position quickly and skillfully using the attack and defense technology to practice.

Shaolin Jingang Quan uses an attack based on short, long, fast changing, just disease faster, hands like arrows, landing flip, and jintuiziru.

Shaolin Pao Quan is a traditional Shaolin boxing routines, which is characterized by fast hands, foot, body, covered as long strokes, systemic beatings, type A, recruit, four two top thousand catties, sent to the gun, like thunder, hence the name "Pao Quan".

Shaolin Xin Yi boxing is a combat ancient tradition of a strong school boxing martial arts. Shaolin Xinyi Quan movement is simple, the function is infinite, and it has a dynamic style boxing with a rich connotation. Every act and every move is to be absorbed in concentration, then wrapped with strength, storage, power must have the fire burning spirit strength and explosive force.

Shaolin Small Hong Quan is the basic boxing technique routine of Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts, it is a compulsory routine learning Shaolin boxing, known as the "mother of eighteen."

Small Hong Quan is also a shaped posture which is little and dainty, it has rhythm, it is a vigorous and simple technique, no flower, recruit with defense, action combat, from first to last in line, highlighting the characteristics of Shaolin boxing.

Liuhe Quan, one of the Shaolin Kung Fu boxing, originated in the late Yuan and early Ming Shaolin Temple Shaohuo monk monk Hunaro composes the Shaolin Liuhe Quan. Shaolin Liuhe Quan has been a Shaolin Temple close not rumored earthquake Temple treasure, after generation martial monks and constantly revised and improved, the fist exquisite has reached the realm of perfection in one's studies. Shaolin Liuhe Quan consists of six forms color strokes combination that is called "Liuhe Quan". This routine needs two people in order to have combat based on practice. Shaolin Liuhe Quan is vigorous, focuses on practical, and is beneficial to the body.

Crescent shovel (Yue Ya chan): Shaolin crescent shovel belongs to one of the long weapons, technique is mainly a shovel, Liao, pick, inverted, frame, gear, Shaolin Temple spread so far there are five tooth shovel, crescent spade, convenient shovel.

Damour sword (Damour jian): Damour sword, is the essence of Shaolin Kung Fu in swordsmanship, created by Damour founder. The common action for this weapon is a thrusting sword dance.

Double whip (Shuang bian): Double whip belongs to one of the Shaolin Kung Fu soft weapon, the techniques are similar to single whip, one must be in double knurling skills to work on, so that the walking across the rolling pace, movement, coordination, indicate the water is not poured into the needle.

Plum blossom knife (Mei Hua Dao) : Shaolin plum blossom knife is one of the earlier traditional instruments of Shaolin Kung Fu that can be used on a total of thirty-two action. Plum blossom knife is short, has tight structure, with a changeable blade, it moves down-to-earth vigorously, and is simple and easy to practice. Knife as the "hundred soldiers bravery", is one of the most important instruments in Chinese wushu. Since ancient times, most people who practice martial arts with the knife blade, summed up many routines, formed a lot of blade factions. Such as Shaolin Double Knife, Shaolin Single knife, the Plum Blossom knife, Spring Autumn big knife etc.

Po knife (Pu dao) : Po knife is a sword, a wood handle is provided with a long and wide blade weapon. When in use, two hands hold the handle, like using machetes; use the blade and blade weight itself, to cuts down the enemy. Shaolin Po Knife is about two meters to five meters, the edge than the sword long, about half the total length, can be split, spine, cut, and can do many tricks. Because the po knife is widely and commonly used, crafting it is one of the ways people do to make a living.

Provision sword / Shaolin stipulate sword (Gui Ding jian) : Shaolin Provision sword is one of the modern fencing provisions, the technique is based on the original adaptation, the number of sword, standard and completion time are clearly defined, so called "Shaolin stipulate sword" provisions reflect the style characteristics of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Qi Mei stick (Qi Mei gun) : Qi Mei stick is one of the Shaolin Kung Fu cudgel. Often in the rod made of ash, crude has profit to stick with one eyebrow, a highly homogeneous, so the name. Qi Mei stick is a representative of the Shaolin weapons, since the thirteen stick was used to save monk Tang, Shaolin cudgel Mingyangtianxia, gun pick a line, stick to beat a large said, bang sticks upright, rod tip and Mei Qi.

