Shaolin, Tai Ji & Qi Gong Camp in Greece aims to bring traditional training of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Ji (Tai Chi) & Qi Gong closer to the west. Classes for all.

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Christos Panagopoulos

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Simona Chiusolo

from Italy, August 2020

"Peaceful pause"

Thank you, it has been an interesting journey.

Henrik Vesth

from Denmark, August 2020

"Inspiring week with value for money!"

Absolutely fantastic location for the accommodation and especially for the daily training excersises. Dedicated and highly effective, professional and paedagocical instructor.

Mathias Rabe

from Germany, July 2019

"everybody was Kung Fu Fighting"

The knowledge and training provided was totally beyond my expectations.

The master is authentic, passionate, a great character and huge inspiration. He takes care of the needs of every individual. You can choose the style and intensity of your training. The camp attracts a great mix of people from all over Europe and it felt like a family from the start.

The location is minimalist, but great and offers a perfect climate. I miss the food already.

The locations for training vary daily so the week is also a chance to explore the amazing nature of the area. There’s also enough time to rest and recover in between.

In the end the costs are nothing in comparison to what you’re getting.

I‘ll be back.

Luna Chaves

from Great Britain, July 2019

The camp is a great space for anyone in need of healing and training. Sifu Chris works with each and every person individually respecting everyone’s differences and personal limitations. Great food, great people, great sight scene, great accommodation, I would have stayed a whole month! Very happy and grateful for the time spent there and coming back again (and again) x

Michelle Roberts

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Michelle "

Where to begin! Everything from start to finish was truly wonderful. I came to the camp with little experience and I was warmly welcomed and felt supported and inspired to learn from the beginning. Chris is an excellent teacher who shares his knowledge with passion, patience and energy. Every activity, practice, meal and moment was a true delight. The camp has a wonderful energy- I left feeling energised and inspired. An experience I will always treasure.

Romeu Ventura Ramos

from Portugal, July 2019

"A genuine and Amazing Kung Fu Retreat"

The program, activities and the use of time is all together very well organized and it keeps you wanting for more, the location is breathtaking with incredible views , the food is delicious and made with so much care,the accomodation is great and overall you Will not want it to end

The Sifu is really an inspiration and a great teacher in all of the techniques, i have learned so much in a Week and he made a superb job with the program.He was restless helping everybody in every aspect and it was an honor to be trained by him.

I feel so much more balanced after this,met wonderful people and lived beautiful moments,i Will be back and bring everybody i can to Share this experience

Samuel Rhyner

from Netherlands, July 2019

"Kung Fu"

Amazing location, amazing food, amazing people, great knowledge and good vibes shared in this mind-freeing week.

thank you so much !!!

Ian Riach

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Shaolin camp Greece"

Patience of the Instructor,interaction between students.On the whole a good atmosphere in the camp also agreat location

Inbal Hameiri

from Israel, July 2018

"I Already wait for the next year camp"

It was a very good experience, for me it was the second time I've been in this camp and I'm planning to come again. Christos is an excellent instructor, an amazing teacher and person and the location is beautiful. It was a real pleasure.

Dajana Doplihar

from Slovenia, July 2018

"Perfect experience accompanied with beautiful nature "

The location is very beautiful and peaceful, perfect for practicing martial arts. Instructor was very good, he has a lot of knowledge, only the language was a little barier. I recommend the experience for every person who is willing to learn something new and experience a little bit of continental Greece.

Tomás O'grady

from Ireland, July 2017

"Positive overall attitude. Very welcoming "

I liked the whole experience. From the attitude of the staff to the training style. I thought it a very genuine experience. I have a serious leg injury and my training was always done at a pace that was safe and healthy for me while still achieving the goals of the programme. Not just martial arts but guidance in so many ways. I can't praise them enough. Always being part of a team they are very inclusive. Even though I don't have a word of Greek I was never left out of the loop. Also if I wanted my own space outside of training times my personal space was respected. A second and probably third trip will definitely be arranged.

Inbal Hameiri

from Israel, July 2017

"A perfect experience "

The teacher, his profetionality and personality. The other participants and the feel of team. The location. The things we've learned and the ways we've learned them. The morning walks. The atmosphere. The food. The movies we've seen.

Giyora Sade

from Israel, July 2017

"Professional and perfect atmosphere "

The master Chris was wonderful both professionally and personally. His teaching technic allow and his profound knowledge enabled on

a true process of studying with out any stress. There was a real sense of a team among all the participants , and the food was delicious and varied.