Their active holiday retreat offers many activity programs as boxing, yoga, meditation, dance therapy, and healthy organic food with interesting excursions.

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Katy Kalantarian

Reviews (66)

Philip Nordenfelt

from Italy, October 2019

"Disconnect and reconnect"

I thoroughly enjoyed this boxing camp. I got to disconnect from work and normal life and also reconnect with my love for fight sports and exercising.

Shahab and Katy are just so incredibly lovable people and made me feel like a dear friend already from the start.

Shahab’s coaching style is firm, fair and friendly. Even though I was training with a few professionals I could feel like I was part of the group and I definitely learned a lot during the week.

I will for sure come back! 💪💪😍

Gaby Broadfoot

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Punch camp end September 2019"

I stayed some time in the hotel in Albir and then in the mountain camp. Both have their advantages. In Albir, you can go out and hit the bars. In the mountains, the landscape is simply fantastic, and it is unbelievably quiet! We went on walks to forage wild almonds and figs, and it was great to relax between sessions. Beach training is very demanding, but at the same time, you're on a lovely beach in the sunshine and can cool off in the sea later! We also went to benidorm beach to train, and other locations to keep it all interesting. Shahab will of course adjust the training to the abilities of the people, and if there are injuries or areas people want to work on he will make suggestions for improvement.

Rose Pickett

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Don't Miss out, Just Do It!"

I signed up to Punch Camp having no experience in Boxing. From the start Coach Shahab was patient and supportive, he recognizes your strengths and with a wealth of Martial Arts/Boxing experience instinctively knows how to challenge you so whether you have years of training experience or none he tailors the teaching accordingly.

Shahab and his wife Katy were both welcoming and passionate that you had a positive experience, this includes the training, food, location and sightseeing.

The whole experience did not disappoint. It was amazing, training outdoors and connecting to nature improved the training experience, as did being with others who share passion for the same thing. I left feeling both mentally and physically stronger with a new found love for boxing and feeling part of the Punch Camp Family. So if anyone is considering Punch Camp I would say “YES, DON’T MISS OUT, JUST DO IT!”

Ami Woods

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Amazing experience!"

This training experience was so unique! Coach Shahab is extremely helpful and friendly. He has so much skills and knowledge to share. Training in the beautiful camp surroundings was stunning and both Shahab and Katy make you feel part of the family instantly. Shahab takes time and patience to both assess and challenge you, helping you to make the most of this unique experience. If you are thinking about doing this training then GO FOR IT! These kind of opportunities are rare.

Thijs Van Iwaarden

from Netherlands, August 2019

"my two weeks at punch camp Spain"

First of all I really liked the fact that Shahab knows how to train you and make you better. I really noticed the difference in my fighting even in such a short period of training. The familyspirit at the Punch Camp is really good so all people go along with each other very well. If you need anything you can ask Katy or Shahab any time. And also, I loved the dog Mushka. I'll definately come back next year

Vicky Turan

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Perfect, would highly recommend!"

Have just come back from an amazing week at Punchcamp Spain. I arrived at the airport to a very warm welcome from Shahab, Katy and Mushka the dog. Straight away I knew I was in good hands. The trip was the perfect balance of training, relaxation and sightseeing. The training was tough, but brilliant. I feel like I learnt so much, Shahab has so much knowledge and passion and explains things really well. Everyday was different, training in different places, seeing new sights. The food was amazing, tasty and healthy. There is a real family feel at the camp which was lovely. Shahab and Katy are such kind, warm and giving people and Mushka the dog is a little superstar! Thank you so much for a great time. Would definitely go again!

Marie Verdy

from France, July 2019

"Nous recommandons absolument."

Great spot great people great good

Chris Mccrow

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Learning the basics"

Tailored instructions for my level of boxing experience.

Fun variety of challenging workouts in various different beautiful locations.

Resting in beautiful location in the mountains.

Healthy, delicious food.

Thank you Shahab, Kati, you are both wonderful people.

Grace Hourn

from Switzerland, July 2019

This trip was one of the best decisions I've ever made.The training was always in a variety of locations around Benidorm. Working out with the view and a swim after was highly motivating and such a different experience from your every day gym. The camp is a beautiful spot up in the mountains with stunning views. To top it off Katy's cooking was so delicious it was always so fresh, filling and healthy. Shahab's training is the best I've ever had the workouts were always challenging and I have learnt so much about technique in only a week. The best part about the trip was Katy and Shahab they're two of the most amazing people I've met. They take you in and make you feel like you're part of a family and are always so generous and helpful. I could not possibly fault this trip in any way. After only a week I feel so fit and energetic. Don't hesitate to book this trip you will have no regrets!

