Santai Gym

Santai is a Muay Thai gym located in Thailand that was opened in 2002 by trainers named Kru Do, Daodern and Kru Pon, who are all former Pinsinchai gym fighters.

Instructors 4

Phon Narupai

Kru Phons teaching styles is heavily based on teaching proper Muay Thai technique, while teaching you the fighting benefits of what you are doing. Phon will not stop showing you a proper technique until you get it right. Phon can answer all your questions about Muay Thai techniques as he was a top lumpinee fighter of the early 90s.

Policenoi Pinsinchai

Kru Nan was one of the famous Pinsinchai / Narupai superstars during the gyms greatest years in the 80 - 90s, he has about 70 fights at Lumpinee stadium and about 20 at Rajadamnern stadium and in total maybe 300 fights.

Lop Narupai

Lop was consistently within the top 5 rankings at both Lumpini and Rajadamnern Stadiums back in his prime, and was known for his technical skill and high fight IQ / intelligence.

Manasak Narupai

Manasak is a former Pinsinchai fighter, brought up by the fantastic Pinsinchai team- Aswindam, Pichit, Sancherng, and Kru Nan amongst others. Manasak has recently retired holding the fourth rank at Lumpinee, as well as holding belts from Rajadamnern, WMC World, and more. Manasak has been a top fighter for over a decade, and is one of the greatest.

Reviews 9

Alar Lodi

from Australia, May 2018

"Yo "

This is a real deal.

The progress. You learn fast and you get better

Hi mom.


from Australia, July 2017

"Santai is great. I will be back!"

Great team of trainers and awesome people who train at the gym

Testimonials 1


Santai Gym website

I have been travelling and training full time at various Muay Thai gyms around Thailand for 5 months. Santai Muay Thai is among the best gyms I have encountered.

The trainers are all not only exceptional former (and some current) fighters, they also really know how to teach! They hone in on an individual’s particular skill set, and really drill out bad habits, and teach you how to exploit your strengths. They are also incredibly patient, they will not allow sloppy technique to slide!

The afternoon session consists of five 5 minute pad rounds, for which Santai is renowned. This means you will basically be getting a private session every day, half an hour of one on one time where you are pushed, encouraged, and will step out of the ring exhausted, smiling and feeling achieved.

Socially, the gym fosters a family culture – the students eat together, enjoy Sunday’s off together and generally help each other out. The trainers encourage us, are patient and always make us laugh. I live at the gym accommodation (Chaidee House) which is my favorite gym accommodation in Thailand so far. It is recently built, very clean and comfortable.

Lastly, the cost of living in Northern Thailand will be a huge relief for those used to Phuket prices. I can’t say enough positive things about this gym and the community in which it is found! It offers excellent training, in a great setting, for the right price, and is excellently managed and maintained.

I wish i started my training here at Santai instead of Phuket.

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