1 Year Ninja-MMA, Martial Arts Instructor Training on Samui Island, Thailand

Live-in Instructor Private Group Training Course in Thailand

For those looking for a long term martial arts adventure lifestyle while learning a new skill and becoming an Instructor in the Martial Arts.

Rick Tew teaches people how to become instructors, leaders, and coaches in an area of expertise that they love so that they can create a life around their own needs and desires. This program is for anyone that wants a drastic change in their mental or physical skills.

Whether you want to be an instructor of the Martial Arts, get into better shape, get out of the daily grind, or take on a new travel adventure, join our program now to get a life changing experience at a price you can afford.

Beginner and advanced Students are welcome to train with us on Ko Samui Island, Thailand. Learn how to teach martial arts as a career or part-time Ninja MMA job or just add to your leadership and management skills.

Take a vocational vacation and learn how to teach Martial Arts classes while improving your fitness and getting some adventure. We have very limited space, so act now and get the best deals for 2017. You can learn what it takes to be a qualified Martial Arts Instructor with a few private weeks or a year of private group training.

You also have the opportunity to break up your Instructor Certification training into several phases if that fits your schedule better. Or commit to a shorter program of either 3 or 6 months. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Click the Send Inquiry button to get in touch with us.

Who Is The Martial Arts Instructor Certification Program For?

For Martial Arts Students looking to Teach Martial Arts or follow the Levels training program to achieve management, leadership or instructional skills and Certification.

You do not have to teach martial arts or want a Ninja MMA Job to participate. Therefore, this program is for people looking for a new martial arts lifestyle. It is also great as an adventure through training long-term in a real martial arts system. Rick Tew’s Ninja MMA (Martial Science), is great for those that want a break from their typical life. It is also perfect for those that want to learn the skill of being an Instructor in the Martial Arts.

Our Ninja Gym and Ninja MMA job training camps help people learn how to become a martial arts instructor. In addition to physical skills, you will also learn to lead classes or be a head coach in an area that you are passionate about. The goal being for Students to create a career based on their own needs and wants. This martial arts instructor program is for anyone that wants change in their mental leadership or physical martial art skills.

What Will You Learn?

Rick Tew’s Martial Arts System (Rick Tew Martial Science = RTMS)

How to teach martial arts

Learn by doing strategies

Opportunity to develop instructional skills

TIC TOC Management training

How to organize a learning course

Public Speaking

Leadership skills through application

What Type Of Martial Arts Instruction Is Provided?

This martial art instructor training program is focused on Intense Levels Training. It was created by Ninja Gym Master Instructor, Rick Tew. In the training, you will learn you all 5 ranking levels of our Ninja-MMA real martial art system. It also includes more than 18 specific lessons per level.

Most importantly we teach you the fastest way to become a martial arts instructor so you can get a Ninja-MMA job. You can also use the same skills in another area, teaching what you love. We place a lot of emphasis on the vocational aspect of the martial arts and fitness. Rick Tew designed a program so you learn how to teach martial arts while mastering your Ninja-MMA skills.

What Is The Overall Goal Of The Program?

The NinjaGym course teaches you how to be a well-rounded martial artist and Ninja-MMA Instructor. Each day improves your skills in teaching while also being focused on a different area of the martial arts. Similar to the way muscle confusion is used in fitness, we provide the mind and body new experiences. This is one way you can learn as fast as possible without being bored.

Students serious about vocational martial arts are expected to participate for 2 hours each day in the business. This is related to teaching the martial arts, but it is also optional. This is done to provide hands-on experience with a learn-by-doing the martial arts business approach. This strategy ensures that you a well-educated skilled Martial Arts Instructor and a Manager of Martial Arts Business. All of our participants have the opportunity to be a martial art Assistant Instructor during the course of their training.

What Is Unique About Ninja MMA vs. MMA?

Ninja Gym programs and martial arts training are very different from the typical MMA job or Muay Thai school. If you Google a list of these MMA training centers, you will see that they are often cookie-cutter copies of each other. The photos will usually be an image of sweaty guys with no shirts, kicking and punching a bag. They usually claim to have world champion Instructors (which is amazing how many world champions there are). One center in Singapore claims to have more than 40 World champions under one roof. Those that do Muay Thai rarely last past their 20’s. Many students of these fighting sports develop arthritis in the ankles, knee injuries and other life-long pains.