Maria Antonia Harsch

from United States, May 2019

Hey hey, sitze gerade im Flieger nach Hause und bedauere es so sehr, dass meine Zeit im Punchcamp schon vorbei ist. Ich möchte mich hiermit für die wunderbaren, aufregenden Tage bedanken!!! Meine 8 Tage waren vollgepackt mit allem was man sich vorstellen kann und was mir Freude bereitete: Aktivitäten (Wasserfälle, Spa), Sightseeing (Guardales Castle, Benidorm, Altea), Freundschaften (gemischte Gruppe aus verschiedenen Ländern, weiblich und männlich, alle unglaublich sympathisch) , Relaxing am Pool...und vieles mehr. Shahab ist der Beste! Ein angenehmer, geduldiger, liebevoller und motivierender Typ :-) Er ist im Training auf mich und meine Fähigkeiten eingegangen und hat auch bei, für mich, schwierigeren Einheiten (Kombinationen ;-)) die Ruhe behalten und mich bestens durch das Box-und Kickbox Training geführt. Er ist sehr respektvoll mit unserer Gruppe umgegangen und ist uns immer auf einer Augenhöhe begegnet. Auf dieser freundschaftlichen Ebene habe ich mich sehr wohl gefühlt und ich konnte mich bestens auf das Training fokussieren. Das Training ist absolut abwechslungsreich (Trainingsinhalt wie auch Trainingsort). Ich habe Übungen ausgeführt von denen ich nicht wusste, dass es sie gibt und dass man damit Dinge trainieren kann, die für das Boxen relevant sind :-) . Ich habe niemals vorher gesprintet...bei Shahab habe ich gelernt, dass es nicht nur eine super Übung ist sondern sogar noch richtig Spaß machen kann! Ich werde zu Hause noch lange von dem Aufenthalt schwärmen!

George El-jaji

from Sweden, April 2019

"An Amazing Time"

Just arrived back from the camp yesterday 2019-05-11. Amazing scenery, delicious food, great training and really fun trips. I loved the practice, really feel my kickboxing skills have gotten better. Would recommend this camp for all levels! Will definitely be back!

Guillaume Francais

from France, September 2020

"Intense boxing experience in an outstanding environment. "

Such a wonderful stay. Coach Shahab has such professionalism and highly advanced skills, and at the same time shows so much empathy and understanding toward his students. He knows how to adapt his lesson to everyone's level, so that you have the best learning curve.

An outstanding feature of this boot camp are the excursions, in addition to the "regular" training sessions in the camp: such as the training on the beach or at the gym compound of Nuncia. Please note that, in addition to English and Spanish, Shabab speaks German as well (native speaker).

Olga Zhikhareva

from Germany, September 2020

Ot was amazing time, people and food!!!!

Great lovely dogs - Barny and Mushka :-)

Sport Program was super organized and the excursions as well.

Positive and lovely atmosphere :-)

Mikhail Belonosov

from Netherlands, August 2020

"Punch camp August 2020"

Shahab is a great coach and I just loved all sessions. They are well balanced between light/medium/hard trainings. In between we had a bit of yoga, stretching, swimming in the sea (this is really great right after the session and gives you a lot of new energy) and even sauna. On the first day Shahab checked my boxing level and organized the sessions accordingly. During the day we had time to explore the surroundings that are very beautiful. Shahab, Katy and Mushka helped us with that. The atmosphere in the camp was very friendly. The food was healthy and diverse. Special thanks to Katy for that! I’ll definitely come back!

Tam Gittelson

from United States, July 2020

"Great place, passionate people, excellent instruction "

Shahab and Kathy are wonderful people, sincere, kind, hard working and attentive. Shabad is a skilled, patient and dedicated coach with great knowledge and an excellent capacity to train participants at a variety of levels. He is warm and encouraging with the obvious expertise of both a fighter and a trainer— understanding what beginner boxers need to develop confidence, skill and fortitude.

The camp Location is spectacular, unpretentious, both communal and private. The food cooked by Kathy was healthy, nutritious and abundant. The variety of training locations had been thoughtfully structured and enriched the experience.

I am especially grateful to Shahab for his warmth and fur clearly laying down a wish to see this experience - not as a one-off, but as the inorgeration of an ongoing supportive and sincere relationship. This made a huge difference to my experience of the training and inspires me to return.

Matt Landells

from Great Britain, March 2020

"Amazing Experience"

Training in different scenic locations was amazing, I really loved training at the beach, at the waterfall, at the camp and other scenic locations

Shahab and Katy are amazing people and made the whole experience really enjoyable, they made the group feel more like we where friends or family rather than clients, they are very warm and welcoming people

The excursions where really good as well, we visited some amazing places, I never knew there where so many beautiful places in that part of Spain

Shahab is a great instructor and knows how to push to get the most out of you, but without pushing you over the edge. I am a beginner at boxing but he managed to make sure that I was not falling behind in the training and that everyone in the group no matter what their level of experience, got the most they could out of the training.

