Shaolin, Tai Ji & Qi Gong Camp in Greece

Korinthia, Greece

Shaolin, Tai Ji & Qi Gong Camp in Greece aims to bring real traditional training of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Ji (Tai Chi) & Qi Gong closer to the west.

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  • Tomás O'grady Ireland

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    I liked the whole experience. From the attitude of the staff to the training style. I thought it a very genuine experience. I have a serious leg injury and my training was always done at a pace that was safe and healthy for me while still achieving the goals of the programme. Not just martial arts but guidance in so many ways. I can't praise them enough. Always being part of a team they are very inclusive. Even though I don't have a word of Greek I was never left out of the loop. Also if I wanted my own space outside of training times my personal space was respected. A second and probably third trip will definitely be arranged.

    Leaving was difficult. If staying was an option I would have.

  • Inbal Hameiri Israel

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    The teacher, his profetionality and personality. The other participants and the feel of team. The location. The things we've learned and the ways we've learned them. The morning walks. The atmosphere. The food. The movies we've seen.

    I loved everything.

  • Giyora Gil Sade Israel

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    The master Chris was wonderful both professionally and personally. His teaching technic allow and his profound knowledge enabled on

    a true process of studying with out any stress. There was a real sense of a team among all the participants , and the food was delicious and varied.

    It was all very positive

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