Pinyo Muay Thai

Koh Samui, Thailand

Pinyo Muay Thai is an authentic 100% Thai owned muay thai training camp. It is situated at the beautiful Koh Samui island, particularly by the Lamai beach area.

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  • Matty B Manchester

    Trip Advisorwebsite

    best muay thai camp in Thailand!It was an amazing place to learn muay thai from beginners to pro level. I walked in one day out of the blue just to look at the gym, the trainer gave me gloves and shorts and said training starts now. I was only staying on Samui for only 2 days, but I have been here for 2 weeks now and will be staying for my 3rd week. Wech and all the trainers are really cool guys, they took me to watch a fight and got a lift from the fighter and his family, They will show you around Samui and make you really feel at home. They give you coffee and every time offered me food to eat with all the fighters, an amazing experience and am already planning to come back next year, maybe even live on the camp and stay there with the cool guys to hang with. One thing more, try to book a 1 on 1 with mono, he will really work you hard but he was a great teacher that I had picked it up in no time!

  • Jennie E Sweden

    Trip Advisorwebsite

    Great!Pinyo Muay Thai is small and private, just the way I like it! I had a hard and fun training. I only trained at the morning and a session looked like this: Warm-up for 30 min by jogging, skipping, stretching. Then 3-5 round, 4 min pad work with 1 min rest in the ring with a trainer. After that, you were supposed to work the bags and then stretching the last 15 min. A total of 2 hours!Plus side: good equipment, hard workout, 2 rings and plenty of room outside the rings. Wech is very good at English and have good sessions. The trainers keep you very busy in the ring.Minus side: At the morning sessions they didn't show the muay thai techniques a lot, only Wech did and almost never at the mornings. The trainers are very bad at English.

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