Omid Pakseresht

from Great Britain, March 2020

"Excellent experience "

The training was fantastic. All pretty well tailored to the individuals level.

The instructors are what make the camp tho.

Shahab really is excellent, a whole week with him is well and truly transformational.

Katy is also fantastic and the balance between the two work really well.

Pieter Robinson

from Guernsey, December 2019

"Really good experience. "

Everything was great. Shahab is a brilliant coach and made me feel very welcome. I was fairly beginner level with my boxing when I started the week, but Sha was really good at teaching me, even though I could tell he is used to coaching very experienced and professionals!!

The training sessions were excellent, there was a mix between hard physical training and more technical training which I enjoyed a lot.

The area of the Costa blanca is perfect and Sha took me/us to various points along the coast for different training and we got to see quite a lot of the area, which was also good.

I would recommend the camp to everyone.

Marissa Dipietro

from United States, October 2019

"Amazing experience"

I didn't really know what to expect coming to this camp, but I'm so glad I booked it and decided to go! It was incredible. The hosts are amazing- Katy and Shahab treated us like family right from the start, and are so much fun to be around. The training was awesome, as they are both very knowledgable in their fields. We learned so much, and meeting so many people that were in the camp with us was the best part. Also, Mushka. She's the real star.

Sabrina Desilva

from Netherlands, October 2019

"Wonderful Mountain Experience "

One of my favorite parts of this retreat was hiking, picking and eating fruits and almonds off the trees with Katy, Shahab and my new friend Netti, a native of Germany. We walked into a small nearby village that had tiled roads and a community sports area for the village families. Our first day of yoga and mediation was held outside on top of the mountain where I felt the warm sun on my body. I really enjoyed the facilities of the sports complex where we danced and indulged in spa activities afterwards. Katy's meals were the best. I looked forward to the presentation and deliciousness of her food. I am grateful to both Katy and Shahab for accommodating my needs and desires for my entire stay at the retreat.

Although this review is listed as Sabrina from the Netherlands. I want you to know I am from the beautiful island of BERMUDA.

Amel Zerari

from Germany, September 2019

"Learnt a lot and enjoyed a lof"

It was great to learn new things, to improve yourself within 7 says. The combination of sightseeing and training was a once in a lifetime experience. Shahab, Katy, their parents and the 2 two dogs welcomed us to their It was such a nice quiet place in the camp up on the mountains. Thank you for everything.

Ailbhe Breen

from Ireland, September 2019

"Wonderful experiece"

I had a great time in Punchcamp Spain. Shahab is an expert at boxing and knows a huge amount of skills and techniques. He is really in tune with everybodies ability and trains everyone to the highest standed of boxng. He is is also kind and very giving with his time and sharing stories with the group.

Cathy is so welcoming and makes everybody feel comfortable and at home. Her yoga classes were very informative and her knowledge around cooking food and lifestyle is excellent!

Two great coaches and two great freinds!

Also the group i met were a great group of people - very encouraging and outgoing!

Hester Blijleven

from Netherlands, July 2019

"Excellent training and sightseeing. Great time"

Shahab really pushes you tot your limits in a very positive way. He can tell what you need and there is a lot of diversity as every training is different, also location-wise. The food is great, Kathy is wonderfull and they know all the special locations (waterfalls, beaches, swimmingpools, etc.) around Alicante. Lovely people with tons of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge.

Anthony Dunne

from Great Britain, July 2019

Overall, this is exactly what I wanted from this trip. Shahab is a very knowledgable coach and regardless of your ability, you will certainly learn new skills and pick up things by the end of the camp.

All skill levels can do the camp and complete it to a good stabdard; Shahab will just tweak the training to suit the levels of students.

It is physically challenging and I was personally worried about my fitness level going into it. However, I completed it with relative ease, though this was likely due to my preparation. I had a solid 3 weeks of boxing 4 times per week and squeezing in the occasional cardio session when I could. If you box regularly and are able to spar for multiple rounds, you will be fine. If you are not regularly boxing, then 3 weeks of regular cardio sessions should prepare you well. It’s worth noting that whatever fitness level you are, it will improve at the end of the camp, as you will perform many types of fitness conditioning.

The food prepared by Kathy is also excellent, all diets can be catered for. The location is also nice and peaceful, exactly what is required between training sessions.

