3 Month Private Group Ninja-Martial Arts Island Retreat in Samui Thailand

3 Month Private Group Ninja-Martial Arts Island Retreat in Samui Thailand

  • Rick Tew's Academy, Koh Samui, Thailand

Ninja MMA and Fitness Retreat Thailand

This Program is for students that want to invest time each day (typically 8 hours) into learning multiple martial art skills (strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defense, stances, rolls, falls, etc), and have the option to practice and train in grappling and full-contact sparring (commonly known as mixed martial arts). Founded on the principles of Modern American Ninjitsu as taught by Rick Tew, students will get a complete course in the arts of mind, body and the spirit.

The program is designed to work for men and women of all levels of martial arts experience that are looking for an intensive learning opportunity. From highly motivated beginners to highly dedicated advanced students. We mix martial arts with fitness training (HIIT, Interval, Kettlebell, etc) and mental training (breathing exercises, visualization techniques, goal setting strategies, etc).

Come and join us at our Beach Resort (5 minutes walk away) for an amazing escape from reality. Stay for up to three months and have the time of your life! We also offer this program for a duration of 1 and 2 months. Please check the corresponding listings on this website. In addition, we also offer a set of upgrade options to enhance your stay with us. And we offer special discounts for those that book together with friends or partners. Please contact us to find out the details by clicking the Send Inquiry button. We have limited space available and fill up fast, so contact us today to secure your spot for this year or the next. Looking forward to hearing from you!

For this program, we offer a wide selection of Upgrades to make your trip even more exciting, valuable and convenient:

Private lessons with Master Instructor Rick Tew

Accommodation upgrade to private room or private villa

Meal service (breakfast & lunch)

Moped rental to swish around the island

Training gear (outfits, sparring gear, weapons pack, etc)

Yoga classes (if not already included in the package)

Photo & Video portfolio of your training

Airport pick up

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy offers a range of programs that are generally divided into two main categories: Retreats and Instructor Programs. These programs differ in the following ways:

Retreats - the personal attention option

  • 1 week to 3 months in duration
  • Shared room accommodation
  • Average of 8 students per class
  • High degree of personal attention from Master Instructor Rick Tew
  • Includes training on two MAT's: Martial Arts Therapy and Martial Arts Training
  • Offered in combination with specializations like Yoga, Women's Self Defense classes, Ultimate Detox, etc
  • Training provided by Master Instructor and Assistant Instructors

Instructor Program - the vocational vacation option

  • 3, 6 or 12 months in duration
  • Shared room accommodation only (upgrades may be available, but can not be guaranteed)
  • Meals not included
  • Training provided by Master Instructor and Assistant Instructors
  • Can schedule on / off periods

All these programs are available here on BookMartialArts. If you can not find what you are looking for, For more information, ask your questions directly to Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.


  • Develop core body strength
  • Get into better shape
  • Learn a multi-martial art system
  • Learn realistic self-defense tactics
  • Option to train in full-contact sparring and grappling
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Master mental skills
  • Enhance longevity through our morning routines
  • Learn realistic self-defense tactics and weapons skills
  • Learn skill for personal growth and life balance
  • Internalize fuel for execution
  • 5 days of training per week (weekends are off)
  • Regular training with Master Instructor Rick Tew
  • Experience NinjaYoga taught by a real ninja
  • 84 nights accommodation
  • 60 days with instruction
  • English
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You will stay at our Beach Resort on the tropical island of Ko Samui. It is located five minutes walking to the beach. The resort has two dojo's with soft mat floors and training & fitness equipment. One is indoor with large mirrors and air conditioning, and the other is outdoor and fan cooled. Other than that, there are several grass training areas. There is an outdoor swimming pool, and several indoor & outdoor relax and lounge areas. Plus a kitchen. There is free WiFi.

Students stay with us on shared housing basis, or they can rent a private room that meets their needs. This will not be a Club Med vacation. You will be on a program designed for learning the martial arts and developing your personal attributes. You come to learn the Martial Science and or experience a unique adventure. So do not expect the same conditions and amenities that you have at home. Flexibility is key. We are strict with the rules and regulations. So make sure that you understand these rules prior to your attendance. We want to focus on teaching and training. If you prefer to be on your own, we can also help you find your own place.

In the vicinity there are many restaurants, shops and other services. The beach resort is a short moped ride to Lamai Beach for more options and nightlife.

The Shared Rooms are available at the Beach Resort itself as well. These rooms are equipped with bunk beds, a shared bathroom (1 per room) and are fan-cooled. These rooms have direct access to the shared Beach Resort facilities (swimming pool, kitchen, lounge areas, training areas, etc).

