Russian Martial Art

Russian Martial Art was founded by Vladimir Vasiliev to teach Systema - a Russian martial art form - to youth and older people alike.

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Yoshiki Kuraoka

Russian Martial Art Facebook page

A wonderful place to be and train with exceptional people from all over the world.

Fit To Fight

Russian Martial Art Facebook page

Was an awesome experience. Vladimir is quite amazing! I highly recommend to anyone interested in their own and their family's protection. The students there were all willing to help each other in their personal struggle to understand Systema. Thank you to all my new friends. Hope to see you in the future. Gene. Be safe!

Jonathan Han

Russian Martial Art Facebook page

Regular visits to Systema headquarters is a must for my personal growth. Studying with Vladimir Vasiliev is a privilege in itself but being surrounded by his dedicated students add an extra layer of inspiration. I am humbled every time I visit. I cannot praise the school and the people enough. In my opinion it's the best place for martial art training and personal exploration in North America.

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