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1 Month Weight Loss Holiday & Kung Fu Training in China


Study Kung Fu in China

Experience the best training with the outstanding and well-qualified teaching group in Rising Dragon Martial Arts School. They are one of the most promising Kung fu schools in China today and the place for westerners to learn Chinese martial arts. This institute is known for the teaching and promotion of traditional Kung Fu and Chinese Martial Arts in China. Get the best shape and fitness for your body while living in paradise. Join this program now to make it all happen!

<strong>Weight loss program for everyone</strong>

The Phoenix plan is Rising Dragons Martial Arts Schools newest course aimed at people who have lost their way, out of shape, and want to do something about it. The reason this program is started is because over the years just on the normal regime of healthy eating and martial arts training, Rising Dragon has helped dozens of men and women of all ages get into shape within just a few short months.


  • Healthy planned diet from a dietician
  • Reside in an ancient, peaceful Buddhist temple
  • 6-hour loss-weight training from Monday to Friday
  • Daily healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Specialized detox and colon cleanses
  • Daily vitamins and protein shakes
  • 29 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • 20 days with instruction
  • Chinese (mandarin), English
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The luxury accommodation is limited to 2 per room, has an en-suite bathroom, a TV, and is located in it's main Buddhist Monastery which is beautifully landscaped.

School features

  • Free visa for 1 year students
  • 24 hour support from westerner who knows China well
  • A broad selection of styles to choose from, including the rare ones
  • Beautiful and safe training at foothills of the Himalaya
  • Good modern and traditional training facilities
  • Learning Real Gong Fu (not watered down stuff) from some of the best masters in China
  • Reside in a Global Geo Park voted one of the top 3 destinations in China
  • Study Sun Style for 1 year or longer and become a certified Teacher!

At RDS you will train roughly 6 hours per day with rest / free time during weekends. The training starts every morning at 05:30, so most students will wake up at 05:00 to prepare for morning exercise. Regardless of which style you are practicing the 05:30 circuit training is compulsory unless you are 40 years or older then it is optional.

The circuit training is different every morning but consists of some of the following exercises: jogging, sprinting, bear crawls, push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, squats, hand-stands, bur-pees, planks, jumping, gymnastic rings, etc. After circuit training you will go to your chosen style / group and train from 06:00 to 07:20.

Breakfast is at 07:30. By 09:00 the second morning session starts, and before this lesson starts all students will go for a run from 1 kilometer up 20 kilometers depending on which group you are in and depending on your teachers plan for the days training. This lesson has a 20-minute break included and finishes at 11:30 Lunch is at 12:00.

Afternoon training starts at 02:30 and finishes at 05:00. The afternoon training also requires students to go for a run and also has a 20-minute break inside. The evening meal is served at 06:00. Of an evening at 07:00 offer the following optional classes free of charge: Mandarin, calligraphy, Buddhism class.

Phoenix plan for your budget and stress-free lifestyle

The phoenix is famous for its long life span, which rises from the ashes after death and regenerates its self so you can look at the phoenix as a symbol of renewal just like what you will be doing here at Rising Dragon Martial Arts School. The Phoenix plan is going to completely regenerate your mind, body, and soul, and give you a new start in life.

Many weight loss programs around the world are ridiculously expensive and only for a 1-week long course which will not give you dramatic changes in weight or appearance whereas here at Rising Dragon Martial Arts School, you will be living and breathing a healthy lifestyle for 1-3 months, which will be ingrained into you so you can carry the lifestyle on when you return to the real world.

By joining Phoenix plan, you will not only be doing beneficial exercise, but also learning a variety of martial arts and ancient Qi Gong routines, which will help relieve stress and calm the mind. Stress is among the top reasons for people gaining unwanted weight and can affect you in several ways including the release of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can slow your metabolism causing more weight gain and making dieting more difficult.

The schools environment, a 1400 year old Buddhist Monastery, is incomparable by any other location in the world and it will have a huge role mentally in helping people lose weight as it is peaceful, stress free, and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can totally immerse yourself into our way of living in a martial arts Buddhist Monastery and be guaranteed to become a new, better, healthier person by the time you leave.

  • Miao Wen Cai

    Master Miao, 6th Duan, is a master in Baji Quan and Pigua Zhang but also proficient in Tongbi Quan, Yi Quan, Northern Praying Mantis and Yanqing Quan. He has over 50 years of martial arts experience, had numerous articles written about him, trained under some of the best masters in Asia and has lightning speed and tremendous power even though he is in his 60s.

