With over 40 years of experience. Be rewarded with the best camp in every institution, with many champions, legendary trainers, high class facilities, hotel, fitness, and sauna.

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Reviews (4)

Rachel Briggs

from Hong Kong, May 2017

Personal trainers were excellent

Mato C.

from Hong Kong,

Rate: 10 for Petchyindee Kingdom Reason: they treat you as family member. I joined 2 group training and stay 3 nights. Everyone here is willing to teach you. It makes you learn fast. The room is clean and spacious. Canteen has great thai cuisine with very low price. Everyone is nice here.

Fredrik S

from Sweden,

I had a great time at the Petchyindee Kingdom and would defenttly go there again ! My first day there I took a Taxi there, and it was a bit hard for the taxi driver to find the place! Make sure you have the destination written down and maybe a picture of the map. I did not know that Petchyindee Kingdom did offer taxi service to pick up and drop off students from the airport! It’s good to know the area don’t have much of tourist activities and also no night life you do need about 30 minutes taxi drive to find some bars or shopping. I stayed for 3 days and took the Private King Bed option, they are still building the gym so the Massage place and some other facilities was not done, so in the beginning I was wondering what I signed on for. But I got great service, and the rooms they had was really good, everything was new and clean and designed for fighters with nice decorations, it was much nicer then 4 star hotels I booked in Bangkok. The gym facilities were nice, and had a very complete set of weight equipment’s, new and state of the art treadmills and spinning bikes could not be more then 3-5-month-old. They did have spa place as well that was included to the gym with steam-sauna and sauna with TV!. I really liked the ice-pool that helped on the hot-days to cool down after working out in the hot sun. There was something written down that no woman were allowed in the pool, did not understand? I am a beginner in Muay Thai, so the instructor had to begin from the basics. They were used to total-beginners and did a great job to get me started throwing punches and kicks until I was exhausted. I was really pleased with my training sessions that lasted around 1-1.5 hour each time with the instructor, I would recommend buying more private lection if you stay there I had one in the morning and bought one extra in the afternoon. Finally, they have a cafeteria that offer a lot of healthy food to eat after practice! Next time I would stay for at least 7 days next time! Thanks for a great time Petchyindee Kingdom and hope to see you guys soon again!

Gordon Y

from Hawaii,

This was an amazing experience to be part of and I totally enjoyed my stay. The location is on the outskirts of Bangkok about an 1 bus ride. The BTS will not get you there. I got off at the Pata Shopping Center and had to walk about 30 minuntes though a residential neighborhood to get to the training facilities. Don't come at night as you will have a hard time seeing the signs or getting someone who speaks English to help you. When I got here someone directed me to the front desk area of the facility. It is more like the reception desk of a spa. It is a 5 story walk up and I walked up to my 4th floor room. On the first floor besides the check in a cafeteria that you and all the other professional fighters and visiting fighters can eat. You can order off the menu or get something from the buffet line if they are all eating. The sauna and jacuzzi is also located on the 1st floor. The second floor is the training gym, weights and equipment area this is were everyone trains. There are classes all day long. Private and group lessons. The 3rd to 5th floors are sleeping quarters and you I had a private room. It was large spare but totally fine. I had two training classes that were taught by world champion boxers. They taught me a little bit about the customs and how to enter a ring who to bow to and why. The training was as grueling as you could take it. I started by stretching and loosing up. I was punching and kicking the pads while they coached me on the proper way to punch and kick. After training you rest and eat something at the cafeteria and get to do it again the next day. Some fighters come for weeks or months. There is no tourist activities or thing to do close at night besides just to train. It was fun being in a training facility. I would say if you are coming to train exercise a bit before you come. Push ups, sit ups and just jump rope would help you. Before you leave get a picture with you instructor and buy a t-shirt. You earned it.