Rawai Muay Thai

Rawai Muay Thai offers first rate Muay Thai training with comfortable accommodation.

Instructors 8

Tuk Rawai

He is the founder and owner of Rawai Muay Thai. Tuk's passion is to watch his students fight. He trains both Thai and foreign fighters. On his free time he enjoys fishing and spending time in the outdoors.

Fin Rawai

He trained and fought in Bangkok for many years. Now he teaches at Rawai Muay Thai camp in Khao Lak.


He still fights occasionally, but spends most of his time in the gym sharing his knowledge. He also performs Muay Boran.


Trainer Du is also proficient in Muay Boran.


Trainer Pan started as a young fighter for Rawai. Now he teaches full time and still fights occasionally.


Naboon was Tuk's trainer in Bangkok. Now, many years later, he is supervising our young talented kids at the camp.

Hua Deng

Hua Deng helps Naboon on training the young Thai boxers in the camp.


Trainer Dam is one of the trainers you will see everyday during your training.

Reviews 12

Natalie For The Poole

from Thailand, May 2018

"Fantastic first muay thai experience"

Friendly staff, beautiful facililities, fun and professional instructors. I will be back for more!

Gaelle Sapaly

from Philippines, April 2018

"Amazing Muay Thai camp"

I liked everything about my stay in Rawai. I wish I could have extended my stay! People, facilities, the training and the trainers were excellent. I will be back!

Jaclyn Uchida-cook

from Ireland, January 2018

Amazing staff and trainers! Great ratio of trainers to students and of all levels. Make you feel very comfortable yet challenged while having fun at the same time. The rooms were amazing and it was a wonderful experience will Def have to come back again sometime!!

Zoe Sorensen

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Perfect place to practice :) "

Instructors where amazing and professional! Group classes where really challenging!

Nicholas Bennett

from United States, May 2018

"Muay Thai with great focus"

People of all skill levels and backgrounds training together. From first time martial arts to professional fighters, you'll train with amazing people who leave the ego outside the gym and have great focus on learning with you.

Ailish Doyle

from Ireland, February 2018

"2 weeks training beginner level at muay thai"

The trainers were both professional & friendly they look after beginners at the camp with a separate introduction to muay thai and cater to all levels up to fighter level. Training was organised and fun. Food is great at the pool restaurant and there are other restaurants closeby to switch it up ( Tiks restaurant & Happy Time are both really good) & great value for money.

Florian Focke

from Germany, August 2017

"Culture of Muay Thai"

Helpy friendly people.Big community like family. I train by Rawai Muay Thai again.

Damian Rees

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"Rawai family"

Everyone so helpful. A wonderful camp with a variety of restaurants on site. Anything you need or want they will help you out. Felt very safe and comfortable. The trainers are amazing. So good. So much space and time and just the best Muay Thai camp around. The local town has all the massage, food, drinks and shops. Also Dr's pharmacy and anything u need. Lovely beaches nearby and all the day trips if u want to do all that.

Testimonials 5

John UAE

Tripadvisor website

I must say. This is my first time to a MUAY THAI camp and I have seen many other camps after and nothing compares to this place. Amazing. Perfect. Feels like a big villa and home hahaha, Diana the owner is amazing and so friendly. Wonderful person. Trained with Sun daily and he was great and since my visit I have been trying to come back here again and again.

I actually lost 16 kilos in 3 weeks. Training only 1 hour a day and eating healthy. Swimming and enjoying the massages. Thank you. This is a true place of focus. Want to come back son bad hahaha. See you soon

Robertsim71 Singapore

Tripadvisor website

The Muay Thai camp is situated about 1.5 hrs drive away from the Phuket Int'l Airport.. but that just adds to the beauty of it. It is far away from distraction and a perfect place to hunker down and concentrate on what you really came for..the art of Muay Thai. They did not disappoint. The owners Tuk and Diana were accommodating and friendly, so were the staff and trainers. I was overweight and out of shape when I arrived.. but at no point did anyone laughed.. they just did what they do best, work me into shape. The trainers were supportive, hard working and most of all humble. Anything you need is right there in camp. For the occasional treat, The Marriott Hotel is just down the road a few kilometers and the beach a few mins away.

Best holiday adventure I every had and I highly recommend this camp to anyone who wants to get fit, upgrade your skills, or just simply have some holiday fun working out. I will definitely be back.. and soon :P


Tripadvisor website

Must re visit again for longer period. Serious workout adapted to different level. Trainers are professional fighters, you ll definitely enhance your level

Getactive2016 South Korea

Tripadvisor website

I went along to Thailand with my Sister and didn't even plan on training. Once I got there and saw what was happening, I was hooked. I trained for a week and loved it! I am a raw foodist - I eat 95% Raw Fruits & Vegetables as my daily diet (have been for 11 years)- so training without conditioning before hand was easier for me because my body has lots of energy! You can trust the quality of your training at Rawai Muay Thai. You are safe staying at their camp and will love and cherish the neighboring restaurants specifically Tik Restaurant and the restaurant by the pool on camp. You will detox while you are there, make sure you drink coconut water to stay nourished. Make sure to go to a professional fight in Khao Lak. I was surprised how the camp attendees (who flew in from across the world) drank every weekend and partied in town. I did not agree with that atmosphere. I was respected more by the trainers because they knew I had standards. Good luck training, stay safe, and share the light of Christ!

A8264OUbradc United Kingdom

Tripadvisor website

The score speaks for itself. Great atmosphere, trainers and staff so nice and helpful. Can't wait to return. Camp is lovely and everything nearby, what more can you ask for

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