Shaolin 13 spear (Shaolin 13 qiang) 13: Shaolin thirteen spear is a Shaolin weapons spear. Because there are thirteen kinds of spear in the routine, named for the thirteen gun. Thrust, pick, split, with repeated use. The thirteen gun is also a warrior in actual combat weapon. Shaolin thirteen spear is one of the lances of the Shaolin martial arts, its structural integrity and framework is unique. The spear action has thirteen types, named the thirteen spear. The spear is a kind of instrument which is difficult to practice; especially the training into the Wonderland is extremely difficult.

Spring autumn knife (Chun Qiu Da dao) : Shaolin spring autumn big knife is a traditional Shaolin instrument. It is a long weapon that comes with a full set of actions with reasonable structure closely. It is suitable for sucking a certain basis for drilling.

Pictographic Quan (Xiang Xing Quan)

Xiang Xing Quan is long and is a Morphology simulation of various animal and boxing character image and the image of life. Combined with the characteristics of Wushu boxing action imitation of animal or human. Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan is one of the Shaolin Kung Fu boxing, unlike other pictographic boxing is boxing; each Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan has a deep like the secret, attacking and defending, and be the most changeful.

The best defense is offence. The cute monkey boxing, lithe and come and go freely, to strike first to gain the initiative by momentum, snake boxing to alert and attack its key, tiger boxing, and overbearing, leopard boxing violent simultaneously, another Eagle boxing, boxing, mantis, Gou Quan chicken and so on, are vivid, remarkably like the true and calling in the world.

Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan most fastidious is to reach the acme of perfection, the so-called trance, that is no realm to meditation, like Long Weilong, like a crane for crane, to attack a profound experience as the material existence desire, only in this way can attack victory.

The so-called evolution, namely, pay attention to the external shape, to the shape and spirit, like a snake like a snake, like dogs, such as dog, in a move to draw everything to enhance their adverse circumstances, ability to adapt in the face, is the special requirements of the reach the acme of perfection, the Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan is the martial arts colleagues "non Zen home cannot up to this realm" of praise.

Ditang Quan, one of the Shaolin boxing, is also known as "work" fist ", twenty percent off".

Shaolin Tiger Quan, is a Shaolin Kung Fu in the pictographic boxing, with a strong boxing style, such as tiger down the mountain and roaring tiger sang wai. Method commonly used throughout the style is the fist road tiger claw, intended to bring gas, and gas penetration of fingers. Shaolin tiger boxing shows the king of beasts of the mighty momentum.

Tiger Quan is to follow the tiger prey, jumping, running on the offensive and defensive boxing action with martial arts created, its characteristic is to form a fist, to God, to destroy force, FA Jin glaring strengths, look at fiercely as a tiger does, with angry tiger out of the forest, two claw Nukiyama force.

Hou Quan is a Shaolin Kung Fu pictographic boxing in boxing that depicts a monkey shape, monkey state and the offensive and defensive techniques to fuse into. Shaolin Hou Quan imitate monkey picking, climbing, have Diao, mining, grasping, and buckle method.

Shaolin Eagle Claw boxing is a Shaolin Kung Fu pictographic boxing, formerly known as Talon Fanzi for Eagle claw boxing or talon punch line. The main methods are grasping, play, pinch, take, turning, avalanche, hook, and hug. With Eagle Claw the fist is to imitate the eagle catch buckle and the wings of an eagle and double rotation movements. Its characteristics are: rich, grab claw method pinch, turn up and down, a fast, copying made boxing, and xingshen jianbei.