We are NOT that type of MMA job training school. That type is focused on the EGO and damaging the body or for training fighters. Many of these participants must take steroids to keep up with everyone else fighting for a belt. At Ninja Gym, we do teach you to punch, kick, grapple and fight, but we also teach you the Martial Science and Modern Ninjitsu for a fun traditional yet realistic martial arts (Ninja MMA) program. You will learn like a scientist and fight like a Ninja.

What Type Of School Are We?

We help students learn to teach martial arts and get a Ninja-MMA Job that is fun so that they can do what they love without sacrificing their body.

Ninja MMA is a complete system so you can learn a real martial art. At the same time, you can learn how to get a job teaching martial arts around the world. We are a complete training system that offers those that want to train with happy, health conscious, goal oriented people. If you only want to fight, punch a bag or damage your body then you can do that too. If you want to grow and face yourself in the mirror, then that is a choice only you can make.

Here are some ways to tell if you have some things in common with others on our program:

You want to teach martial arts or similar

It feels good when you are helping people grow

You like to share

The idea of learning new information is pleasing

You want a Ninja-MMA job

Travel is one of your goals

You are looking for a change in life

Health conscious living is important to you

If you resonate with some of the above, please consider our program and join now.


  • Develop physical abilities
  • Training by Master Instructor Rick Tew
  • Beautiful location on Ko Samui in Thailand
  • Achieve Certification as a Martial Arts Instructor
  • Learn how to teach Martial Arts classes and run a dojo
  • Train and Teach in a multi-martial arts Ninja-MMA system
  • Become a Recognized Expert at Rick Tew's Martial Science martial arts system
  • Career Opportunities for the ones that stand out
  • Get a life changing experience at a fair price
  • Participate in the operations of NinjaGym
  • Increase mental awareness and focus
  • Leadership skills through application
  • Enhance communication skills
  • 365 days of accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


275 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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You will stay at on the tropical island of Ko Samui either on-site at the center or off-site nearby. The center is located five minutes walking to the beach. Students stay with us on shared housing basis, or they can rent a private room that meets their needs. This will not be a Club Med vacation. You will be on a program designed for learning the martial arts and developing your personal attributes. You come to learn the Martial Science and or experience a unique adventure. So do not expect the same conditions and amenities that you have at home. Flexibility is key. We are strict with the rules and regulations. So make sure that you understand these rules prior to your attendance. We want to focus on teaching and training. In the vicinity, there are many restaurants, shops, and other services. The beach retreat is a short moped ride to Lamai Beach for more options and nightlife.

Rick Tew's Ninja Gym Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor Course

About Rick Tew’s Martial Arts System

Rick Tew’s Martial Science (RTMS) is not just another Martial Art. RTMS is geared towards the enhancement of Mind, Body and Spirit and it is a Life-Style. We focus on developing a strong character, self-esteem, life enhancing goals, self-confidence, self-discipline, physical conditioning and building knowledge through the martial arts experience.

The Martial Science is an open-minded multi-martial art system that encompasses almost every aspect of the martial arts, with fun entertaining techniques and realistic self-defense tactics to make it a well-rounded program for beginners and advanced Students alike.

Rick Tew’s Martial Science is a combination of effective, usable, realistic martial arts principles that make it into its elite system. It is a Modern Ninjitsu system. Because students are not expected to conform to an art, they can use a scientific approach to being their best. A typical martial art can be limited to its tradition, yet RTMS is focused more on the student rather than its master. It is ever changing and it is not limited to the approach of having any labels, set kata’s or “do as I do” training. The student is in charge of his/her training and Self-Powered.

9 out of 10 participants want to join our program for training in the Martial Arts or Modern American Ninjitsu. Since this is a priority for our Students, it is important that we work hard to meet these expectations. We do this by teaching all areas of the martial arts. This includes a multi-martial arts training and concepts that are:

Realistic for use

Fun to learn

Interesting to do

Rick Tew’s Martial Science and Modern American Ninjitsu is a total combination of effective and applicable principles that makes it into a unique system for both beginners and advanced students alike.

