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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded by Relinde, Yoga Danza offers online classes, workshops, retreats, and private sessions that teach a mix of dance and yoga, developed by Relinde herself

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  • Guillia Moressa The Netherlands/Italy

    Chi Kung Bali webpage

    I’m so grateful to for the changes I have achieved so far. The friendly approach, with an open heart, remarkable skills, knowledge, and passion made this journey an amazing experience. I definitely feel that something has shifted, know that I now have the tools to make things better…re-energize, be “in the moment”, regain self-esteem, strength, and motivation. All this makes me feel so different, much more at peace…and this is just the beginning.

  • Christine Marsden-Smedley Australia

    Chi Kung Bali webpage

    I feel that I have found a better connection and openness and more forgiveness with myself and others. Which helps me to unblock emotions.

    The course was really accessible. It was quick, and it was easy and that was mainly because of the way it was explained. Secrets were shared – you know – things that have often been taught to be secrets, in a way that made it really natural.

  • Lot Macrander Netherlands

    Relinde Moors website

    You’re my favorite teacher ever. I felt a bit nervous because for me dancing always feels somewhat uncomfortable. So I was afraid I couldn’t keep up and wouldn’t remember the steps.

    I discovered that dance and theater are not that far apart from each other! During the last workshop, where we combined Cuban Rumba and contemporary dance, it was so interesting to discover the game of Rumba and to apply dance technique to make a fusion and tell a story. It’s not just movement, it is so much more. I would definitely recommend people to work with Relinde. I learned so much about dance, theater, and myself. She’s proficient, never judges anyone, has nice energy, a personal approach, and creates beautiful things. Just go for it. You won’t regret.

  • Mathilda Andersson Sweden

    Retreats Around the Globe website

    Relinde is such a loving, positive, and energy spreading soul. I love how she combined her yoga and dance knowledge to create such an interesting and unique concept.

    I discovered in this class how beautiful it can be to mix yoga with dance. I really enjoyed being able to let go of the rules around normal yoga and to enjoy it more freely when the dance was infused. I enjoyed every second of the class and came out from it with a huge smile! A great and fun experience that has stayed in my mind for a long time.

  • Stacie John Australia

    Retreats Around the Globe website

    Trained in traditional style of yoga and from a dance background, I was a little hesitant about the combination, but I was inspired and enjoyed the combination of free dance movement and postures! I discovered that I am able to let the body go and express freely. I really enjoyed the flowing combination of yoga and dance.

  • Sarah Shotts United States

    Retreats Around the Globe website

    I love the beauty and flowing nature of the yoga dance classes. My favorite bit is the improvisation. Very unique and fun. After the class my body feels more alive and I can feel the energy flowing through it.

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