  • Deng Fu Ming

    Master Deng Fu Ming born 1955 in Tang Shan City, Hebei Province was interested in martial arts from a very young age. When he was 16 he met Internal Sun style Master Liu Guo Xin and for the next eight years Deng fu Ming studied Sun Style Xingyi Quan, Bagua and Taiji Quan. Deng Fu Ming trained extremely hard during these 8 years and dedicated all of his time to training.

The academys breathtaking location, Yong Ping, is a county belonging to Dali City, located in Southern Yunnan Province amongst the Himalayan foot hills. Yunnan or 'South of the Clouds' is a very mountainous province in Southwest China, which borders Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam with an average altitude of 1980 m. Yong Ping is a small, friendly, and quiet town with a population of around 170,000.

Located roughly in the middle between the two Cities Dali and Bao Shan, which are both no more than an hour's drive away and both conveniently have airports. The school is also in driving distance to Lijiang and the Burmese border both approximately 3-hour drive at a safe speed. Yong Ping and surrounding areas has heaps of famous temples, mountains, and lakes to visit, as well as natural relaxing hot springs, which have been known to heal certain illnesses.

Rising Dragon Martial Arts School itself is positioned just 15 minutes away from the town, inside a million square meter private park filled with beautiful multi colored plants, amazing wild-life, statues, forests, lakes, wild bamboo, and of course The Rising Dragon Martial Arts School Temple and accommodation.

Although the school is at an altitude of 1700 m, there are many neighboring mountains that tower the school with altitudes reaching 4000 m, which make for challenging hikes during your free time. Considering it's remoteness this school is quite easy to get to with airports in BaoShan, Dali City, and Lijiang, which is an International airport.

The capital, Kunming City, only a 40-minute flight from Dali or Baoshan also has an International airport making travel very convenient. There are many Kung Fu schools in China, but very few can match the carefully selected peaceful grounds of Rising Dragon Martial Arts School. Unlike most parts of China for example Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, and Henan Provinces to name a few, here in Yong Ping the school has zero pollution with the most cleanest and freshest of air surrounding us.

During the program, you will be served the delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

  • 29 nights accommodation
  • 6 hours loss-weight training from Monday to Friday
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Healthy planned diet, specialized detox and colon cleanses
  • Kung Fu training sessions
  • Vitamins and protein shakes
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Arrival by airplane

First you will have to shop around for the cheapest International flight to either Beijing or Shanghai International airport and then you will need an internal flight to Nanjing Airport or catch a bus/ train direct into Zhenjiang city where the school can pick you up if requested.

It is recommended that you book your international flight to Shanghai as this is the closest International airport to the school but if you happen to already be in China dont worry as Zhenjiang () is an easy city to get to.

Although they can meet you and pick you up from either of the two Shanghai airports at a cost, the closest airport to Rising Dragon Martial Arts School is Nanjing airport which you can fly to from anywhere in China.

Arrival by train from Shanghai to Shanghai Hongqiao

From Shanghai station and Shanghai Hongqiao station there are dozens of fast trains all day long starting at 6 am and the last one at 20:36 in the evening, the train takes anything from 1 to 2 hours depending on which train you catch.

If you would like the school representative to meet you at Hongqiao or Pudong Airport let Rising Dragon know at the time of your booking but if you arrive before 11:30am you may have to wait in the airport to be picked up, as it takes you a few hours to get there.

It is recommended that you make your own way to Zhenjiang as it is not difficult and will work out much cheaper.

Arrival by train from Shanghai Metro to Hongqiao Airport or Railway

The metro is by far the easiest and cheapest way to travel from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport or Railway station.

You need to get line 2 (green line) that will take you all the way to Hongqiao railway station.

Once you get to Hongqiao Railway station you will need to buy your ticket to Zhenjiang .

Arrival by train from Beijing South Train Station to Zhenjiang South Train Station

From Beijing South Train Station there are 5 fast trains per day, which take roughly 4.5 hours to get to Zhenjiang South Train Station.

The first is at 07:00 and the last at 17:32.

Arrival from Zhenjiang City

Once you arrive in the city, the school will pick you up free of charge and take you back to RDS, just make sure you have given Scott Bird your arrival details so they know when to expect you, and whether you will arrive in either Zhenjiang station or Zhenjiang south station. You can call the school anytime if you need assistance, if you havent already emailed them your ticket info then you should call or send the school a text message with your arrival time as soon as you have purchased your ticket.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Yunnan, China

Rising Dragon Martial Arts School is established to provide enthusiasts the perfect setting to learn Kung Fu from the best and world class Kung Fu masters.

Speaks English

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