Santai is a Muay Thai gym located in Thailand that was opened in 2002 by trainers named Kru Do, Daodern and Kru Pon, who are all former Pinsinchai gym fighters.

Training Camps (5)

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Instructors (4)

Phon Narupai

Policenoi Pinsinchai

Lop Narupai

Manasak Narupai

Reviews (11)

Ian Hamshaw

from Thailand, September 2020

"Relentless Training (all levels) & Lot's Of Fun "

Whatever your skill level is, you'll find what you're looking for in this gym. There are pro fighters training, cutting weight, and being drilled day and night, and there is a 70-year-old who likes to hit the bags and have some fun with the instructors.

The instructors make the trip fun or if you're high level they'll push you to your limits, these instructors are battled, hardened warriors. If you want to learn a new skill or test where you are, these chaps have all the medicine you can swallow, and then some.

The accommodation is better than expected, due to two windows, which make the small rooms bright and full of fresh air. The shower is hot and the air con is cold; what more do you need? There are washing facilities on-site for 40 Baht.

The location is fine, but it's 99% Thai, so be prepared to buy your food from the local market. There are lots of cheap restaurants close by. The area is excellent and has every shop you need, but it's 99% Thai, so you won't' get western food. You can use the Grab app to get food. I did not pay the camp to feed to me.

If you don't have a car, the camp is about 20KM outside of Chiang Mai. Not a big problem, as long as you can use the Grab app to get a taxi.


from Malaysia, October 2018

Incredible instructors, Kru Ten, Kru Sak, Kru Nan, Kru Thailand. Thank you. The gym's fighters were gracious and great people; Gonzalo, Javier, Hannah, Haley. Thank you.


from Australia, July 2017

"Santai is great. I will be back!"

Great team of trainers and awesome people who train at the gym

Enrico Bortolusso

from Thailand, November 2018

The accomodation was really nice and clean and the owners of the gusthouse are lovely.

Jon Collins

from United States, November 2018

"First time visitor"

Awesome training facilities. Being from America, the best part is the lack of douche bags at Santai Mai. This includes students and the training staff. Gyms in the States are full of douchers. No one at Santai Mai cares if you're a world champion or if it's your first time trying Muay Thai, if you want to train, get better and have fun, then you'll feel welcome and you'll progress very quickly! Also, the level of instruction is unbeatable, they don't let you slip with sloppy technique. These guys are the real deal, I learned a lot. I had the best training sessions of my life during my trip. I'll be back for sure.

Emy Igot

from United States, September 2018

"Authentic Muay Thai camp!"

This camp offers authentic Muay Thai training, you will be surrounded by trainers who are deeply passionate about the art, they have made a name for themselves in the industry, watching them and learning from them makes you understand why Muay Thai is a highly respected form of Martial Arts.

They focus on your form and execution and they are very meticulous about it. It’s probably because it bothers them to see if you’re not doing it properly. I have learned so much from the 2weeks I’ve been there. And have met some amazing individuals who shares the same interest in the art.

Everyone had such a great sense of humor & simultaneously vicious when deep focus calls for it. The fighters also train alongside the students during the training sessions. Seeing them train is extremely inspiring and motivating!

Each trainer have a different style of teaching and also have their own expertise. You will gauge them better once you do the one-on-one with them during the sessions. I finally asked Kru Thailand for my private sessions. He was amazing and his teaching style works best for me, he ignited my passion for this art even more.

As with everything else, you get as much as what you give to the training. They put their whole heart and soul into it, make sure you absorb as much as you can, it is something you take with you when you leave.

This is the camp I will be going to over and over and over. I highly recommend this camp.

Alar Lodi

from Australia, May 2018

"Yo "

This is a real deal.

The progress. You learn fast and you get better

Hi mom.