Basic bedlinen is provided, however, you may want to bring your own sleeping bag or sheets. Towels and Toiletries are not included. The students are required to keep their room and bathroom in a clean state.

For those who chose to upgrade their accommodation:

Private Rooms

Private rooms are available at the Beach Resort itself. These rooms are equipped with a double bed, a private bathroom and air conditioning. These rooms have direct access to the shared Beach Resort facilities (swimming pool, kitchen, lounge areas, training areas, etc).

Private Apartment

Private Apartments are available for clients that wish to have more privacy and luxury before and after class. The private apartments are located right next to the Beach Resort as separate villas or units. Each unit has a bedroom with a double bed, private bathroom, a living room and kitchen, an outdoor lounge area, a small garden, and a private outdoor swimming pool.

About Rick Tew’s Martial Arts System

Rick Tew’s Martial Science (RTMS) is not just another Martial Art. RTMS is geared towards the enhancement of Mind, Body and Spirit and it is a Life-Style. We focus on developing a strong character, self-esteem, life enhancing goals, self-confidence, self-discipline, physical conditioning and building knowledge through the martial arts experience.

The Martial Science is an open-minded multi-martial art system that encompasses almost every aspect of the martial arts, with fun entertaining techniques and realistic self-defense tactics to make it a well-rounded program for beginners and advanced Students alike. Rick Tew’s Martial Science is a combination of effective, usable, realistic martial arts principles that make it into its elite system. It is a Modern Ninjitsu system. Because students are not expected to conform to an art, they can use a scientific approach to being their best. A typical martial art can be limited to its tradition, yet RTMS is focused more on the student rather than its master. It is ever changing and it is not limited to the approach of having any labels, set kata’s or “do as I do” training. The student is in charge of his/her training and Self-Powered.

9 out of 10 participants want to join our program for training in the Martial Arts or Modern American Ninjitsu. Since this is a priority for our Students, it is important that we work hard to meet these expectations. We do this by teaching all areas of the martial arts. This includes a multi-martial arts training and concepts that are:

Realistic for use

Fun to learn

Interesting to do

Rick Tew’s Martial Science and Modern American Ninjitsu is a total combination of effective and applicable principles that makes it into a unique system for both beginners and advanced students alike.

The foundation of Rick Tew’s Martial Science includes a wide range of techniques that is both practical and effective. There are 5 Ranking Levels to Instructor status. Each level includes two skills from the following 9 areas of focus:






Body Movement

Knowledge (mind)

Combat and Self-defense strategies


The martial arts training you will endure is a path to achieving a greater self-worth.


Even though training in the martial arts offers a high level of joy and excitement, you also need focused mental growth. One of the ways that this focus and growth are provided is through a system Rick Tew has developed and calls Winjitsu, the mental martial art. In the martial arts, you learn self-defense to help prepare yourself for a situation that might be required for survival.

In today’s world, with the challenges being more mental than physical, you are indeed your own worst enemy. In this day and age, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. You are going to learn how to reach your full potential and how to be a black belt in what you do. This area of mental training will focus on all the information available today that will help you become the best you can be.

Mr. Tew suggests you learn about balance, mind control, physiology, and the neurosciences. Everything you need to know to gain control of your life and to build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, self-power, self-control, and self-image. Winjitsu also teaches you how to overcome fear, doubt, negativity, stress, and laziness.


Here, spirit is referred to as life-spirit, which means spending quality time with others in the great outdoors. Being part of the Winjitsu Academy program is a lot more than just learning the martial arts. You are encouraged to get together for adventures that include hiking, camping, climbing, travel, multiple terrain training, and more.

A large part of the martial science is devoted to the outdoors and outdoor activities. As children, one spends a lot of time exploring and discovering. The goal is to recapture and maintain that healthy attitude. Life should include fun and games, regular adventures, and new experiences that combine both the world and humanity.

Training Schedule:

This program focuses on what is called “Levels Training” and designed to teach you not only the skills in all 5 levels of Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy's system, but also how to teach and lead while mastering your training. The program is designed to make you a well rounded martial artist or athlete. Each day you will focus on a different area of the martial arts in order to give your brain and body new experiences and time to grow and learn. Ninja Gym train five days a week with weekends off and private group classes are three to five hours each day. The schedule usually is focused on a different level of the system each day.


Level 1: Horse stance, forward roll, flat fall forward, fist strikes, front kicks, duck, rtms book, natural reactions, stick / tonfa, cat stance, reverse roll, flat back, flat fall back, palm heel strike, low sweep kick, jump, stretching, combat reality, and knife.


