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Russian Martial Art

Russian Martial Art was founded by Vladimir Vasiliev to teach Systema - a Russian martial art form - to youth and older people alike.

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Yoshiki Kuraoka

Russian Martial Art Facebook page

A wonderful place to be and train with exceptional people from all over the world.

Fit To Fight

Russian Martial Art Facebook page

Was an awesome experience. Vladimir is quite amazing! I highly recommend to anyone interested in their own and their family's protection. The students there were all willing to help each other in their personal struggle to understand Systema. Thank you to all my new friends. Hope to see you in the future. Gene. Be safe!

Jonathan Han

Russian Martial Art Facebook page

Regular visits to Systema headquarters is a must for my personal growth. Studying with Vladimir Vasiliev is a privilege in itself but being surrounded by his dedicated students add an extra layer of inspiration. I am humbled every time I visit. I cannot praise the school and the people enough. In my opinion it's the best place for martial art training and personal exploration in North America.

Samuel Lima USA

Systema HQ Official Site

I would like to give a testimony of the power of Systema Breathing and exercises. Two weeks ago, 9/15/14, I was fortunate to be chosen to work full time for a Hazmat company here in CA. Being 58 years old I had to go through a battery of tests. I had to push, pull, squat, bend, lift, and walk up stairs to make sure I was fit for the job. Needless to say, I passed all the tests with flying colors. My secret? I have been using Vlad's breathing tapes and techniques.

I also have used his exercise tapes and I feel like a 30 year old again. I would like to thank Vlad for his long lasting commitment to the Systema and to us. Vladimir and Mikhail have selflessly taught over the years invaluable information to us. I wish more people, who cannot go to Toronto and train, like me, would buy the tapes and see for themselves the benefits they will get. Thank you Vlad for your dedication to other's well-being.

Torjus Hilstad Norway

Systema HQ Official Site

It's hard to really write how incredible it feels to finally find a system of living and training that I feel and know I can get good at. No other martial art, training-program, or philosophy I have tried to apply to my life gave me this feeling. I will finish with a huge thank you, and my deepest appreciation.

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