Shaolin Kung Fu Qi Gong

Shaolin standing Qi Gong to stop, trunk, limbs to maintain a certain position, makes the whole body or parts of the tightness of the motion state of static is continuous, and health care, prevention and treatment of diseases of static Qi Gong exercises.

Jam Jong functional recovery and improve strength, suitable for all kinds of physical condition, but also the treatment of hypertension, peptic ulcer disease, neurasthenia, menstrual disease. Standing Qi Gong pose has a lot of basic types. The basic type can be divided into two basic types and the single basic type.

The basic type is double feet to the average position. The single basic type is two to 85 degrees, an oblique staggered, foot to foot to light, and heavy. The rest is standing Qi Gong in the body of the light support force posture; body height ratio is about low half.

The trainer according to their body support degree, optional light rested type, double rotary rest type, single hand rest type, stick type waist rest. High potential power is very basic, body height than the rest and half fist around. It can be divided into vertical support type, press type, lifting type, encircling type etc.

The median type body height and the ratio of high reduced two boxing own height around. Low type than in the potential and reduce three. Their height, it is standing Qi Gong the lowest, style body support a maximum amount of training. Low type can be divided into the horse, tiger type.

Shaolin breathe Qi Gong, also known as the "breathing". One of Shaolin Kung Fu Qi Gong. The original is a kind of Qi Gong created for the monks, long strength strong physique. The movement is simple, can be practiced and the sick; and the effect is obvious, Qubing physical effects is very fast.

Shaolin breathe Qi Gong can treat a variety of lung diseases, such as sweating, night sweats, cough and asthma, shortness of breath, weakness and other diseases. Because lung can help heart, regulate the body's blood circulation, therefore, often practicing this skill but also can increase new function, improve the nervous, mental.

Because smoking excessive cough with abundance of phlegm are practicing this skill, the effect is very obvious, practice three two days phlegm can significantly reduce, the pale, adhere to debate the symptoms will disappear.

Hard body practicing this skill should pay attention to "put", inspiratory when alvine, testis, anus, exhale to relax, such action, respiratory, nervous control with the contact, can be large power, long power jack.

Hard Qi Gong is done through the special breathing methods and physical anti beat training. The exercise of pain tolerance and cell density strength has been further enhanced. Physical exercise increases the density; enhance the quality and pressure bearing capacity, the biological changes of cell strength through exercise.

Human potential is tremendous, but only lacks a method of developing and utilizing it right. Shaolin hard Qi Gong is a static in traditional Shaolin skills based on the organic combination of skills and gradually develop external collapse, with martial arts combat martial arts for the purpose of the unique hard Qi Gong Kung Fu.

It is the trainers that puts their own inner gas through internal exercise regularity and combine human force exercise, make human body part or the whole organization is temporary change, thus showing a superhuman performance. In short, the Shaolin Kong hard Qi Gong is for "good spirit, complex training bones" in the classical power law system.

"Yi Jin Jing" is to change the bones, internal systemic main and collateral channels opened by practicing Nishida Make. According to the original work, one must first practice about half the internal: reached inside the Zhuang, luck is not required to practice any Pai Da Gong can naturally produce a brick stone split internal power, such as with the "Yi Jin Jing" martial art and practice to carry all before one's magic power.

Yi Jin Jing is the Buddhist regimen, Yi Jin Jing make the person's spirit, body and breath are effectively combined, through step by step, persevere to exercise, so that the viscera, meridians, eight extra channels and twelve channels of the whole body full of conditioning, so as to health care, what one will get would be disease prevention and cure, against premature aging, and prolonged life.

Boxing (Quan Ji)

Boxing is a sport using boxing gloves on combat. It has both the amateur (also known as the Olympic boxing) and has the occupation commercial competition. The goal of the game is to get more points than the other to beat each other or get each other down and end the game. At the same time the players try to avoid each other's blow.

Boxing is called "the brave campaign". There are many vivid record of the boxing as early as in ancient Greek and Rome times. Boxing has great impact on human and society, it enhances the body's strength; improve the sensitivity and response capabilities; promote the development of physical and mental health; it is also an effective means of self-defense; and has a widespread social influence.