Rijad Zuzo

from Switzerland, July 2019

"It was an amazing experience, I'd recommend it to anyone! "

We had a great team and the training was structured very well too! It was challenging but still bearable! We did a lot of conditioning - also pad work, heavy bag workouts and some light sparring. It was an excellent peak into what boxing is, and we got even some pro tips from coach Shahab. I would recommend this camp to anyone who wants to tryout or improve their boxing.

The food was great and the training locations were also very good. Thank you for a great time!

Katerina Bohle

from United States, July 2019

"Great teacher!"

Shahab is able to adapt the training to the group he currently has. I trained with beginners and intermediate and nobody was left behind. His contious of what you can do and moves you steadily outside your comfort zone until you reached new heights.

The location at the camp was great. The food also. The accommodation down town was comfortable. Food in the hotel wasn't as good as at the camp.

My group was great. We supported each other through the exercises.

Shahab and Katy are great hosts who make you feel at home.

Aoife Simons

from Ireland, June 2019

"Excellent all round experience!"

This is the camp for anyone wishing to improve their boxing technique, learn new skills, and to improve fitness. The camp was physically challenging, which was balanced with good food, social outings, and rest. Coach Shahab is very knowledgeable and took great care to match the training to suit both beginner and more advanced levels - we trained together as a team. Each training session took place in a different location so we got to enjoy beautiful views as we trained - the mountains, the waterfall and sometimes when we got too hot we ran into the sea! It was a really unique experience. Both Coach Shahab and his wife Katy helped us feel welcome, they created a family atmosphere, very warm and friendly. I would recommend this camp to anyone no matter the ability level. I had lots of fun, made new friends and learned lots of new things - combinations, technique etc. I also got time on the beach and to visit some lovely places. I am so happy I did this.Thank you Katy and Coach Shahab!

Aidan Cameron

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Alicante Boxing Camp"

It was a great experience. The coach was friendly and very passionate about what his does. The conditioning training was tough but great. The technical boxing was brilliant. Coaches were constructive in their feedback which gave me a lot to think about. Would definitely recommend it!


from Switzerland, June 2019

"Whooopha - Fun, boxing, new friends and a great experience"

I'm a beginner and a runner and I always wanted to try boxing. Therefore, I loved the boxing camp. Shahab took time for all of us and trained us the best way of all basics and advanced boxing techniques. I loved their place und the different locations we trained at. I did not only have a great new experience with boxing, I also got new friends and found a new sport activity which I think I'm already passionated about. Thank you for the great time!

Xu Yang

from Canada, May 2019

"Amazing training/vacationing program"

Just came back, wonderful experience. As a fitness lover, I am always on the look-out for fitness-themed vacations. This one is by far the best - I loved every second of it! It's a perfect combination of working out and site-seeing/relaxation, also a good balance of group and individual activities.

Coach Shahab is so knowledgeable and experienced in boxing training. The training was so much fun (and hard of course), everyday was different and at different sites, both indoors and outdoor (with breathtaking views), both technical and conditioning. I really loved it!! I've learned a lot, tried new things and gained confidence in boxing. It was truly a pleasure to have trained with Coach Shahab, thank you!

In addition to training, site-seeing was well arranged and all aspects of the trip were taken care of. Coach Shahab and his wife Katy are a great team and they do their best to make sure everybody is happy. Highly recommended!

Lina Ziagaki

from Greece, April 2019

"Das schönste Geschenk, das ich mir machen konnte! "

Alles war ausgezeichnet! Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich es mir getraut habe, alleine diese Reise zu machen. Coach Shahab ist nicht nur ein super Trainer, sondern auch ein super Typ. Sein Training hatte eine perfekte Struktur, er erkannte sofort wo unsere Grenzen lagen, was unsere Kräften und Schwächen und hat das Training an jedem angepasst. Nach einer Woche im Camp sehe ich großen Unterschied in meiner Leistung und meinen Kenntnissen. Außer dem Training hatte ich aber auch die Möglichkeit Menschen aus Deutschland, England, China, Persien ( + ich aus Griechenland) kennenzulernen. Diese Erfahrung - zu einer kleinen Gruppe aus 6 Personen, 5 Länder- zu gehören, war unglaublich. Dazu noch die wundervolle Lage des Camps in Alicante. Eine Kombination von Bergen und Stränden. Es gab nichts schöneres als auf dem Berg zu joggen mit dem Blick auf dem Meer. Und nach dem Training wartete auf uns der Swimming Pool im Hotel 😊. Coach ich komm bald wieder zurück! Zieh deine Handschuhe an !!!

