Ren Shi Gong Fu is a family Kung u school located in Shandong, China, emphasizing individualized one on one training.

Reviews (3)

Pilar Perez

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"100% satisfaction"

My time at Ren She Gong Fu school has been a life changing experience. I felt part of a loving family and the tai chi I learnt was the best I have experienced in my life. Shifu is an amazing martial artist, an outstanding teacher and a beautiful human being. Shifu's wife irradiates goodness and this is reflected in her cooking, so healthy and delicious. I totally recommend this school and I dream about the day I can go back.

Joost Nieuwenhuis

from Netherlands, May 2017


Excellent master, good students, good food , good dojo, nice training, evetything was above expectations