Por Silaphaigym

Por Silaphaigym is a Thai boxing gym that offers beginner to professional fighter courses by titled professional Muay Thai boxers. They are located in Chiang Mai.

Training Camps (4)

Instructors (1)

Prasit Silaphai

Mr. Prasit Silaphai, or Khrue Sith, is the owner /manager and trainer at the gym. He graduated in Sport Science from Institute of Physical Education Chumporn. He came from Suratthani province, Southern Thailand. He has lots of sport teaching experience and he loves Muay Thai so much, which is the reason why he opened this Muay Thai gym in 2013. With his teaching skill, it will be fun and easy to learn the art of Thai boxing. Mr. Prasit is a cerified Muay Thai C-license trainer and legally recognized by the Board of Boxing Sport of Thailand.

Reviews (13)

Marcus Møller-jensen

from Thailand, May 2018

"Fantastic experience "

The instructors were friendly, the facilities were excellent and the quality of training was first class. A great place to either develop your skill or get a great introduction to mauy thai!!! Top value for money

Vladimir Poljak

from Ireland, October 2018

"I had 1 month camp with a accommodation and it was awesome👌👌"

I liked everything...all the trainers were proffesionals...they were friendly...we were like a family...i will defenetly recommended to everyone...it was more like a personal trainings...im sure i will go back!!!I had personal trainer in my country but i cant compare what i learned with these guys...what can i say is just....wooow...its completly higher level...if you think you know where is your limit then you are wrong but im sure that the trainers will show you...i wish have a gym like that in my country with the same trainers

Zach Mccabe

from Qatar, July 2018

How easy it was to get to the training from the accommodation.

Arthur Belluomo

from Vietnam, June 2018

Positive, enjoyable, strenous and understanding

Willemijn De Koning

from Morocco, June 2018

"No English but nice muay thai"

The trachers know good techniques and their lessons contain a lot of different forma of practicing. Room was ok, there was a good shower and fridge and microwave. Location was good; close to the night market and old town

Shannon Golchuk

from Spain, January 2018

"Wonderful Muay Thai Experience!"

Very skilled trainers and coaches with lots of Muay Thai experience.

Great location. Good meals right outside the door or the Night Bazaar and food stalls a short walk down the street (20min walk, 2min scooter).

Good training equipment, lots of gloves, wraps and pads to choose from or the option to buy your own. Exercise equipment is old school but perfectly useful.

Good accommodation. A/C blows cold but try not to leave it on too much as it is pricey. Showers are okay, the water doesn't get too hot but you learn to enjoy it! Nice common area for everyone to hangout together. I recommend the dorm room for sure. I met lots of people and it allowed me to get really close to my roommates.

Training sessions were as tough as you wanted them to be. Although they felt repetitive after 3 weeks, you controlled how difficult/easy each session would be based on how much effort you put into it. Be prepared to be sore but know you'll toughen up and get used to it after a few days.

Ana Maria Butura

from Thailand, September 2017

"Great coaches "

The gym was very close to the centre so can easily be reached, it wasnt very packed and there were plenty of coaches to help all the people training. The coaches were so good, always pushing you to do your best and helping you improve.

David Schmill

from Vietnam, July 2017

"Great accommodation+training package"

The training groups were 90%of the time quite small which was nice and the trainers were really friendly. Accommodation was basic but good, clean and in to of a 7 eleven and next to a small food venue

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