Florentina Arsinte

from Germany, April 2019

"Amazing experience "

Shahab and Katy really make you feel welcome from the very first moment and make sure everyone has a great time throughout the whole week. I really enjoyed all the training sessions. They were a mixture of conditioning, tactical and technical training in amazing places (the mountain boxing camp, beaches, national parks). Besides the training sessions we also did excursions every day to beautiful places in the area. Overall, it was a great mixture of training, sight-seeing and free time. One other thing that is worth mentioning here is the food Katy prepared for us, which was extremely tasty.

I am really happy that I booked this boxing camp - I've learned a lot from coach Shahab and I feel fitter (and way less stressed) than before. I'm definitely planning to return!

Garrett Kelly

from Ireland, April 2019

"Boxing Training "

The experience shahab has acquired over years and years of training with top athletes in boxing and various other sports allows him to provide a comprehensive range of exercises and drills that can test the most conditioned of athletes. He will assess you on day one and provide adequate training for you based on the level of fitness you have. He has trained some of Europe's top boxers so he can accommodate anybody of any fitness level.


from Germany, March 2019

"Wonderful action-filled days in the sun"

Everything was just wonderful! Shahab and Katy are very kind and helpful: they make you feel like a part of the family from Day 1. Although the workouts are challenging, Shahab knows how much he can push the individual clients, so it's never too much. Also, it is nice that the workouts are always in different locations, because it does not get boring like that and you can experience more of the Costa Blanca. Especially the workouts in the national parks offered beautiful nature and amazing views. Shahab and Katy also take a lot of time for excursions: for example, we went to several local markets, visited the waterfalls (which were just AMAZING) and the Guadalest castle. The hotel accommodation is also good: spacious and clean apartments with a kitchen, outdoor&indoor pool, etc. All in all, I had a great time and will be back!

Wolf Zwartkruis

from Netherlands, January 2019

"Great outdoor boxing"

Shahab is a very experienced boxer and coach. What s more he s extremely enthousiastic and friendly. He s good at making boxers of all levells feel comfortable. And his wife adds to the atmosphere too. I should add that the boxing takes place at spectacular locations in the mountains and at the beach. Exercises change all the time so you wont be bored. Highly recommended.


from Great Britain, January 2019

"One of the best experiences of my life!!"

FIRST of all, you need to know that I don't write reviews...this is probably my first review ever written. This is purely becouse the camp and my experience with both Shahab and Katy was just amazing, exceptional and simply addictive.

Starting from the quality of the training - I can't even fully explain the depth of Shahab's knowledge and experience. He was fantastic, very aware of people skills and experience and directed the whole group towards the boxing excellence at their individual levels! I don't think I have ever felt so fit and ready to go and learn more. Needless to say that I have booked my second camp after three days!

I loved all the sessions. They were all different, in different beautiful locations- just breathtaking! Shahab devoted his time to us all equally and it was planned with such depth, I wish other professional trainers could learn from him!

On the personal level, I felt looked after, I felt like I mattered and was treated by both Shahab and lovely Katy like a part of their family. That started from the airport pick up, them devoting their time to taking us to see local, breathtaking locations and all the way to Katy's beautiful cooking. I don't think I laughed so much in a long time. I didn't even know which day it was. I completly relaxed becouse I knew everything was taken care of. They are both the kindest and one of the most beautiful people I have ever had an honour to know.

The hotel was brilliant. Food...too tempting...big gold star!

Paul Mclean

from Kazakhstan, November 2018

"First class boxing tuition by experienced ex- pro."

Shahabs knowledge and expertise is immense. He motivated me and significantly improved my training and understanding. I liked the variety of experiences and locations. Also really liked Katie who was ever friendly, happy and fun.


from Netherlands, October 2018

"Reset your minde and body @ boxing camp"

I had some amazing time at boxing camp spain.. I really enjoyed the training.. it was heavy but really good.. I will come back... Thank you shahab for making this possible💪💪

Thank you Katy&shahab for the excursions after the training, for the fun and the healthy juices😍you were awesome.. love you guysss! Naïma from Holland

Manuel Scherler

from Switzerland, October 2018

I had a really good holiday at Punchcamp Spain. The training was very effective and intense. On the other hand I had also enough time to relax and enjoy.

Coach Shahab shared a lot of tricks and told me about fight strategy. We did some padwork and partner exercises as well as conditiong and speed exercises. We mostly trained at different places, which was interesting and helped to explore the area. Also, we did some excursions, e.g. to a castle, to Alicante or Benidorm

In General there was a very familiar atmosphere which I appreciated a lot. The whole family was very friendly and I had the best meals with them.

At the end I can say, I will definitely come back!

Gaby Broadfoot

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Punchcamp september 18"

One of the best holidays I've had! Katy and Shahab are just so nice, and could'nt have been more helpful! Weather and location were fantastic. I'm a beginner at boxing, but Shahab started me off with the basics. We were very lucky to have a pro fighter that week, and we got to see him spar, to see how it is supposed to look like!