The foundation of Rick Tew’s Martial Science includes a wide range of techniques that is both practical and effective. There are 5 Ranking Levels to Instructor status. Each level includes two skills from the following 9 areas of focus:






Body Movement

Knowledge (mind)

Combat and Self-defense strategies


The martial arts training you will endure is a path to achieving a greater self-worth.


Even though training in the martial arts offers a high level of joy and excitement, you also need focused mental growth. One of the ways that this focus and growth are provided is through a system Rick Tew has developed and calls Winjitsu, the mental martial art. In the martial arts, you learn self-defense to help prepare yourself for a situation that might be required for survival.

In today’s world, with the challenges being more mental than physical, you are indeed your own worst enemy. In this day and age, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. You are going to learn how to reach your full potential and how to be a black belt in what you do. This area of mental training will focus on all the information available today that will help you become the best you can be.

Mr. Tew suggests you learn about balance, mind control, physiology, and the neurosciences. Everything you need to know to gain control of your life and to build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, self-power, self-control, and self-image. Winjitsu also teaches you how to overcome fear, doubt, negativity, stress, and laziness.


Here, spirit is referred to as life-spirit, which means spending quality time with others in the great outdoors. Being part of the NinjaGym program is a lot more than just learning the martial arts. You are encouraged to get together for adventures that include hiking, camping, climbing, travel, multiple terrain training, and more.

A large part of the martial science is devoted to the outdoors and outdoor activities. As children, one spends a lot of time exploring and discovering. The goal is to recapture and maintain that healthy attitude. Life should include fun and games, regular adventures, and new experiences that combine both the world and humanity.


This program focuses on what is called “Levels Training” and designed to teach you not only the skills in all 5 levels of NinjaGym's system, but also how to teach and lead while mastering your training. The program is designed to make you a well rounded martial artist or athlete. Each day you will focus on a different area of the martial arts in order to give your brain and body new experiences and time to grow and learn.

Level 1: Horse stance, forward roll, flat fall forward, fist strikes, front kicks, duck, rtms book, natural reactions, stick / tonfa, cat stance, reverse roll, flat back, flat fall back, palm hell strike, low sweep kick, jump, stretching, combat reality, and knife.

Level 2: Defensive stance, side roll, flat fall side, knife hand strike, back kicks, pivot, shuffle, shift, step, mind martial science - ACE, triangulation, chain / rope, power stance, diving roll, rolling fall, jab / cross/ hook / etc., round kicks, cartwheel, mind martial science - MAK, inside / outside defense, and staff.

Level 3: Fighting stance, dropping roll, air fall, finger strikes, sidekicks, kip, mind martial science - MBS, jam, block and run, sword/ half-staff, low defensive stance, superman roll, offensive falls, bent wrist, crescent kicks, hand springs, mind martial science - NRG, phases of combat, and environmental weapons.

Level 4: Open / bow stance, table roll, defensive falls, forearm strike, knee, stealthing, mind martial science - CMT, grappling, sai, blade stance, rolling with objects, falling with objects, elbow, reverse heel kick, climbing, elemental meditation, sparring, and nunchaku.

Level 5: Reactive stance, rolling attack, stunt falls, ridge hand, dropping heel kick, strikes and kicks form, diet and exercise, magnificent 7s, blinding powder, combat stance, rolls form, falls form, knuckle fist, advanced kicks, 1 - 40 form, tic toc, personal security course, and firearms.

The base price is for the vocational program and requires students to work a minimum of 2 hours each day. This will give you hands on training and ensure that when you leave the program, you are a well educated and skilled Instructor, Leader, or Manager. All students will be assistants at some point during their training. You will participate in order to get hands on experience teaching. You also get to learn the business of running a training center by participating in the operations of NinjaGym.

You can participate in the Instructor Certification Program in the January - June time frame, or September - Oct time frame each year. Some students may want to attend early. For those that attend early, it will be a very small group and a lot more downtime as compared to the first month of phases. In Thailand, the months July, August and November, December are off due to holiday and rainy Season. You can stay at the camp in Thailand to continue your training in a self-organized manner, or take some time off.

