Ren Shi Gong Fu Martial Arts School

Ren Shi Gong Fu is a family Kung u school located in Shandong, China, emphasizing individualized one on one training.

  • Shandong, China

Speaks English

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Offers starting at US$580
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Based on 3 reviews
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Ren Qiang

Being passionate about teaching Kung Fu, Master Ren Qiang is eager to help people learn Kung Fu at their optimum speed. And since people are very different in how they learn and what they like, he tries to find the best teaching approach for every individual.

Ren Ri Qing

He has over 40 years of traditional Chinese Martial Arts experience and can be considered a virtual encyclopedia of traditional Chinese Gongfu. His specialty is the Ren family's long two-section staff.

Ren He

Master Ren He is the 7th Generation Ren Shi Xiaofanche (Ren Fist) faction representative. He has appeared in several Chinese and foreign publications and is held in high esteem worldwide. He has also received public recognition from Jiang Zhi Cheng, chairman of the International Gongfu Union.


  • Review by Jack from Switzerland

    "I first came here in 2009, staying for the whole summer. I thouroghly enjoyed my stay here. The training is very good and tailor made for each students particular goals and aspirations. I - by way of example - chose to focus wholly on Sanda, that is to say Chinese kickboxing. Other students who were here at the same time studied other forms of Kung Fu, and the masters trained them accordingly."

    September 2013. Rengongfu website, edited

  • Review by Spring from Switzerland

    "I stayed in Laixi for 3 months and I can honestly say that this was one of the best experiences in my life. Apart from Chinese martial art I got to know a lot about Chinese culture and even learned the language a little bit. The best thing about Laixi and the school is Ren Qiang - not only a sophisticated master but moreover a very good and close friend!"

    March 2013. Rengongfu website, edited

  • Review by Andre from USA

    "I arrived at Renqiang's after staying in a larger martial arts school in a more populous place. The Ren Gong Fu school however is a smaller and quieter establishment, where only a maximum of four students train at a given time. The Ren family is warm and friendly, and works outside of the gym to help you with whatever you need for travel or general living."

    November 2012. Rengongfu website, edited