We trained twice a day, morning and evening, and the training was different every time. We went to a few boxing gyms, which was a great experience, as I had not been before. Will definitely join one back home!

The best day was when we went to the waterfalls and had a swim, and then trained in the water. But overall, we went to loads of nice locations. The beach day was particularly hard, training in sand, but we got to cool off in the sea afterwards.

All in all, I had a fabulous time!


from Slovakia, September 2018

very good camp beautiful environment training at the professional level very good people have devoted me also in my free time not only during the training I do not have anything to say out of 10 point I would give 10 definitely I want to return there during the summer preparation for the match

Patrick Mahar

from Ukraine, September 2018

I cannot recommend this camp enough.

Every day entailed a new experience in beautiful locations.

The combination of beach training and mountain training allowed for a diverse experience. Amazing scenery and hard work.

Coach Shahab was patient, informed and generous with knowledge and time showing me around the region.

His wife Katy is charming and an amazing cook, and also very informed.

Their dog Mooshka is also awesome.

Djouher Hadj-Henni

from France, September 2018

"Very good experience"

Intense camp in an amazing setting.

Karine Audeguy

from Germany, August 2018

"Multi skills full benefit!"

We, Stefan and I, like the multiple, skillful facets: a variety of activities, time to rest, great food, health focus, different locations to visit. We like especially walking among the almond trees, pick up almonds. The panorama where we stayed was amazing, a perfect spot for the summer, beautiful, full of sun and cool at night. We like the presence of Katy and Shahab, both are very friendly people, doing the best they can so you can fully enjoy your stay. Katy was a magicien in preparing food, all beautiful, tasty and healthy. And we had time to just enjoy resting, a must on holidays!

Stephen Ahern

from Ireland, August 2018

"We could not recommend this camp highly enough. Superb"

The camp provides a perfect mix of cardio, strength and conditioning, boxing, nutrition and recovery. Everything is prepared down to the finest detail and the conditions are perfect for someone who wants to either train hard for a week or improve their boxing technique (or both).

Shahab and Katy have a genuine enthusiasm that sets the tone from day one. I have trained with a couple of boxing coaches but have not met one as experienced or motivated as Shahab. He pushes you hard but recognises your limitations. You realise quickly that you are being trained by a professional. I have trained with a couple of boxing coaches but none as proficient as Shahab.

We particularly enjoyed our time in the camp in the hills. The food that was prepared for us was amazing and extremely healthy. Katy is a talented chef. It is the perfect place to relax also.

If you are an experienced or intermediate boxer looking to improve - SIGN UP.

If you are a complete beginner looking to start or just exercise for a week - SIGN UP.


from Italy, August 2018

"A great experience!"

The training was really exciting, diversified and unusual: we trained in many beautiful beaches, surrounded by nature in the mountains, in Albir's park and at the gym. Shahab is an incredibly experienced, enthusiastic and encouraging coach, and I learned a lot from him.

I also got to spend the first few days with a boxing champion!

The excursions were amazing and the beauty of the location exceeded my expectations; we went to different towns, markets, beaches, swimming pools and we also hiked.

The fresh food in Spain is definitely the best I've ever tasted and Katy's knowledge and skills in the kitchen are incredible. I learned many delicious recipes and a lot of information about nutrition.

Overall, I loved the training, the excursions and the food, and Shahab and Katy are the most hardworking, dedicated, kind and caring people I've ever met; they really felt like family.

My favourite days were those I spent in the mountains, because they were filled with training sessions, excursions and delicious food, and the weather was better. They were the best days of my summer!

Mai Norose

from Australia, August 2018

"Fun boxing camp!"

I went to punch champ as a beginner. I did the camp with experienced awesome guys(I was the only female). Shahab is an experienced coach who trains at any level.He is a well motivated trainer who has a warm heart. We went to different places to box which was fantastic, all the places we went to for excursions were fun. Shahab's wife Katy's food was delicious 'vegan food'. Staying up the mountain with Katy's made with love food was just so perfect. Their kid (dog) Muschka was so friendly and so cute.

Highly recommended!!