After you register, you have up to one year to begin your program. So it is best to reserve your spot at the discounted rate and attend when you are available. You may leave and return to the program at a later date should you only be able to train a few months at a time.


NinjaGym offers multi-martial arts camps / ninja training and travel adventure programs that bring balance to your mind (with the mental martial art of Winjitsu), strength to the body (by teaching the martial arts) and fulfillment to the spirit (through outdoor adventure - travel and training). NinjaGym comes with a new way of life and a chance to travel. The purpose is to educate and train motivated individuals via the martial arts and adventure travel.

Included excursions

Saturday and Sunday are reserved for the students as off days. They can rest after a long week of training and adventure. The weekend is also used to organize personal needs. Most students will spend their time relaxing and preparing for the next week.


Rick Tew
Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed teacher in the martial arts, founder of NinjaGym, and author of the personal growth book series, Winjitsu, the mental martial arts. He is a certified strategic intervention coach and has been teaching audiences globally for the last 20 years. Utilizing the martial arts as a gateway to excellence, he created his personal development programs. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential and his principles are on the cutting edge of personal development.


Ko Samui is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand. It is Thailand's third largest island, with an area of 228.7 square kilometers and a population of over 50,000 (2008). It is rich with natural resources, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees. It is the most significant island in the Chumphon Archipelago. The island is surrounded by about sixty other islands, which together compose the Ang Thong Marine National Park (Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park) and include many other popular tourist destinations, including, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Tao, and Ko Nang Yuan. The island Ko Samui is situated 496 kilometers south of Bangkok. If you travel by plane from Bangkok it takes for about 1 hour to get to Samui.



  • Gym
  • Hiking
  • Mountain walking
  • Rock climbing
  • Swimming
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Beach
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Hammock
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Meditation garden
  • Smoke-free property
  • Terrace
  • Yoga deck
  • Yoga studio


  • Free Wi-Fi


As food is not included in the Base Program, you are free to eat where and what you want. Housing has kitchen facilities to prepare your own food. Or try local delicacies at the many many food markets and restaurant nearby. These are very affordable compared to US and European prices.

Things to do (optional)

Arranging your own trips to the park for sports


Zip lines

Outdoor training

Beach parties

Snorkel Boat trips to other islands

Hiking up waterfalls

Making use of free time

Read a book

Start training in a new area, focus on home study courses, or spend more time on the mat

Mountain biking

Motorcycle or moped cruising

Motocross riding

Movies and restaurants nearby

Rock climbing

Visiting islands nearby like Koh Phangan or Koh Tao

Visiting the town for dinner or nightlife

What's included

  • 364 nights accommodation if you meet the requirements
  • Basic housing
  • Learning vital business skills
  • Reviews for progress and Levels Certification
  • Time to teach in order to improve your own skills as an Instructor
  • Training in the martial science, up to 8 hours per day, 5 days per week

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Airport Transfers
  • Food
  • Insurances
  • Personal Expenses
  • Training Gear
  • Transportation
  • Weekend Trips

How to get there

Travel to Thailand will most likely be by airplane to Bangkok (BKK airport) or Phuket island. From there you have several options to get to Ko Samui.

Transport by Airplane

You can catch a plane from the Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhum via Bangkok Air or Thai Airways. They fly directly to Samui Airport, several times per day.

Transport by bus

If you want a more economical way to travel, take the VIP bus from the well-known Khao San Road or from the Southern bus terminal at Boromrat Chonnani Road in Bangkok. The VIP buses are more comfortable than A/C bus. You can buy a ticket in almost every travel agency in Bangkok. The ferry is often included in the price.

Transport by ferry

The fastest ferry leaves from the two main piers in Donsak on the mainland with operators like Seatran, and Racha Ferry.

Transport by train

Another great way to travel is the night train from Hualamphong, the Bangkok railway station, to Surat Thani. The sleeping cars are comfortable. It is a little more expensive than the bus, but you will get a good sleep. Upper beds are less expensive than the lower ones. A private first class cabin for two persons is also available.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
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365 days / 364 nights
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