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Raised Spirit Internal Arts offers trainings with Nick Osipczak combining martial arts, Tai Chi, and yoga for those seeking the way of the spiritual warrior.

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Dave Lewis

Raised Spirit Internal Arts website

As a GP-Referral Qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, Pilates instructor, (soon-to-be) Yoga Teacher, and level 4 Lower Back Pain Specialist with my own private fitness and rehab businesses, I beleived myself to have a fair grasp on the processes of the body, as well as effective ways to create mobility and functionality through movement. However, after coming back from Nick's Tai Chi and MMA workshop in Oxfordshire, my perspective has completely shifted and my mind has been truly blown with the amount of knowledge I have taken in over the past 5 days!

Initially coming from training in traditional martial arts for many years, such as Taekwando and Wing Chun Kung Fu, like many others I drifted towards more supposedly 'practical' martial arts such as Muay Thai Kickboxing for a few solid years before amassing many injuries through the sheer physicality of the sport which lead me to require many surgeries. I then became obsessed with running, although this, combined with a competitive nature and will to push to my limits, lead me to compete in many 'Ultra' endurance events. After feeling the physical and mental toll on my body from both this and the hard martial arts, I knew that enough was enough and that I had to start to balance out my training.

Initially I cut out martial arts altogether and focused solely on yoga and training for my running events, but the high mileage and lack of variety in training would leave me feeling groggy and burnt out, not to mention depressed that the martial arts training I loved was now almost nonexistent. It was through luck (or perhaps fate!) that I heard from a friend that Nick Osipczak, the former UFC fighter we were both fans of, had undergone a similar shift in perspective regarding balanced training methods, and was now focusing his efforts on his own personal learning and healing and was teaching Tai Chi in Oxford! I jumped at the opportunity to train with him privately and soak up all of the knowledge I could, and have not looked back.

I am now feeling thoroughly fulfilled as not only am I learning tried and tested practical martial arts, but Nick manages to meld this in a perfectly balanced fashion with the soft and regenerative side to training that is so often overlooked by many, and yet which the internal martial arts so uniquely contain. The 5-day workshop in particular was so well structured that we would manage to fit in 5 hours or more training each day, and at the point we would begin to feel depleted or sore, there would be a session next in which we would focus on softer elements such as yoga and Qi Gong or form practice, which would leave me feeling thoroughly recharged, with a greater sense of equilibrium, and with seemingly more energy than I started the session with!

Since training with Nick I have seen amazing improvements in my body awareness, wellbeing and patience, and have found myself less reactive to others' actions, which I attribute to Nick's calm persona and the super slow training modalities he prescribes. On top of this I have been able to continue running ultra distance events without the chronic fatigue I had previously felt, and my performances have only increased (including a few top 10 positions in 100km and 100mile Ultramarathons) despite my overall training mileage being seriously decreased.

Nick's passion for Tai Chi is infectious, and throughout the 5 days I felt that his desire to help each student reach their own potential both in the martial arts and even in life more generally was palpable. This is something I have not experienced from any other teacher, and is the main reason I will continue to study directly under Nick wherever in the world we are both based.

Shaun Dowling

Raised Spirit Internal Arts Website

I spent 5 amazing days in Goa with Nick training. It was the first time I'd trained with him and tracked him down on the recommendation of a martial artist (and fellow student) in London. During the 5 days we covered many aspects of the Tai Chi system including: Qigong, Tai Chi form, meditation, breathing exercise, neigong, martial application, and push-hands

I have been practicing Tai chi regularly for 18 months with Barry McGinley in London and have been practicing yoga for almost 4 years.

In 5 days with Nick, I got a new awareness of my body that has alluded me in my purely yogic practices.

Nick's very application focused teaching style allowed me to internalize key Tai Chi principles in a way that purely drilling the form didn't allow me to.

The format of the sessions was such that we covered core foundational movements that are easy to miss during form-work but are key to mastering it.

By fusing careful attention to detail, and foundational drills with intensity during martial training Nick created incredibly fertile ground for learning.

The pace of the classes built up as the 5 days progress and the learning rate was incredibly high throughout. What I learned has become the core of my morning training and is arranged in such a way that I feel I need to do very little else to keep my progression up.

Needless to say, I'll be attending all of Nick's future workshops I can manage and recommend that anyone interested in pushing their physical limits does the same!

Marcus Marquardt German

Raised Spirit Internal Arts Website

My name is Marcus Marquardt. I train Martial Arts since 1999 and I`ve a bachground in the traditional styles Wing Chun and Karate. Also I am a kickboxing competitor. My biggest success was the vice world champion title in kickboxing (WKU) in Albir / Spain in 2015. I´ve met a lot of teachers since I began to train. But one of the most impressive teachers I´ve ever met is Nick Osipczak. He is a professional MMA fighter and a Tai Chi teacher. He is bridging the gap between the Internal Arts and the modern MMA. Where else can you find a teacher who combines this? He teaches you not just to get a better fighter, he teaches you how to get a better mover. And through these skills you will become a better fighter.

But maybe the most important point is his human quality. You can feel his calm aura from the first second on. If you want to find a way to get a better mover or if you want to be a better fighter, than Nick is for sure the person you have to contact! I will train with him as often as possible and I am really looking forward to meet him again in April and on our seminar in September!

Mitch Lemieux United States

Raised Spirit Internal Arts website

I came to Nick proceeding a year-long stay in Wudangshan, where I studied Xuan Wu Pai in a small group school environment. My hope was to bridge some of the gaps contained in a more traditional style of training. I quickly learned that Nick's style was a refreshing, hands-on martial approach to the tutelage, and wonderfully effective, while still being steeped in traditional knowledge. In a few short weeks, I saw my understanding and capability as an internal martial arts practitioner grow in ways I had not expected or hoped for under the insightful guidance of one of the most gifted teachers that I have had the pleasure to know.

Nick Lowe

Raised Spirit Internal Arts website

Just finished an amazing martial arts camp with Nick Osipczak. I have been practicing martial arts for around seven years, both Chinese martial arts styles (Kung Fu, San Da, and Tai Chi) and the sports styles, mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. I have three amateur San Da fights and one Muay Thai fight. I have been to training camps in China and Thailand and this was by far the best camp I have ever done.

Nick balances his professional mixed martial arts fighting experience with a very technical and sophisticated understanding of the Chinese internal martial arts. I do not believe there is anyone else who can combine both of these aspects the way he does. His course is perfect for traditional martial artists wishing to learn more practical techniques and learn more about real fighting. Also, for competing fighters and sports martial artists to refine their techniques and movements, as well as learn to become more efficient, healthy, and holistic in their approach to training. For the martial artist who wants to balance the traditional and the practical, this is the perfect training camp. I cannot recommend Nick enough.

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