On occupation boxing, boxing athletes accept an occupation and pay a boxing club fee or the broker agent business for commercial boxing. Occupation boxing athletes must be at least eighteen years old, the gloves weight is either 60 kg to 171 grams or 143 grams of 60 kg.

Occupation boxing and amateur boxing or Olympic boxing is different, occupation boxing is not to bring the armor, and is more ornamental; additionally an occupation boxer cannot participate in the Olympic games.

A boxing match where the game players must be at least eighteen years old, with the parents consent, and holds good coaches, training ,and have a doctor's certificate of health. Each glove weighs 228 grams. The game players must wear a helmet shield and game clothing. Amateur boxing's highest honor is to be an Olympic champion.

Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Quan)

Tai Chi is one of Chinese ancient philosophy that is based on the command of yin-yang, the body with the mind, the mental relaxation, by means of gas, gas rush to repeatedly practice shape, into the hands of a Tai Chi, Tai Chi operation of zero state, to achieve self-cultivation, edify sentiment, physical fitness, and Yishou Yannian purpose.

Tai Ji Quan is reserved, without stop, killing with kindness, emergency and freely flowing style of writing, Chinese boxing style that practitioners, gas, God shaped, tends to be one of the highest realm of harmony, and the moral requirement also allows practitioners at the same time enhance physical fitness to improve their own quality, promote people and nature, people and society harmony and harmonious.

Free combat (San Da)

Free combat is an important part of Chinese martial arts and involves two people according to certain rules, use martial arts in the play, the offensive and defensive techniques fall, winning each other, using hand to hand combat with the modern athletic sports. The free combat's name was formerly called Sanshou; it is the essence of Chinese martial arts.

It has been a unique national style of the sport for many years development and is a popular people's favorite. The origin and development of Sanda, and the Chinese nation has a long history of synchronization. Chinese martial arts have two forms, one is the routine exercise form and one is a fighting form.

Shaolin Temple Tagou Kung Fu Academy

The origin of our establishment

Shaolin Temple Tagou Kung Fu Academy or Shaolin Temple Tagou Wushu School was founded in 1980, it is one of the earliest and most authentic martial arts professional schools. The school not only teaches Chinese culture, martial arts, film and television performances, but also gives training in an integrated martial arts academy.

Dean Chen Tong Shan and head coach Chen Tong Chun is prize winner of international martial arts competitions. Shaolin Temple Tagou Kung Fu Academy is located in Mount Song, Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng city, Henan province, China. The academy has a total construction area of 140,000 square meters, it is well-equipped, and has professional management staff and strong teaching force.

The academy offers martial arts courses like traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (basic skill, empty hand forms, weapons), actual combat (Sanda, taekwondo, kickboxing, boxing), Qi Gong, fitness and health, film and television performances, martial arts theory and other professional, many open primary, intermediate Chinese listening, reading, speaking, Chinese history, and culture course.


Since the Shaolin Temple Tagou Kung Fu Academy has been established 30 years ago, the academy has always insisted on teaching Genuine Shaolin Kung Fu. So far, the academy took part in more than 600 domestic and international major martial arts competition screenings, won 2,159 medals, including a gold medal 1021; access to the Olympic Games, world champion and world-class 179 passengers; won the national championship 325 passengers.

Because the academy's teaching effect is remarkable, and has outstanding achievements in training with a beautiful campus environment, it was named ' one of the top ten martial arts schools in China', ' the Sanda training base in Henan Province', ' the Boxing and Taekwondo training base in Henan Province', ' One of the five best martial arts schools in Dengfeng city', ' the green school', etc.


Our goal is to have the best of Shaolin Kung Fu school in china. From here, we will follow the footprints of our ancestor in finding the genuine shaolin Kung Fu. We hope that the Shaolin martial arts will be spread around the world.

