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Karate Summer Training Camp in Hungary

Join Sakurai Kai in their Karate camp where you will learn traditional karate and self-defense with sensei László Harsányi, who is a 6. dan Karateka and president of Hungarian Goju-Ryu Federation and Chief instructor of International Sakura-Kai. Set in a budget setting where you can best mingle with other participants and focus on training, the camp will provide quality time for you to improve your techniques and skills, as well as make new friends who share your interest.

Meet the instructors

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  • Training daily
  • Optional beach trip, goodbye party, and dan testing
  • Training with president of Hungarian Goju-Ryu Federation
  • Choice of staying at college dorm or youth hostel
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided
  • 7 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


8 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Hungarian, English
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You can choose to stay either at the college or the youth hostel. At college, there are 4-, 6-, or 8-bed rooms options, while at the youth hostel, you can choose either 2-bed, 4-bed, or 4+2 bed rooms.


The camp will include training in traditional Goju-Ryu karate-do kihon, kata, bunkai, kumite, and self-defense. Participants will receive training from master László Harsányi, 6th dan, who is president of Hungarian Goju-Ryu Federation and Chief instructor of International Sakura-Kai. Outside of training, the program includes also optional beach tickets, dan testing, and a goodbye party that can be bought or attended for a minimum amount.


Self Defense

Karate is a martial art of self defense. The Japanese characters which form the word Karate mean "empty hands". Literally, this means that the Karate practitioner uses his unarmed body to aid him in a reliable system of self defense.

As a method of self-defense, Karate is probably as old as the human race. However, only in recent years has this method of empty-hand defense taken on a vast scientific approach in which body movement, timing, balance, and even psychology are studied and applied in formulating techniques that are effective against any would-be assailant.

Physical Discipline

Many people have fallen victim to an undisciplined, over indulgent, and stressful society. A look around clearly shows man's poor condition. Disregarding the need to balance our activities with proper exercise creates obesity, chronic back pain, weak and flabby muscles, poor posture, minimal flexibility, lack of endurance, tension, depression and emotional instability.

The superb co-ordination and stamina required in executing each Karate movement demands the utmost from your body. With training, you will learn to strengthen your body with proper exercises. In time, each part of your body will take a new dimension of conditioning and growth. Learning these skills will aid you in eliminating and preventing a variety of illnesses and other conditions that cause your body to deteriorate. Karate training brings about a great physical high which will overcome any temptation to indulge in drugs, alcohol, or junk food.

Mental Discipline

Self-defense does not in itself create a worthy art. Karate-Do involves mental training as well as physical training. It is hoped that the practitioner will open new doors of learning and understanding - that exercise will take greater meaning. After many hours of practice, the meaning of "Kara" or "empty" will change from the literal definition to a deeper, more aesthetic meaning - ridding the mind of negative thoughts and feelings thereby creating space for useful actions more worthy of cultivation.

Spiritual Discipline

As harmonious interaction of mind and body evolves, the practitioner will come to realise that we are mere links in the chain of life. Practising Karate only to prepare for an attack that may never come proves useless. Striving to strengthen one's mind and body only to achieve worldly happiness would also prove useless if death comes tomorrow. One must learn to expand his thoughts beyond the physical realm in to the spiritual sphere. Learn to forget yourself and to adapt to the pace of nature, and you will learn to accept the absolute truth. You must study this well.

Sakura Kai

International Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Sakura Kai was established in 2007 in honor of Shihan Takeji Ogawa by his students from Slovakia, Ukraine, Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary. Shihan Takeji Ogawa is one of the greatest personalities and living legends of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.

His students established it in order to keep Shihan Takeji Ogawa’s techniques and doctrines alive and make it officially available for younger generation. In addition it is supposed to develop professional and personal relationships of Shihan students living in different countries.

In 2013, Shihan Takeji Ogawa withdrew from Sakura Kai in consideration of his age. In 24 June 2014, the International Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Sakura Kai is getting into Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Ken Pou Kai organization. From this time Sakura Kai continues their activities led by Hanshi Yoshio Kuba, 10th dan.

Included excursions

During the camp, you will be able to access the nearby beach by purchasing tickets, which is valid for 1 day.


Laszlo Harsanyi
Laszlo Harsanyi was born on 4 June, 1963. From 1982 to 1987 he studied at Kossuth Lajos Military College. Having got his mechanical engineer degree, he served as a professional military officer. During this period, he learned the North Korean military close combat, the Kyoksul techniques from Korean instructors. From 1997 to 1999 he studied at Godollo University of Agricultural Sciences Teacher Training Institute and graduated as a Mechanical Engineering teacher. In 2011 he got a degree in safety engineering at Zrinyi Miklos National Defence University.



The camp will take place at Bethlen Gábor Technical College School on Hősök street 40 in Gyomaendrőd, Hungary.

Gyomaendrőd, this small and quiet town in Hungary is lying on flatland at the heart of the Southern Great Plain in the midst of yawning forests, flowery meadows, and quiet billabongs. For the wayfarer searching for a serene place in the summer the sunny and relaxed atmosphere on the bank of the Körös River is just perfect. In the spring the sights and scents of waking nature, in the autumn the experience of hunting, while during winter it’s the sight of the snow-covered plains that gives a special appeal to the Great Plain. The rich tradition of rural life and the colorful palette of the local cultural heritage are attracting a lot of visitors. The abundance in nature’s beauty you find here is indisputable: the fabulous many-colored flowers, hundreds of species of fish, game, and birds are waiting to be explored in a beautiful scenery.

Water everywhere wherever you can see. There is a special triumvirate here: the slowly meandering riverbed of the Hármas-Körös River between flood-plain forests, the flora and fauna of the many back channels dotted with cozy cottages and fishing places on their banks and the famous thermal bath and spa offer threefold appeal for those looking for the spiritual healing power of water.

Waterfront, sunshine, tranquility – these are the values worth looking for here and we cannot wish for more if we cherish peacefulness in our heart. Once you visit this place you will understood what we mean and always would return here. In this intimate harmony of nature, there is a kind of deliberately calm sleepiness as though everything would be here that we’ve ever dreamed of.



  • Gym
  • Shopping nearby
  • Swimming pool


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Dining area
  • Restaurant nearby


  • Free WiFi
  • Parking lot
  • Toiletries


Breakfast, hot lunch, and dinner in the school restaurant will be provided and is included in your pre-paid package.

What's included

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Training daily

What's not included

  • Airfare travel
  • Beach ticket
  • Dan and kyu testing
  • Goodbye party
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Arrival by train

Arrive in Budapest and take the train which is approximately 2 hours long to Gyomaendrőd.

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