Level 2: Defensive stance, side roll, flat fall side, knife hand strike, back kicks, pivot, shuffle, shift, step, mind martial science - ACE, triangulation, chain / rope, power stance, diving roll, rolling fall, jab / cross/ hook / etc., round kicks, cartwheel, mind martial science - MAK, inside / outside defense, and staff.


Level 3: Fighting stance, dropping roll, air fall, finger strikes, sidekicks, kip, mind martial science - MBS, jam, block and run, sword/ half-staff, low defensive stance, superman roll, offensive falls, bent wrist, crescent kicks, hand springs, mind martial science - NRG, phases of combat, and environmental weapons.


Level 4: Open / bow stance, table roll, defensive falls, forearm strike, knee, stealthing, mind martial science - CMT, grappling, sai, blade stance, rolling with objects, falling with objects, elbow, reverse heel kick, climbing, elemental meditation, sparring, and nunchaku.


Level 5: Reactive stance, rolling attack, stunt falls, ridge hand, dropping heel kick, strikes and kicks form, diet and exercise, magnificent 7s, blinding powder, combat stance, rolls form, falls form, knuckle fist, advanced kicks, 1 - 40 form, tic toc, personal security course, and firearms.

All students will get a levels guide when they register as well as a complete system and philosophy guide.

This program is for students that want to invest time each day (typically eight hours) into learning multiple martial art skills (strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defense, stances, rolls, falls, etc.), and have the option to practice and train in grappling and full contact sparring (commonly known as Mixed Martial Arts). Founded on the principles of modern American ninjitsu as taught by Rick Tew, students will get a complete course in the arts of mind, body, and the spirit.

How Are Classes Taught?

All students are taught by either Sensei Tew, Assistant instructors or higher ranked member of the program. Students may also be trained by course instructors that specialize in unique topics (firearms, Muay Thai, Grappling etc.). Students will get training that they need to focus on and master each week. Remember, self-power is required at all martial art and fitness camps – we do not hold your hand. So those that are serious about the martial arts will still need to put in some of their own disciplined time mastering skills (very often on their own after class). Although we are here to teach, it is up to you to wake up and get to the class. We will not hold your hand or constantly be telling you what to do. Your success in this program is up to you and only you. We provide the tools, guidance, motivation and we will be there to push you – but you need to be pushing too.

Who is the Ninja-MMA program for?

This is for men and women that like a rougher workout and martial arts training. This program is for anyone looking to dive into the martial arts and take the time to practice daily in order to master the training provided each week by Master Instructor Rick Tew.


The ninja of Ninja-MMA represents the modern American ninjitsu system that is taught here. If you love the martial arts or if you have always wanted to learn the martial arts, Rick Tew’s Ninja-MMA program has it all. You are not just learning how to kick a bag and do sit-ups. With this ninja training, you are learning to move like a ninja too.

Though many have only experienced ninja training for kids or turtles, this is a realistic and useful self-defense system too. Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy provides both the Martial (military practicality) and the Arts (fun and exciting) in all of their training. So, you will learn to move like Jackie Chan and also learn combat skills for real-world scenarios.

Mixed Martial Arts

Many people would like to also get a chance to learn grappling or sparring and since this has been a part of Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academys ninja training since day one, they want to make a clear point that they do include full-contact training as an optional part of the multi-martial arts training. This is still something you can choose not to do too, as many students will prefer to stick to the ninja training which offers a complete and well-rounded system of martial arts.

What will you learn?

You will be introduced to a plethora of martial art skills. Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy's strategy for personal growth has shown to speed up the learning curve by as much as three times. Some of the areas that they will focus on teaching from each level of their program include strikes, kicks, stances, rolls, falls, body movement, weapons, grappling, sparring, self-defense, breathing, flexibility, core training, muscle confusion, bodyweight fitness, and health and diet.

Why should you come?

If you are interested in learning as much as possible about the martial arts, have an interest in modern ninjitsu or Ninja-MMA, or want to try something unique to shake up your life, this program could be the right fit for you. If you have other goals, like losing weight fast or adapting to the ketogenic diet, and just want a place to really focus, Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy can help.

What are the benefits?

From this training, you will be able to learn a complete well-rounded multi-martial art system, get into better shape and lose weight fast, try a new diet or adjust to a new health plan, get muscle confusion the fun and creative way, learn martial arts management and leadership skills, master mental skills for fulfillment and execution, practice daily deep breathing routines, learn realistic self-defense tactics and personal security, improve your flexibility and fast twitching muscle reaction, and build strength and increase cardio and lung capacity.

What is unique about this program?