From the teaching service, from outside to inside, from nature to culture, everything here is decorated with great attention to detail. If you have a dream and hope of martial arts, health and longevity, our school is the best place for you to learn Kung Fu, stay healthy, and travel.

Advantage of our teaching

We have a professional Kung Fu teaching team. The teachers are experienced with various forms and styles. We also apply a special and reasonable teaching system in our teaching.

Advantage of our management

We believe that our vision determines our future. We cherish the talents in our team, pay great importance to our service and appreciate creativity in our management.


Master Chen Tong Shan
Master Shan wants to promote the Shaolin Kung Fu, and has visited more than thirty countries, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and region just for the dissemination of Shaolin Kung Fu, as his contribution to the world of martial arts.
Master Chen Tong Chuan
Chen Tong Chuan martial arts teaching career reflects his dedication, and due to his diligence he was also able to train champions from more than 30 countries. In 1999, Master Chuan was awarded the "Shaolin eighteen King Kong" honorary title by the Dengfeng Shaolin Wushu Association.
Master Shi Xiao Hu
A young master, he is dedicated to promoting martial arts to the world.


Our dining hall is infused with Buddhism culture. We have invited the best cooks to make the healthiest food. We hope everyone here cultivates a healthy life style. Our full room and board service includes three warm meals a day. This goes throughout seven days a week. Breakfast consists of traditional buns, Chinese oatmeal and eggs. Lunch and dinner both consist of rice with a big range of vegetables added, as well as fish and meat. Vegetarians will be catered for.

Note: There's always the option to buy additional stuff as fruits in the academy's supermarket or the supermarket in the Dengfeng City (by bus about 10 minutes). Four times a year the academy celebrates the holidays with big feasts. These holidays are Chinese new year, mid-autumn festival, academy's anniversary, and western Christmas.

How to get there

Arrival by airplane from Beijing to Zhengzhou (Xinzheng) Airport

  • Flight number: Southern Airline CZ3116, From Beijing Capital Airport T2, Departure and Arrival: 17:15 - 18:40, Travel time: 1h25m
  • Flight number: China International Airline CA1325, From Beijing Capital Airport T3, Departure and Arrival: 12:20 - 13:45, Travel time: 1h25m
  • Flight number: China International Airline CA1331, From Beijing Capital Airport T3, Departure and Arrival: 21:30 - 22:50, Travel time: 1h20m

Arrival by airplane from Shanghai to Zhengzhou (Xinzheng) Airport

  • Flight number: Eastern Airline MU5395, From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2, Departure and arrival: 08:05 - 09:45, Travel time: 1h 40m
  • Flight number: Eastern Airline FM9327, From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2, Departure and arrival: 09:50 - 11:40, Travel time: 1h 50m
  • Flight number: Southern Airline CZ3592, From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2, Departure and arrival: 11:05 - 12:50, Travel time: 1h 45m
  • Flight number: Southern Airline CZ3594, From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2, Departure and arrival: 15:35 - 17:15, Travel time: 1h 40m
  • Flight number: Eastern Airline MU5391, From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2, Departure and arrival: 18:50 - 20:35, Travel time: 1h 45m
  • Flight number: Southern Airline CZ3598, From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2, Departure and arrival: 20:30 - 22:20, Travel time: 1h 50m

Arrival by airplane from Hong Kong to Zhengzhou (Xinzheng) Airport

  • Flight number: Southern Airline CZ3074, From Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, Departure and arrival: 12:00 - 14:10, Travel time: 2h 10m
  • Flight number: Cathay Pacific Airline CX6794, From Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, Departure and arrival: 12:45 - 15:25, Travel time: 2h 40m

Arrival by train

The nearest train station to our academy is Zhengzhou. You will have to buy train tickets when you arrive in China. Hotels or hostels often buy these for you for a fee or you can go to the train station by yourself. We can pick you up from Zhengzhou Train station for a fee of 300 CNY.

Helpful hints: The train running time in China often adjust, some sites do not update. If you choose to ride the train, inform us in advance, so as not to delay your trip.

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