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Samasthiti House of Yoga

Antibes, France

Samasthiti House of Yoga organizes amazing yoga retreats around the world combining yoga, diving, cookery courses, painting, and fun.

Testimonials 5

  • Hana Sammak

    Samasthiti House of Yoga's Facebook page

    Samasthiti House of Yoga is definitely an additional reason to fall in love with Antibes. At the image of the city, the center is peaceful and vibrant with strong and positive energy. The teachers are extremely professional and devoted. Caroline, your passion and personalized approach to teaching, has helped both my physical and spiritual growth. Thanks a million, cannot wait to be back!

  • Meredith Weil

    Samasthiti House of Yoga's Facebook page

    Caroline is an amazing teacher and massage therapist. She helps you take your asanas to the next level through her spot on adjustments and nurturing manner and focus on students. As both a teacher and student always looking to improve my own practice and teaching skills, I highly recommend taking one of her classes!

  • Katie Jane Howson

    Samasthiti House of Yoga's Facebook page

    Caroline's energy is contagious and I recommend anyone feeling a bit 'stuck' go to one of her life after yachting sessions. It is amazing what a bit of support, a brainstorm, and an honest outside perspective can do to turn things around.

  • Karen Green

    Samasthiti House of Yoga's Facebook page

    I have much experience of practicing yoga but with Caroline, she improves my asanas and provides challenging but achievable classes. She has been an inspiration to me for a long time and I look forward to more classes to grow my practice.

  • Janine Newberry

    Samasthiti House of Yoga's Facebook page

    I had a healing massage with Carolyn and it was absolutely amazing on so many levels. She is a truly gifted soul.

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