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from United States, October 2017

"Apples and arrows"

Nagano is an amazing prefecture in Japan that is also known for its apples. I greatly enjoyed my first visit here and even more so, the remote location of this program and the entire set up by the instructor. Daily training with a nightly relaxing hot spring at the ryokan as well. Provided meals were delicious and prepared with great care. For those committed to training and learning, I would highly reccomend this experience and challenging yourself.

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Lionel B. Lyon France

Planet Sekoya website

This Kyudo retreat was the highlight of my journey in Japan. I am a Rugbyman and for long I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese archery. My experience went above my expectations. Not just because of the art itself, but the place, the warmth and amazing skills of Sensei Miyasaka. It just felt very genuine. The Ryokan feels a bit old but at the same it is what makes its charm. It’s very traditional and well located. I now feel that I better understand the Japanese culture. And the art of Kyudo, of course! If I come again I will try to make more time to visit the region. There is so much to see and my two free days were a bit too short.

Julia T USA

Planet Sekoya website

Miyasaka was so kind, patient and helpful with all of our questions. He taught us Kyudo and was so incredibly attentive and helpful, very encouraging and overall a wonderful person, exemplary traditional hostel owner, and teacher.

Tony S USA

Planet Sekoya website

The first thing that struck me when Miyasaka-san showed me his kyudo 'dojo' was that upon entering, we stopped to bow and pay our respects to the 'kamidana', the shelf that houses the 'God' that watches over the dojo. I doubt that happens at a Western archery range. That was the first sign that Japanese archery offers a lesson in Zen.

Daniel H Finland

Tripadvisor website

This place could easily be the best experience of my 1 month trip. The ryokan feels old and simple. I'd say that is a plus. It feels very real. The onsen was delightful. The owner spoke excellent English and was beyond friendly and accommodating. He went out of his way to make sure we were well, way more than I expected. We are very grateful for that.

The golden part of the experience was the Kyudo lesson. I had asked to many Japanese acquaintances if I could try Kyudo and they told me it was not possible. It is not easily accessible to foreigners or beginners. Yet we had a 2+ hour Kyudo lesson with history, demonstration, and hands-on practice. This was not given by an aficionado either, Miyasaka-san is a master of Kyudo and a cunning teacher that read my mind through the shaking of my fingers. Very impressive and very fun.

Tereza S Brazil

Planet Sekoya website

My stay here was one of the most genuine experiences I had during the 8 months period I lived in Japan! A typical ryokan with Japanese bath house (onsen) and a Kyudo dojo! The sensei is a very kind and welcoming person who showed us the art of Japanese archery.The ryokan is near the train station, has a nice view of the city and easy access to Jigokudani, the monkey park.

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