Katrín Kristjánsdóttir

from Iceland, August 2018

"Would definitely like to go there again! "

I bought this seven days dance, meditation, detox retreat just because I needed to change things in my life and do something for myself. I needed to start to think about what I eat and exercise more. I had never done this before and didn’t really know what I was getting myself into so I was a bit nervous. But when I met Katy and shahab they were so friendly and kind so I thought that everything would go well. And it did they taught me a lot about vegan lifestyle, they took me to some beautiful places in the area, we did some hiking in the mountains, went to the gym and shahab taught me really good CrossFit and boxing exercise that I’ll definitely do more of. After this seven days I feel much better about myself and I’ll continue working out and eat healthy food. Katy food was really good. Before I didn’t really like making dinner but now I do because I know I’m going to feel better afterwards and it’s good for my body and you can do some much delicious vegan food. I think it’s good for everyone to do this. Just to go away from your busy life and focus on yourself <3

Sihem Kaddouri

from Switzerland, July 2018

"Amazing & Unique Multi-Experiences Boxing Camp"

This is a very unexpected sport camp which allows you to combine boxing (customized to your level), nutritious & delicious homemade meals (mostly vegan but can include proteins if you are not into it) as well as sightseeing of this beautiful region which makes you feel that you are actually on vacation.

Everyday the program changes so you are always challenged & enjoying yourself as the trainings are mostly outdoors in various locations & you get to experience so many different locations in this very culturally rich region.

It was very refreshing to stay in the Mountain lodging for the first part of the week as it is quiet remote & immediately allows you to unplug from regular life to focus on your goals for this camp. I loved everything about this week & really would like to thank Coach Shahab & Queen Kathy for sharing their healthy way of living.

Christian Schütz

from Germany, June 2018

"A perfect week and a perfect experience"

Training sessions are mostly twice a day in various durations and adapted to

your own personal abilities and ambition.

Shahab is very experienced and can show you many different boxing and Thai boxing techniques.

He evaluates your technique and is able to correct or improve it effectively within a

short amount of time. He is always open to answer any question you

have so you can really get into the details and get

a better understanding of movements, techniques

and the reasons behind it.

As a person Shahab ist very open and a really good

guy and becomes quickly a good friend.

You can talk with him about many different topics.

Katy, his wife, is a very kind person, an amazing cook and can tell you many usefull things about nutrition. She always makes you a very healthy and very good looking meal when

you are up in the mountains. I didn't expect such

delicious meals and I hope to get some oft he recipes.

The camp in the mountains is absolutely amazing.

It is really quiet and you have all the nature around you.

And the view is breath-taking.

The hotel is a nice and clean apartment to yourself with a

pool in the basement.

The whole experience, training and sightseeing trips is

planned spontaneously and always adapted to the

wishes of the group so you will receive your own

unique experience.

All in all it was a great experience and I am

very happy that I have made this decision to

experience the camp. I will definitely come

back one day. I cannot recommend this enough!

James Bieda

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Best training ever!"

If you want to train like a professional boxer (having the difficulty level tailored for your level of fitness by Shahab) then train at Punch Camp Spain. He is an excellent trainer, certainly the best I have had.

The accomodation and training in the mountains is fantastic, as is the food. Shahab will train you every day in a different location which keeps things varied and interesting.

Shahab will also take you on various excursions free of charge so you can experience the best parts of the area. The waterfalls were great!

I cannot recommend this enough. You will get fitter and enjoy your time with Shahab. Great guy.

Samuel Lozano

from Switzerland, May 2018

"Hat mega Spass gemacht!!"

Ich hatte noch nie mit Kampfsport zu tun und habe entschlossen, das Punchcamp Spain zu besuchen. Es erwarteten mich 5 intensive Trainingstage, welche mir den Boxsport näher brachten. Die Trainingseinheiten waren super aufgebaut und jedesmal kam ich an meine Grenzen. Die Trainings fanden an den unterschiedlichsten Orten statt und mehr als einmal war ich fasziniert von der wunderschönen Natur.

Das Essen im Hotel war gut, das Essen im Camp ausgezeichnet. Shahab ist ein genialer Trainer, Motivator und auch ein guter Gesprächspartner. Er und seine Familie haben mir eine wundervolle Woche ermöglicht!

Eric Pahud

from Switzerland, May 2018

"Boxing camp with shahab "

Whouaa I don't know by what I should start!

Shahab is the Greatest coach I had so far! He s really focus of what is your type and always ready to show you new skills. He analyse your movements quickly and show you to be more efficient. His always want to push you to your limit. His training change totally every single session (location type of training, etc)

Shahab and is wife (We called her the queen Cathy) are very kind and generous people.

The food is the camp was incredible in the mountains. We had organic food and smoothie :)

The food in the hotel was ok.

Everyday shahab will take you (no obligation) to see some curiosity in the area. (Castle, mountains, museum, organic farm, etc.)

No doubts I will return at least next year if not before.

