Primus Pilus

Primus Pilus offers credible Tactical Firearms Training in United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Israel. It is established and fully operated by former members of the British Armed Forces.

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Y. Rayif United Kingdom

Primus Pilus website

Having never handled a firearm before, I was astounded at how quickly I learnt. This was solely down to the expertise & professionalism of Primus Pilus.

D. Scarlett United States

Primus Pilus website

Having trained with military professionals around the world, I have never encountered the unique methodology of teaching that Primus Pilus gives. The instructors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that is taught in a manner that anyone from a beginner to a professional shooter can grasp. Primus Pilus provides second-to-none training to give you a life-long ability to handle weapons safely, accurately and with confidence. Existing skills are enhanced by the innovative skill set. I am without a doubt, a returning client.

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