What makes this program unique is that you will have the option to train in full-contact sparring and grappling and have weapons training. Furthermore, you will have Winjitsu mind training implemented in lessons, weekly sensei seminars with the master instructor, and time with the founder of Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy and author of Winjitsu.

This program also provides a complete system in the martial arts, as most programs simply put together various training sessions but fail to provide a full martial arts course from A to Z. Students that want to earn level certification can do this too. If you are interested in teaching or helping to teach the martial arts, then consider their instructors training program.

Please note that flexibility is key. The training schedule will adjust accordingly. Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy reserves the right to adjust the program any way they feel will best support the students as a whole. There will be days where you will be expected to drop everything and follow them on a new schedule. Travel schedules vary greatly and are determined almost on the spot and or set down by the instructors as they see fit. Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy is strict with the rules and regulations, so please make sure that you understand these rules prior to your attendance. They want to focus on teaching and training.

Saturday and Sunday are reserved for the students as off days. You can rest after a long week of training and adventure. The weekend is also used to organize personal needs. Most students will spend their time relaxing and preparing for the next week, however, it is still possible to train and practice what you have learned so far.

Unless you have signed up for a Weekend Trip of course!

  • Rick Tew

    Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed teacher in the martial arts, founder of NinjaGym, and author of the personal growth book series, Winjitsu, the mental martial arts. He is a certified strategic intervention coach and has been teaching audiences globally for the last 20 years. Utilizing the martial arts as a gateway to excellence, he created his personal development programs. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential and his principles are on the cutting edge of personal development.

Ko Samui is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand. It is Thailand's third largest island, with an area of 228.7 square kilometers and a population of over 50,000 (2008). It is rich with natural resources, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees. It is the most significant island in the Chumphon Archipelago. The island is surrounded by about sixty other islands, which together compose the Ang Thong Marine National Park (Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park) and include many other popular tourist destinations, including, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Tao, and Ko Nang Yuan. The island Ko Samui is situated 496 kilometers south of Bangkok. If you travel by plane from Bangkok it takes for about 1 hour to get to Samui.

As food is not included in the Base Program, you are free to eat where and what you want. The Resort has kitchen facilities to prepare your own food. Or try local delicacies at the many many food markets and restaurants nearby. These are very affordable compared to US and European prices. Alternatively, you can inquire about the Meal Service upgrade option.

Arranging your own trips to the park for sports, training, or other events

Beach parties

Boat trip to other islands

Elephant riding

Hiking to hot springs

Making use of free time to read a book, start training in a new area, focus on home study courses, or spend more time on the mat

Mountain biking

Motorcycle or moped cruising

Motocross riding

Movies and restaurants nearby

Paintball parking

River Rafting

Rock climbing

Visiting areas nearby like Pattaya, Khao Yai, and Hua Hin

Visiting the town for a movie or travel to a theme park

Visiting local national parks

  • 5 days of intensive training each week
  • Typically 3 to 5 hours of guided training each day
  • Unlimited hours of self-directed training
  • Access to shared training facilities and swimming pool
  • 84 nights of accommodation
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Insurance
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Training Gear
  • Weekend Adventure Trips
  • Transport around the island
  • Towels and Toiletries

How to get there

Travel to Thailand will most likely be by airplane to Bangkok (BKK airport). From there you have several options to get to Ko Samui.

Transport by airplane

You can catch a plane from the Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhumi. Bangkok Air and Thai Airways fly direct to Samui Airport, several times per day. For a slightly cheaper option, fly to Suratthani. From there, just take a bus or taxi to the ferry.

Transport by Bus

If you want a more economical way to travel, take the VIP bus from the well-known Khao San Road or from the Southern bus terminal at Boromrat Chonnani Road in Bangkok. The VIP buses are more comfortable than A/C bus. You can buy a ticket in almost every travel agency in Bangkok. The ferry is often included in the price.

Transport by Ferry

The fastest ferry leaves from the two main piers in Donsak on the mainland with operators like Seatran, and Racha Ferry. The price is about 150 THB.

Transport by Train

Another great way to travel is the night train from Hualamphong, the Bangkok railway station, to Suratthani. The sleeping cars are comfortable. It is a little more expensive than the bus, but you will get a good sleep. Upper beds are less expensive than the lower ones. A private first class cabin for two persons is also available.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Las Vegas, United States

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy is the world's leading mind and martial arts mastery academy focused on creating balance of mind-body-spirit.

  • Availability: The Training Camps of this organizer are available 98% of the time.
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85 days / 84 nights

Special discount

For a booking of private rooms for 2 persons, the second person is eligible for a special discount of 50%.

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