Annabel Cooper

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Brilliantly crafted training in beautiful surroundings"

I’ve just got back from a week at Punchcamp Spain and I can’t recommend it highly enough! The training was challenging, incredibly varied and excellently crafted by Shahab who is a highly skilled trainer and practitioner. His 20 years+ experience, infectious energy, warmth and generosity made this a really special trip and has kickstarted my year off perfectly. We trained in a different location every day - from the beach, to the the mountain, in a local boxing gym and at the marina - so i was always kept on my toes and constantly challenged in new, fun and innovative ways. The mountain and beach locations were especially challenging but the beautiful surroundings (and hand picked fruit) were the perfect reward for the hard training. 4 days into my trip a group of pro boxers arrived and Shahab perfectly balanced the training so we could all work together. It was a great motivator and real learning experience to be around other fighters. We were also able to make some excursions to nearby beaches, national parks and towns which added brilliantly to the whole experience and was a great balance to the training. The accommodation on the beach was perfectly adequate and the ability to mix cooking (there were lots of supermarkets nearby) with the tasty catered meals at the hotel fitted well with the programme of training. As well as being an excellent coach Shahab and his family were brilliant hosts and made me feel truly welcome. I will definitely be back!


from Switzerland, January 2018

Absolutely great training, best instructor ever!!

Fiona Hayes

from Great Britain, October 2017

"Great place to train and get fit"

I liked training in the mountains and on the beach


from Spain, September 2020

"Inolvidable "

Esta semana fue para mi excepcional, gracias a Shahab y Katy. Además de ser grandes profesionales, son grandes personas, que siguen transmitiendo sus pasiones como si fuese la primera vez. Nos acogen como un miembro más de la familia, haciendo todo para estemos a gusto. El programa está tan variado (todos los días un sitio de entrenanienro distinto) - y si se combina playa y campamiento - da la impresión de tener una estancia más larga y tan diversa. El programa está más orientado a boxeo, intenso, yoga para relajar. Shahab es impresionante de profesionalismo, adaptándose a cada persona. Katy es una gran bailarina. La región es fantástica y Shabah y Katy las conocen de maravillas. Volví llena de energía y alegría, teniendo solo una gana : repetir pronto y volver a verles :)

Sara Ma

from Switzerland, September 2019

"Perfekte Sportferien"

- Professionelle und individuelle Trainingseinheiten

- grosses Know How

- Shahab und Katy sind sehr warmherzig und zuvorkommend, man fühlt sich sofort wohl und gut aufgehoben

- mit sehr viel Liebe zubereitete Mahlzeiten, es war köstlich

- tolle Gastgeber, toller Coach

Julia Friedrich

from Germany, August 2019

"Fabulous experience "

An amazing experience at many different gorgeous places, especially the peaceful and beautiful camp and above all wonderful people!

It was so intensive with regard to learning about dancing, nature, fun, emotions, movement, nutrition and a lot more. Thank you Katy and Shahab for your hearty and very warm welcome and the special time with you and the delicious and healthy catering!

But above all katy‘s energy and passion for her dancing fills you with magic and you are easily captivated by it. Thanks Katy!

Ségolène Hamel

from France, August 2019

"Challenging and fun week"

A unique experience in a dreaming environment with amazing people! Week strong in emotions: various intense and fun trainings, a warm welcome from Katy and Shahab not to mention delicious and healthy food! I was a little anxious to start boxing and became a fan. Thank you for this amazing week!

Annett Prudlo

from Germany, April 2019

"Wonderful experience"

I had an awesome time. It was my second time having a yoga retreat, but my first time in Alicante. It was more than I expected.

Katy and Shahab are most wonderful hosts. They love and live their passion to teach others in boxing, yoga, dancing, meditation, healthy food and selfcare.

For me it was the perfect mix of doing sports, relaxing in the quiet mountains under olive trees, of sightseeing, of meditation and self experience. It was perfectly organized and to spend time with other guests was a really nice and interesting experience. I never had so many beautiful impressions in such a short time.

Katy taught me new kind of Dance styles and helped to express myself. Her professional ability to teach Yoga, Zumba, Sama-Dancing is so motivating, as she is doing this will all her passion and heart.

I am so thankful to have met them and to learn so much in only few days.

I will be definitely back so soon…

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Cristina Errico

from United States, August 2018

"Wonderful experience"

I registered from 15 August to 21 to dance and yoga retreat with Katy and It had been more than that as Katy had been able to tailor the program to me.So did we yoga, dance, gym, swim and spa. Last but not least Katy is specialized also in nutrition so I’ve eat fantastic meals done with natural and fresh foods that we bought at the market tasting in this way also a bit of Spanish culture.The hotel at the beach is closed to beach -15 min walks- and supermarkets- 5 min walks. It’s an apartment hotel so you have a flat with kitchen and air conditioning . As in August is very hot the reatreat is composed by 4 days at the hotel in the beach and others in fresh and closed mountains which is a fantastic combination to relax and enjoy Spain.